Now that it's (nearly) over, what are some of your favorite Deagle Nation moments? -


US Marine Appreciator and/or Muslim Disrespector.
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Wolf cum, getting poisoned drinking exceptional individual puke and accidentally showing his bare back to a homosexual online come to mind.


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Although it's really kinda subtle, the Tyce and Jace go to Mcdonalds video. When they just so happen to notice a guy in camo toting a 30 of dew and get jacked that there's a fellow gamer around was always my favorite. Unfortunately, it's not on ParkourDude91's channel.

Handsome Pete

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The DN War Library is currently hidden and I can't find another copy of this, but his celebration dance after meeting his goal in the Christmas Fundraiser livestream. Knocking down the flag, tactical vomiting, falling out of his chair, announcing he's ok, then doing the whole thing again with nothing in the frame but one skinny leg. All set to an airhorn rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. That's how I want to remember the Commander.

(If nothing else, that incident added the phrase "celebration puke" to my vocabulary.)


So long, and thanks for all the sekclintons
I kind of wish that Deagle Nation doesn't end up being a part of MDE's TV show or whatever, because it just isn't as funny knowing it's an act.
I struggled thinking that at first but I think I'm mostly cool with now.

Ultimate Grisby

The new face of nightmares
New Year's Stream where he ripped up the Bible in front of the camera and rolled them up into blunts.


Kiwi Farms resident WebMD substitute
But the ride isn't necessarily over...the bottom of the DN post said that it's not over...


Ribbed for her pleasure
The "woodsman-saga" if I may call it that. So the part where he was surviving in the woods cause of his bitch mom.
The grilled cheese-stream
and many others

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