Obivious trolls that people thought were lolcows. - People who were once thought of as lolcows when looking back they weren't serious.

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Marco Fucko

Hey Ya would beat King Crimson
Brittany Venti is a debatable example. Before she got obliquely involved with the Alt Right she was just a bog standard Twitch thot. I remember watching her getting trolled in GTA and her reactions were rather obviously faked, and while the troll chats could obviously get refunded, she probably got more than a few sympathy donations for "crying" when the mean nasty trolls "raped" her character on GTA.

Terminal 128

Crippling addiction to lurking
Even when I knew Venti was faker still thought the videos were funny back then. Not anymore. But, that's probably because I haven't seen them in years and don't care enough to come back.
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XE 600

What about obvious lolcows that people thought were trolls? I'll start - OP is one of those people.
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