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Recently, dissociaDID’s fiance, Team Piñata, has been outed as a sneeze fetishist who likes to draw sneeze porn of characters who are minors. In response, Chloe attempted to draw attention away from her fiancé by claiming she was close to committing suicide. Nan did a live stream to explain their side of the story, claimed they didn’t know the meaning behind “porn” and was using it like how people use it in “food porn”, despite their very obvious nsfw art being unearthed. Fans have been losing their shit left and right with many defending Nan.

It’s been a wild ride. As of now, they’re laying low, deleting everything, and going private with many of their social media accounts.


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RPCs big blowout with Dr. Drew which ended up with YMH having to publicly apologise to him
Here's my picks from last night's videos:

60040506382 947A6B94 C8BD 4D43 9278 77DADAD20B5E: Very excited introduction, then he does his ad while we wanks out of shot. Adds some missile imagery into the mix. Does his ad again, will & grace is on very loud in the background. Still offering $100 a month for whoever wants to move in with him and talks about setting up his PornHub account.

60037261815 889BE9F5 2B98 4619 A252 7AFD8021E9D1: :People are saying he's been badmouthing YMH and Dr. Drew but he hasn't. If anything they're the ones who were badmouthing him. He had explained the situation with his apartment to Dr. Drew before he did the interview, Dr. Drew should open his ears. YMH didn't make him a star he was a star years ago and still really popular on Coney Island. There were no flies in his house. He just did an interview with a local guy who got it that RPC is not a hoarder, he's an antique collector. There's a difference. Dr. Drew was analyzing him but he was also analyzing Dr. Drew. His teeth are fucked up because he fell when he was drunk and of course he was out with a drag queen who was no help. He could've been killed, praise Satan it was only his teeth that were damaged. He was a star and used to host parties and do comedy. Doesn't want people sharing his videos from YouTube. (Oops). Howard Stern personally gave him a new phone and laptop an he clean his apartment's aura with some crystals. Tom Segura needs a hair transplant, Josh Potter needs to clean himself up otherwise he's ok, Dr. Drew has a small head and giant body. Credit to HRN for not letting people interview him in his house. Loved Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, UK has the best comedians, American comedians just don't have their talent. He's over it all.

60039924075 27C71C5A 70D1 45B2 AFA5 6DB8E9E77A22: Wants to get things straight about YMH. He isn't bipolar just gets a bit jumpy. Don't make jokes about the man that died upstairs. He committed suicide, it was a terrible death. Paul Brazil is a closet gay, was someones bitch in jail or is in a gang. Tom Segura shouldn't be laughing at anyone because of his obesity, grey beard and face. (LOL) Dr. Drew is just trying to be famous. People have a right to live, shouldn't be making fun of them. Gradually sorting his apartment out but loves the kind of Gothic museum vibe he's got going on. Spoke to someone else who was interviewed by them before he did his YMH interviews and didn't believe them. Had an interview with a local guy and it went much better, he was very sweet. Dr. Drew jut doesn't look right to RPC with his tiny head and giant body. Just not sexy. His shirt is all velour and was designed just for him. Complaining about getting crank phone calls because YMH passed his number around. :story: Howard Stern gave him advice on doing interviews going forward, getting ready for Coney Island and is hosting some nights in nightclubs. Accuses Tom Segura of copying peoples routines. (ouch, hitting him where it hurts, right in the comedy). He's lost some weight, down to size 34 jeans now, getting his teeth fixed. Dr. Drew he had an accident!

60037035832 AE4DB42E C672 4454 B638 16744BEE1BD0: He was really busy doing some art projects and lost such track of time he was falling asleep while working. (explains why he hasn't posted many videos the last few days). He had a long sleep and he's feeling great. Got a call from a guy who wants to jerk him off with mustard. RPC thinks it's a weird request but he's down for it. His other phone is back working so you can call him on that now too. Does his ad, no English necessary. If you hate white guys and want to beat a white guy he's the guy. If you want to do experiments on him and mutilate him, he will be your guinea pig. He's not proper mad at YMH just doesn't like how they used him. His circle of people don't hurt people's feelings like that. Explains that he has a habit of letting himself go during the winter but come Spring/ Summer he's always well groomed. Still loves YMH but he's done with them. He's a good sex therapist and doesn't charge a penny.
Here’s last night’s videos, he only posted 3 and they’re all YMH rants:

60058425836 32CA11B8 81CF 4D8C 99D3 563A14490AF: Talking about the manager in his local McDonalds. He wouldn’t take YMH’s sponsorship away, he’s not that petty. Does his ad. Talks about wanting to set up his talk show. Looking for new suggestions because it’s 2020 and we’re in a new era. Complains about the building upkeep not being done and that he had to pay for his bathroom to be fixed and the carpet to be replaced after the leak from upstairs. His trust for YMH is gone now. Two black guys are coming to interview him at the weekend and they are also going to bang him – RPC’s looking forward to this. Talks about a Latino guy he went out with this morning. He’s 25 and lives with his parents. Ashley the cat loves everyone and she’s doing great. Does his ad again. He doesn’t make much effort in the winter but just wait until spring/ summer and you’ll see a big change. He’s still on his diet and going to the gym. Calls himself Hard Rock Nick when he says goodbye on this video (LOL)

