Disaster NYPD covering ‘Joker’ screenings over fears of "Incel violence" - Is it just me or are things getting crazier out there?

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They have been waiting pretty patiently this is like the 500th time they've staged a false flag or MKULTRA'd some patsy in the past decade and they still haven't taken away the AR 15
Are we talking about the same CIA who couldnt kill a lactose addict dictator and every single gay op ends up blowing in their face every god damn time?


Ki ki ki ma ma ma
And miss out on owning the chads?
No cause there's a chance other incels are there so either everyone realizes they all brought a gun to the theatre and just sit down and watch with guns in their laps (kinda like that old mad gag where all the Passengers on a plane where hijackers) or the incels in the audience would shout "don't shoot we're one of you!" Cause we all know incels never hurt their own kind right?


Let's go crunch some numbers!
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Didn't some lunatic also shoot up a theater showing an Amy Schumer film? Where's the call to ban them?

Coach Kreeton Of All That

NYPD sure has their priorities straight when it comes to incels. But for some reason can't deal with the crime rates that go on throughout the Big Apple.
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Well shit, now you’ve shaken loose the memory. I remember this happening in the 90’s:

Menace II Society
New Jack City

And even further back:
The Warriors
Also in West Philadelphia (Born and raised) POC regularly would shoot up theaters from the inside
An oldie but goody:


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