World Obesity Is Weighing on Education, Productivity and the Economy -


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- OECD study shows obesity rates have increased since 2010
- Issue affects education, productivity, social inequality

The world is officially obese, and that’s bad for health, education and economic growth, according to the OECD.

More than half of people in 34 of its 36 member countries is overweight, and almost half of those are obese, the Paris-based group said in study published Thursday. Adding to health concerns, it said childhood and morbid obesity have gone from a “rare event to a common occurrence.”

In addition to personal wellbeing and reduced life expectancy, the growing problem is holding back economic growth and putting additional pressure on government budgets, according to the OECD. In total, member countries are spending about $311 billion per year on treating overweight and related conditions.

Economic Burden

Rise in number of overweight people is squeezing healthcare budgets


The analysis concludes those adults who are overweight are less productive and more likely to be absent from work, while children do less well at school.

It estimates that the high percentage of overweight people reduces GDP by an average of 3.3% across the OECD member states. There’s an additional economic burden from increased health spending, with OECD countries spending about 8.4% of their total health budget on treating obesity-related diseases. The figure is highest in the U.S., at 14%.

The OECD proposals highlight the growing need for action. They include better food labeling, better regulation of ads for unhealthy food to children, and more promotion of physical exercise.

“There is no more excuse for inaction,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria. “By investing in prevention, policymakers can halt the rise in obesity for future generations, and benefit economies.”


Fatties ought to be bullied harder.
God I hate fat people.
..but I also hate exceptional individuals who want to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. Fuck em.
The solution is simple - just eat less or work out more if you want that extra slice of pie at dinner.

It's not hard to not devolve into a fucking pile of fat and skin. The "obesity crisis" is a crisis of modern countries being full of people with no concept of personal responsibility and willpower.


True & Honest Fan
No, no, NO. The children are STARVING and you are lunch shaming them! They need free food! My GOD you people are HEARTLESS! They need free food so that the parents won't even have to pay for it. The parents can't even keep the kids' lunch accounts from going in the negative. There are viral stories about this every week. The solution is MORE food, not less!

NeoGAF Lurker

An Niggo
"Productivity is suffering" fuck off already, productivity has done nothing but rise for half a century while wages stagnate and fall, and now I'm having to defend fat fucks because some rich cunts decided to stick corn syrup in absolutely everything? I'm MATI
As much as I despise fatties, we do not need to have corn and soy in every food product we consume.


Nominated Heksevilles hobo of the year.
kids just dont know anything about Heatley and balanced nutrition and get feeded garbage at an early age making them addicted to suger and junk food Before they realize it. i blame weak willed parents and Corporations who clearly do Everything in their Power to keep people ignorant so they can make more money.
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Alec Benson Leary

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Christorical Figure
As much as I despise fatties, we do not need to have corn and soy in every food product we consume.
The corn lobby demands it, that's sadly all that matters.

I'm all for reminding fatties that it's up to them to put down the fork. I'm tired of increasing airline charges because still-operational jets that were built 40 years ago have such a worse fuel economy now because the average passenger is bringing an extra 70 lbs of carry-on with them free of charge. I should be able to show my gym membership and get an extra free bag or two!

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