Disaster Notre Dame cathedral burns down - Suspicious hunchbacked individual reported to have fled the scene


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What is Macron going to do to make it more diverse? Turn it into a mosque and install glory holes?
Probabaly include a section dedicated to the Trilleurs and other colonial troops that fought for the French in the world wars, then proceeded to get shit on by the French government. It’s only been recently that the French government has apologized for the massacre of a bunch of them when they were angry they were denied pay and pensions despite most of them having fought longer than their European counterparts who were getting pensions and back pay.

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I don't get a lot of stuff about Catholicism, but I thought a priest could bless something, but having the pope bless something was like the extra super blessing. And it differed between the ranks as well, like a bishop was better than a priest, but not as good as a cardinal, etc.
That's because you have to be at least high enough level to cast 7th level spells to become Pope, so the Pope can cast the higher level blessing spells. If he wants. If he's out of higher level spells for the day, or he just wants to make a statement, he can still just cast the lower level blessing spells all the way down to 1st level. It's complicated, unless you have played as much D&D as I have you'll never understand it. Leave this stuff to the experts.


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they would rebuild, even if just a little piece would have stayed strong. Its the Disney castle of France(even if the movie church was more reims than paris).
I dont get why you people from the colonies are so attached to that church. there are way more impressive churches in Europe.
France is just a farce, come to germany if you wanna see realy great churches. Aachen cologne and others are as good as Notre dame, and you can travel like a free perosn from citiy to city. We also have the best asian restaurants outside of asia.
Notre-Dame is a symbol. We tend to attach meaning where there is none. That’s what humans do.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Notre-Dame is a symbol of France, means a lot to Parisians specifically, and is in general a beautiful cathedral with a long history whose importance is corroborated in art and culture.

Would read all about The Hunchback of Koln if that was a thing though.

Fuckn french,,, our black people were keen on fighting when there were a couple of whie officers left.
our negros beat yours,,,
Ah yes, the famous black Nazis. They sure were volunteers, and very eager to defend the glorious Reich to take their place at the bottom of the human pyramid of value.
Was it before or after they were sterilized?

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I am uncomfortable when we are not about me?

Russia Today said:
One of the structures in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem has caught fire on Monday night at the same time a massive blaze was ravaging Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. The fire was put out quickly with no injuries reported.

Sputnik News said:
The fire broke out in the guard room outside the al-Marwani Prayer Room Monday evening, according to a statement by the mosque's Islamic Waqf (Endowments) Department. According to The New Arab, a guard reported a short gap in guard rotations between 7:15 and 7:30 p.m. local time.
Do these idiots even do their research?

But judging from that avatar, I can already tell the person running it is a self-loathing white person wanting that dopamine rush from earning progressive brownie points from Muslims and other lefties.


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I wonder if Macron is telling the police to aim for the eyes of Les Gilets Jaunes so they can't see how Notre Dame gets fucked up under his watch and shout at him for that.
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Rate me optimistic but I hope some of the leftists talking about this being a tragedy on Twitter might come to some realisation that the culture they're trying so hard to destroy is important. They usually celebrate anything that signifies the death of Western culture but are instead talking about how awful this is. Like I said rate me optimistic...
Too optimistic.

The leftists taking the opportunity to rejoice in the destruction of a symbol of western culture and screech about the 'poor muslims' before the fires are even been put out might put off some moderates and normies from their bullshit though.

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