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Deagle Nation in its fucking entirety. I doubt there are many oldfags left that remember that roller coaster of laughs, tears, and the big twist at the end of it all. But this bit right here was one of my favorite parts of the Israel-Palestine Jew Pyramid Saga or whatever the fuck it was. Eli went to Israel to rescue Tupac and got stranded there by a jenkem huffing neo-Nazi named Tyce, somehow, and it all culminated in this epic battle to rival anything out of all those fucking Marvel movies.

And also this bit where Jace was on his way to street race Brianna Wu to death and crashed his car. TRUE & HONEST shit right here, nigga


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For something much more horrifying that spawned out of something absolutely hilarious, a pedo named Alex Figueroa was revealed to have harassed an actual victim of CP (incestual hurtcore CP btw, which is apparently incestual torture porn) off twitter with a bunch of other pedos, called other users "normies" for thinking that harassing an actual CP victim was horrific, and inexcusably cruel, and not funny, nearly got kicked out his parents' house for looking at "weird porn" (we all know what it was), had written a bunch of pedophilic short stories, and videos, including one just called "pedos", was currently living with a minor under the age of ten, and after getting doxxed begged, and pleaded with users and staff that he was "only kidding", and that he'd go apologize to the CP victim as if that was in any way a good thing to do-among other incredibly degenerate, and stupid things.

How did this epic three-day-long (technically over a month, but the vast majority of the posts were made in only in the first three days) depraved shitfest start?

@CatParty somehow accidentally baited Alex into admitted that he actually got off to the underage sewer orgy from IT, and then Alex for some reason thought it was a good idea to "tell us the worst thing he'd ever done". Yeah.

The thread's been dead since 2017, but fucking hell, is it a ride.
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I've neither time or desire to dig it up but in at least one of those streams he has text-to-speech on while his mother's hanging about outside his room. It's just chat saying "knee-grr" over and over.
Just enjoy watching the tard. It always ruins the experience when people fuck with em. Unless it's someone who actually begs for it. Then fuck em.

John Bulla was one (sexually) interesting ride. Seeing the rise and fall of Nick Bate was another one for me that stuck out.

The one that will forever be with me will always be Chris/Christine. No autist has made me laugh or shake my head in shame for so many years.


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I've posted about this in passing, but the Chloe/Nan DissasociaDID malingering thread is popping the fuck off. There's a noob who didn't read the rules popping up to say hi and introduce us to their life seemingly every page now, and it seems like with further coverage from youtubers and other sources on the horizon it could get worse. In the span of a day or two it has become one of my favorite threads just because of the crazy activity. It's hard to keep up with, really.

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Well, it's been 6 months since the littlest potato went to the great patch in the sky, so I decided to check in on Gwen Hartley to see what sort of saccharine nonsense she's been up too.

Most of her IG posts are still just tributes to Claire and Lola. She has a very childish view of the afterlife, as she seems to envision the girls "literally soaring" around with actual angel wings. She also makes allusions to both of them being normal, or as she puts it "free and without any restrictions whatsoever”. This begs the question of why, if the potatoes were so totes perfect and beautiful and wonderful before, are they not still potatoes in heaven? She also changed part of her bio to "mother of unicorns" when I'm pretty sure it was "mother of dwarves" before. No mention of being mother to Cal, The Normal Boy.

The only thing of mention is that she posted two videos from the sped prom she had the goblins attend. I think both are new, but even if they're not, they're a good way to relive the horror. In the first Claire stares up at the ceiling of a limousine and rapidly blinks. Is she looking at the lights, or enjoying a rare moment free of seizure? You decide.

The second video is the real meat. Scott puts Lola on the floor and then proceeds to make her hop back and forth in some kind of break dance from hell. It's a good video to show how small Lola is and how much her parents treat her like a doll, as well as spike your blood pressure if the Hartleys doing inappropriate things to their flesh goblins does that to you.


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Honestly there's a lot of them from Sargon killing Ukip, The projared disaster and Yaniv. But my personal favorite is still our #1 Fan Virgo Rouge and especially during her obsession with JOSHUA CONNER MOON phase. The videos that schzo put out during that time was just pure comedy gold even to this day. The Tommy Tooter crossover is one of my faves. And also Smutleys glorious remix. I've been following the thread and @wabbits have been working on a new op too, she has a lot of other bizarre drama surrounding her family and I just find her very interesting in a Terry davis-ish way. Very comfy insanity.

Some of my favorites
images.jpegmaxresdefault (2).jpg
Skärmavbild 2020-04-15 kl. 05.57.38.png

Skärmavbild 2020-04-15 kl. 05.59.38.png
Her glorious meltdown
Also some great incoherent schizo music

And the titles alone are amazing
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Don't know if it counts because it's more of a compilation of a cow than an actual happening, but the recent Fedsmoker stream was fantastic. Felt like a proper send-off for my favorite cow. I've been binging his videos ever since.

I love how there is always someone just as crazy as him nearby, ready to fight with him in public at a moment's notice.

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@cantremembernothing Ashley Lynn Coulter becoming her own worst enemy and the mess that followed. That dancing video is iconic.

Also when Melinda and Mitchell came to the farms to start shit and the former getting dragged on every single point she attempts to make.

The Weeb Wars depositions. Featuring Ron Toye's derpface, Fatty Rial crying crocodile tears about being raped as a teenager and how she wasn't credited on the DVD box, the constant sniffles of Lemonine, and the glorious rise of Ms Amazon Prime.

The doxxing of voice actor Sean Chiplock, revealing his hypocrisy and how hes actually a weird furry pedo.
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CWC's entire Call Out Saga. One of the more underrated times of his life since it was abruptly ended by Bob's death.


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Shia LeBouf's capture the flag was pretty fun.

The 2016 election was fucking fantastic even if it did invoke clown world.

John Flynt in the Rev60 days was amusing.

The Mighty No. 9 shitshow was depressing yet entertaining.

The Ouya. All of it.



Honestly todokaras has given me years of entertainment. It seems to me that they're still pretty underground, but people looking for absolutely shameless cows should be in for a treat. A literal dogfucker who believes in "clean privilege," tried to host their own incest convention, and brags about eating bugs.

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Watching Chris Whiteman's thread unfold was magical man, how it went from laughing at a groomer, to the lolcow shitting the thread, to the discovery of at least 1 of the accounts that paraded as Whiteman actually being someone who had beef with him, to library card drama unfold in less than a week was magical for a person that was just getting started on lolcow watching, and what made me stick around on this website. A bit sad the thread went under the radar once the guest furries that provided most of the info on Whiteman went silent, but i still have fond memories of that thread everytime a cow comes to his thread to defend itself or insult the people on this website.

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