Law Obesity as a Protected Class - "Fatty fatty boombalatty" should be added to the list of unacceptable hate speech.

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But public attitudes about weight have become more negative, even though thin people make up the minority of the population, according to a recent study from Harvard University. People who are overweight or obese not only have emotional and physical difficulties after being bullied about their weight, but also suffer financial penalties. Research from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut found heavier workers earn less than thinner employees, are less likely to get promoted, and are viewed as lacking discipline.
Now many have already stated that meds and certain medical conditions can cause obesity, so that being said yes obese workers work like shit and generally have horrible attitudes while working. Anecdotal story time incoming...

Coming from working the tradeshow field I knew a guy that was 400lbs of Samoan fury and he might have been hella jacked in college playing football, but while he certainly stopped training he didn't stop eating like he was still a linebacker. So the dude was strong as fuck but his knees were toast and he couldn't go through half a room setup without huffing and wheezing and taking a break every 10 minutes. So needless to say he was on;y good if you needed a really heavy thing picked up like 1 or 2 times and the rest of time would sit around while the other techs did all the leg work. His bosses hated him, his coworkers couldn't stand his his shit work ethic, and if his jokes weren't so goddamn funny he would have been canned several years sooner. His physical health was awful on top of all this. Couldn't breathe, couldn't bend over, couldn't kneel, couldn't really do the job he was hired to do anymore as a result and yet he demanded to be on the schedule full time. When he was forced to work he was the biggest douchebag to clients and coworkers, stomping around like he owned the place even though he was just an AV guy. Apparently he just thought he was there to do nothing and get paid for it and being the "big guy" on the crew was a good enough reason to allow it in his mind.

After awhile I noticed this type of attitude at work wasn't just unique to my large Samoan friend there. And that's one thing I noticed wasn't addressed in the article, that they generally have horrid personalities big enough to match their size. The entitlement, the impatient attitudes when they don't get their way, the demanding for easier work while getting paid the same as everyone else seems to be par for the course with these people. Do your job and you'll get some due respect, else wise go fuck yourself fatty.

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I think fatties need this for their health care, but not other things. It is really appalling how fat people specifically are treated in a medical setting, I have seen some really fucked up shit that I would rather not PL about, but it is a real problem. Being fat makes it harder to sue for malpractice as well, juries are less sympathetic, even when it is as simple as presenting with a neurological problem, told to diet, actually had a brain tumor -type of situation.

It is not possible to play the blame game when it comes to health care. People who aren't fat die or maim themselves by making poor decisions all the time, and I am not just talking about drug addicts. If we were going to deny people care or give them poor quality care based on their life decisions the majority of people would be shit out of luck at some point in time. STDs would run wild, that's for sure.

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If anyone reading this has a weight problem, this is the best advice I can give you.

1) Count calories. Put an app on your phone or use a food diary to measure how many calories you have per meal and keep a close eye on how many you have left for the day by dinner time. Your macronutrients don't matter a whole lot as long as you're getting a decent amount of protein. Take a multivitamin to fill in any mineral gaps.

2) Walk EVERYWHERE. I'm serious. I live in Chicago so I don't need to own a car, but aside from taking public transit long distances I have no problem with walking 1-2 miles each way to get groceries. Once you do that a lot, you won't mind either. Get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes--I wear Doc Martens--and use a pedometer. Aim for 60-70,000 steps a week.

I was incredibly reluctant to slim down for years because I thought it would be a major lifestyle change for me, and I was afraid of that. It's really not too difficult once you get used to it.

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I'm tempted to say that fatties should get protected class status simply because that would mean that, as a fatty myself, I would finally be able to make a Twitter account just to get people banned for calling me fat -- but nah. I don't think people should be running around being dicks to fat people for no reason (unless they are pushing fat acceptance -- that shit is exceptional), but it is stupid to ban speech. Even hateful speech. Whatever happened to, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"?

I just keep thinking about all those world leaders marching arm in arm with their "Je Suis Charlie" banner and acting like they cared about free speech, but then saying nothing when people are getting banned on social media for wrongthink.

You can't stop being a black person, or a XX chromosome woman, or a shaky Parkinson's. You can stop being fat.

We have legal protections in place for the things you can't control. There should be some expectation that you be responsible for a few of your characteristics that you can control. Next up for protected bullshit in society is hygiene, especially feminine hygiene. We're going to start getting free-bleeders arguing against the "female tax" and demanding they get to menstruate all over the workplace. You ever see the office chairs in a call center? It's a bloody nightmare(literally) and it's only going to get worse.


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Skellies have feels too, tubbs. They're also an actual minority statistically.
Doot to end discrimination from the deathfat menace, don't you know that they're healthy at every size?!
Can't have it both ways lol, face your feelings, don't eat them.
You can't stop being... ...a XX chromosome woman...
You can be an XX chromosome man though.

I even remember a study in the previous decade that showed correlation between obesity and decreased IQ.
Within the past fortnight I read about a study which found an inverse correlation between obesity measures (waistline and hip size ratio) and grey matter volume in the brain. Researchers were careful to point out they found a correlation not a causation. Possibly was linked here.

You want to eat yourself to morbid obesity? That's your choice, it doesn't mean you are a "bad" person
Being morbidly obese is almost always a moral failing.

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