600571 80050 20FC334F 27AA 44AD AA99 8CEE7EB51F9F: Doesn’t hate everyone in YMH but Tom Segura is a selfish Bastard , Christina thinks she’s queen of them all and they’re all using Josh Potter. But hey, you meet both good and bad people. He met good and bad people through YMH and his ads and on Facebook. Tom Segura, Dr. Drew, Christina P. and Josh Potter are trying to be funny but they’re not funny at all. Complains about the building not being looked after. He only moved here to live with his mom and stayed after she died because all his bills are paid for. (Is everything still in Mama Champagne’s name? Has RPC just admitted to fraud?) Talks about how he could get McDonalds to pull their sponsorship of YMH because he knows the manager of his local McDonalds and told her what YMH did to him. Tom Segura, Dr. Drew, Christina P. an d Josh Potter are all on hi Shit list. He’s done with them. He doesn’t hate them though, he feels sorry for them because they’ve got a lot of karma coming to them. Does his ad and includes that he’s very good at listening to other people’s problems.

(This video is great and well worth a watch)

60054392889 85362947 D917 4697 A5BA 3583C0123A61: Super enthusiastic welcome to Lucifer’s Lair. Had juice, pastry and coffee a restaurant he went to earlier today with a new friend. This guy saw RPC’s interview with Dr. Drew and convinced him to come out for a chat so they went and got breakfast. Just as friends though but RPC seems into him. Says the US army wouldn’t even draft Josh Potter and compares him to a dog. Christina P. needs to get her hair and make-up sorted because she’s really showing her age. Hard Rock Nick’s make up looks better. (LMAO) tom Segura’s got viruses in his beard (WTF?) and needs a hair transplant. RPC was talking to his good friend Dr. Phil about Dr. Drew. Dr. Phil told him not to mind Dr. Drew because he’s only a fake podcast doctor. Calls Dr. Drew a senior citizen on steroids and says not even Satan would have him. Paul Brazil is a secret gay and probably eats Dr. Drew out and slobs on that knob. Does his ad and includes that he has fresh pastries from the restaurant he was at earlier for anyone who wants to drop over. Says he used to work with Bob MacKay and talks about setting up his talk show. Says he’ll get Josh Potter a flea shot and he’ll get Tom Segura a hair piece. Good for HRN not doing interviews in his house. He feels really bad for Jeffree Starr because of his break up. Advises Starr to stay strong and move on because he’s too good to take back his ex.

Ymh saw RPCs rants about them after the Dr Drew interview and they phoned him on the show to apologise to him. RPC has zero interest in talking to them and gets super frustrated trying to explain about the neighbour that died. They offer to pay for someone to help him out with decluttering his apartment or possibly relocating because he told them he wants to move. Start at about 10 minutes

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Some Doomer from the main Wuhan thread tried to make an offshoot to act like a smart person and immediately got doxed as a fat, transgender Brony because he used the same username on basically every single website on the entire internet. The thread's more-or-less normal for the first page or two, but a couple pages deeper and it just explodes.

Don't pay any attention to the title. This isn't a Wuhan thread, this is a stealth halal thread.
That was fun to read through the other day, bit of an in forum shitshow, had a chuckle.
Using the same username for literally fucking everything is retarded beyond belief


Seconding mention of the plague of howlers in Colorado. Like what the hell.

We're coming up on the anniversary of Etika losing his shit a second time and setting off the chain of events that led to his death.

Some guy (possibly Bazztek, if it's not him then he's for sure all in favor of it) on /v/ is planning to sue Square Enix for lying about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Doubtless that he'll do very well.

r/againsthatesubs or whatever is embarking on a noble campaign to get subs they don't like hate subs b&... by spamming them with CP. Their ringleader, Bardfinn, denies this and continues to oust himself as a psychopath and exceptional individual of the highest degree.

This person exists. Have a quick sample of their content.

We're also nearing the one year anniversary of Mumkey Jones becoming unbased and unepic (or at least being recognized as such).

Chris went ghost hunting with zoomers.

Alex Jones was caught with tranny pornography open on his phone browser.

That's about all I have right now.


Probably doesn't know what he's talking about.

Some Doomer from the main Wuhan thread tried to make an offshoot to act like a smart person and immediately got doxed as a fat, transgender Brony because he used the same username on basically every single website on the entire internet. The thread's more-or-less normal for the first page or two, but a couple pages deeper and it just explodes.

Don't pay any attention to the title. This isn't a Wuhan thread, this is a stealth halal thread.
Damnit I was gonna post it


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My first big lolcow was Ragen Chastain. Two big moments from that saga that I remember:

1) October 18, 2015 - The day she actually made a legit attempt at Ironman 70.3 Arizona. She missed the swim cutoff my a couple of minutes and it would be her last legitimate attempt to do something of that nature:

2) June 30, 2016 - Ragen was so out of shape only eight months later that she got caught cheating at a 5K walk when the finish line camera caught her crossing the finish line in the wrong direction (the result of her cutting the last 800 meter loop)

Recent events have to go to the legendary DSP bankruptcy call getting streamed live on Twitch and the resulting analysis aftermath.


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I loved the time that the west was saved by a Rubin Report discussion. The war of ideas was moved forward when candace owens and blaire white put forward some of the most though provoking points ever put forward on a podcast.

The best part is you can skip to almost any part and it's the same terrible shit.

Sometimes podcasts are like a slow motion train crash that you see coming, but this was more like an hour long, full speed train crash, where whatever car the train hit is just violently, screechingly mangled and reduced to its base parts.