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Richard Kuta, aka Richmunk just deleted his twitter account after it came out that this ABDL has been claiming that he drew art that he definitely just comissioned.

I just noticed his Twitter was gone today. Shame about the art copying/not crediting artists, tho. I mean, was this older stuff, or stuff he'd posted recently? If this was from years back, I wouldn't hold it against him too hard, but if it's fairly recent, then eh..

I remember vaguely that some Kiwifarms member was creeping on a lot of female members here and I guess he joined those old toxic Kiwi Skype convos where he would proceed to constantly hit on them. I don't know if he was halal'd or not but it caused a massive shitshow especially since a few female members in the fallout also turned out to be quite eccentric characters. Other forum drama that was sorta funny was the KingOfManga420 saga and when garbageraider went to Chris' house and went dumpster diving which caused members to shit on him repeatedly haha.

Outside of the Farms? Definitely the DSP escort saga and the MundaneMatt Killstream.
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That time Yanderedev's only known female friend during his early forum crawling days turned out to be his own sockpuppet account. Had me up the fucking wall, I just wish I could find the post again in that 1800+ page clusterfuck so I could revisit the memes and reactions.
I missed that but that sounds beautiful.
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ImAllexx is technically not a lolcow, but I sure think he sucks. Apparently he opened an onlyfans to raise money for the NHS. Don't know or care if it's legit or a joke or whatever. If I had to see this photo, so do you.

That photo is so much funnier because of the neon internet sensation sign


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Didn't it turn out that this dude was Spuffy, but was deliberately posting so autistically that the thread assumed it was some other DeviantArt sperg that had some sort of pathetic beef with him? I remember that he had the thread fooled for ages. 4d chess, man.


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I dug up some super old-school drama and fan wank from years ago:

  • The MsScribe Story: One of the most intricate and magnificent stories of internet drama ever told, the Ms.Scribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography is a novella written about the web of lies spun by MsScribe and the lengths she went to to become accepted by the Harry Potter fandom. Basically, MsScribe was the queen of all drama whores and created a literal army of sockpuppet accounts that either existed solely to kiss her ass or to attack her and incite drama which, of course, lead real people (meaning non-sockpuppets) to rally around her and give her all of the sympathy and attention she felt she was entitled to. I can't recommend this one enough.
  • Victoria Bitter/Amy Player/Thanfiction: This is a wank that’s nearly as long and intricate as the MsScribe story (although nobody will truly ever be able to dethrone the Queen of Wank)! There’s a lot, and I do mean A LOT, going on with this saga, so I’ll just go into the events that kickstarted it. Basically, Victoria Bitter (henceforth referred to as VB; also, VB came out as a transman so I’ll be using male pronouns) along with his partner organized several charity events centered around their Lord of the Rings fansite, Bit of Earth. That would be very noble… except for the fact that not a single cent of that money raised went to the causes they were actually raised for. VB just used it to line his pockets. What’s even worse is that several of the LotR actors became involved and were duped, too. This all culminated in a convention; now, we all love to laugh at the scam that was Dashcon, but at least the damn thing actually happened. This supposed charity fan convention never came to fruition, the money was never returned, oh, and three LotR actors actually flew in only to have to crash at VB’s apartment because there was literally nowhere else for them to go. This entire saga is just mind-boggling and I could never do it justice, just like the MsScribe story. If you’re still interested, I recommend doing some Googling, there are tons of write-ups about VB. He’s like a clone of MsScribe, they’re both pathological liars who fabricate entire identities and scam everyone they come across.
  • Final Fantasy Cult (link 2): A rare wank where both sides are nuts. Basically, a bunch of FF7 fans moved into a house together and everything spiraled downwards from there. I… I just really can’t explain or summarize what went down. I can’t. Shit is FUCKED UP.
  • Cassandra Claire: Cassandra Claire has actually become a professional author, known for her popular series, The Mortal Instruments. However, Cass herself is kind of a huge asshole, and a wanky one at that. By far the biggest controversy surrounding her are the accusations of her being a plagiarist. And by “accusations,” I mean that she’s totally a plagiarist. Cass has also been involved in a LOT of drama over the years, more than I could ever cover in this post. But at one point I'm pretty sure she said she supports bullying. I definitely recommend Googling around about her.
  • The Most Elaborate Art Theft Ever: Basically, some girl named Banrai ripped off another girl, Aido’s, fantasy webcomic wholesale. Like, she literally just copied and pasted Aido’s work, made some minor adjustments, and passed it off as hers. Aido’s not the only victim; Banrai will rip off anyone, including her own art school roommate. This really just needs to be read to be believed.
  • My Ponies Hate You Now: A heartwarming story of love, lust, betrayal, weddings, divorces, IRL appendicitis, and ponies in Second Life.
Oh, and Down the Rabbit Hole made a video about the Final Fantasy Cult too:



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I forget his name, but there was a guy who insisted the moon was a hoax. Not the moon landing mind you, the moon itself. It's a hologram apparently. Sadly, he kinda went away.

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The ResetEra uh, era of the Neogaf/ResetEra thread is some of my favorite stuff for a laugh. It's absolutely hilarious how batshit insane those people are. Some of the things they think are absolutely normal and acceptable are positively mind boggling and no matter how much you think they can't get any more nuts they always manage to just keep digging deeper.

ETA: Also the downfall of Amber as Queen fat has been a pretty fun watch as well, as she desperately tries the exact same tactics over and over to try and gain relevance again.
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Who else here remembers the early stages of the john bulla thread? His chatlogs were pure random.txt
Lately, let's go with the gnome getting a home and describing boiling water in depth on twitter, or the projared saga.
The social media indains and wikihow threads are always the funniest.
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I just noticed his Twitter was gone today. Shame about the art copying/not crediting artists, tho. I mean, was this older stuff, or stuff he'd posted recently? If this was from years back, I wouldn't hold it against him too hard, but if it's fairly recent, then eh..
He has been doing it for years and has never stopped. He did it a decade ago and he's been doing it this year too.

The FusionFall Retro server was DMCA'd because a sperg who was in contact with the team running it was upset that they wouldn't put crafting in the game, so he faked a bunch of screenshots, created several fake email addresses and bombed Cartoon Network PR with emails saying that the team behind it were monetizing the project and distributing CP through it. No one would have known he did this except that he then goes and admits to it, because he wants everyone else to know that he did it and if the game is hosted again, he'll do the same thing until the source code is released.


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Having read through all this, i just remembered The 6 thread, 4 day tardout by nate spergwood on 8chan
He broke comment limits all by himself, @GethN7 got nates drunk parents involved, a wordfilter changed all of nates roleplay fights into lustful, sexual wordplay, and another call was made.
We learned tardwood is on a near comatose level of antipsychotics evry day, he has a less than 6th grade education due to his tard rage, and there is a lock outside his door in case of extreme sperg rage.
All this tard rage stemming from tv tropes slightly altering their urls, changing the address for the trope page on his shitty fanfic slightly in 2011, he has been on a tard warpath ever since of roleplay fights, sending impotent death threats and viruses, and insane wikispergery. He was too autistic for tvtropes, and is always one of those comfortable, unchaging cows, like a familiar movie or a grandmothers cooking, you know how its gonna go, so you keep coming back every once in a while. Cant believe i described tardwood as like a relative's mashed potatoes.
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