[ Nov, 26th 2020 ] Thanksgiving special vlog-style stream - authentic italian QVC turkey family dinner, sponsored by midfirst bank

Will Phil set up tax begging for a 3rd year in a row?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 31 50.0%
  • No.

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • He'll beg for money, but not for taxes.

    Votes: 30 48.4%

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DSP has a special stream planned for Thanksgiving where he has promised to do a retcon "recap" of 2020


Despite being on track to exceed $100,000 this year, he was unable to afford to eat on a regular basis, so I don't know how he'll spin his "success" while simultaneously being too poor to buy groceries

Quickly made a short list of what actually happened in 2020, in no particular order and what I found most interesting

bankruptcy, and all the emergency fundraising that followed

mobile games addiction

foreclosure, and subsequently ignoring and failing to appear to foreclosure hearings

drunken peasents leak DSP's demands when he wants to collaborate

the return of regular DSP tries it

vest meme, lasted 276 streams

corona virus and his medical degree from twitter university

visting the liqour store for toilet paper

hori controller & mario / sonic olympics sponsored segments despite calling sponsored streamers shills

multiple bans, false dmca saga, fake tips

ear infections

cleaned his office for the first time in 5 years

hyped up a dusty old chair

ps5 day 2 views saga

kat nearly died from a tooth ache

and most recently a totally legit interest in his arcade footage from 2009, which stroked his ego quite nicely and (in his own mind) validated/solidified his spot in the content creator hall of fame

Maybe we can have our own autistic discussion about what transpires so the memes don't get lost in the general thread

Will there be another attempt to make the paypigs cover his paid time off?


$200 tip goal speculation yoinked from here
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Filthy Greenskin

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Probably a lot of crowing about how 'phasative' his streams have been since he got his bankruptcy and discovered a vest is all he needed to really rake in the wheelchair bucks. More stuff about how his life is great now and his usual hour-long presentation of his twelve year 'career' but I'd expect the seeds of his new begathon coming up soon, maybe something about Kat's teeth or dying parents.

Would be interested to know what hints get dropped about his din-dins tonight, did big man Phil actually -buy- himself a turkey or did mr.50k a year beg mummy for another QVC turkey

It's a great time to be thankful you're not a fifty-looking-thirty-something who rocks back and forth in the same room 6 days a weeks crying for change, spending it on WWE gatcha before waddling down to your sham-wife who has got back from wherever she goes most of the day to put your oven-baked potato slops on the table for you. Every year he gets more and more pathetic, irregardless of how much money he makes.

Lady Adjani

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Phil, get your lazy ass off Twitch and go spend some time with your family. Oh wait...

For someone that has to mention his FAMILY every single time he takes a day off, you'd think he'd take a break from streaming around the major holidays.

Awful Meerkat

Vest underscore fest
I don't need to watch this stream to know its content:
  • 3:30h pre-stream explaining how much fun we'll have when the stream starts
  • 20 minute toilet break
  • I'll start with the pahsitives
  • 30 minute rant about jealous trolls
  • Wow guys this vest thing was super organic and created by my fanbase, I'm so grateful
  • These trolls are micro-analyzing my life
  • Chargebacks are ruining my life. I have anxiety and depression
  • My Paypal is in the red (when i transfer all my money into my bank account)
  • I've persevered for 10+ years
  • I'm having an amazing life and a family, when I don't have anxiety and depression
  • My life is ruined by trolls and ne-er-do-wells (and dunces, of course)
  • My job is fun, everyone else is jealous
    • My job is actually really hard, what I do is hard work and very mentally demanding
    • You're jealous that you can't work my fun and very hard job

Anon Dimwit

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I have a feeling that he'll bring up his parents for sympathy since he can't see them dueeeeeee to the Pandemic *snort* I may never be able to see them again! It's not fair *snort*
Please tip.

time to eat that processed "turkey" meat

I wonder who will throw it in the microwave, Phil or kat?
You have to take it out of the can first dood.

Sonic Sez

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Phil, get your lazy ass off Twitch and go spend some time with your family. Oh wait...
Dave is spending this Thanksgiving with his family right here:

For someone that has to mention his FAMILY every single time he takes a day off, you'd think he'd take a break from streaming around the major holidays.
The only times he actually cares about his family is when he gets something from them, like how Mr. & Mrs. Burnell bought them that huge Thanksgiving meal meant for a party of eight, only to be devour, DEVOURed by a horse and a pig, from Omaha Steaks last year.

Sparkletor 2.0

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Happy Thanks-for-the-money-dummy-giving! Remember, today is a day to remember all the good things in your life. Like the quality variety streams from DSPGaming. You can show your appreciation through tipping. Don't be greedy. Phil needs your money, to pay his bills. Quit thinking only about yourselves and your stupid families, c'mon, it's as easy as putting in those 16 numbers, the expiration date, and the three on the back. Please email your dox to Phil beforehand so there is no mistake.
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