Obivious trolls that people thought were lolcows. - People who were once thought of as lolcows when looking back they weren't serious.


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Mariotehplumber for starters. He was a troll who made many enemies with people with the way he expressed his opinions on Sonic and Nintendo.
TBH, I always found it really stupid how there were so many faggots that couldn't even tell he was purposefully trying to piss off the hardcore Sonic fans at the time.

I will admit, his whole act was pretty funny at first, and at times it can still make me laugh a bit. But yeah, it does get pretty old once in a while.


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Debatable: Whoever the fuck pulled off that Little Einsteins False Flag.

And also there was that Godless9 user from ages ago, who would type Like this.
IIRC they got banned. A moderator told me in TTS she was pretending to be exceptional to get a thread.
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Thing is, one can be an obvious troll pretending to be a lolcow and still be a lolcow in their own right.

Take spuds mcgee himself Ahuviya Harel.

"Technically" the guy is an obvious troll given how he is blatantly just looking for attention and outrage by saying obscenely pathetic and obnoxious things and engaging in obscenely pathetic and obnoxious behavior that is so self contradictory and inane and insincere it is pretty much impossible even for a schizophrenic to be saying and doing that shit with any seriousness. However despite his schtick being an intentional act to get people to react negatively towards him, nigger is still a lolcow since he is screwing up his life and any possible future just so he can revel in temporal "HAHAHAHAHA I TROLLD YOU!!!!" smugness

One might also consider specimens like movieblob this since they are intentionally putting on a deeply detestable negative "persona" in order to build their personal brand up, despite the fact that even if it does wind up getting them hired on to some dying clickbait site the financial rewards will be barely above a full time fast food worker and they will ensure they remain socially isolated and popularly spat on for years to come.

Hell this is why my personal theory of why Yaniv acts the way he does, as his behaviour is completely in line with frivolous lawsuit chasers looking to capitalize on badly written laws and badly run legal tribunals to make a quick buck and score some cheap fame and attention, along with maybe building himself up a brand as an "outragous" personality to be invited on talk shows and such. Even if this is true the sheer extent of how he is screwing up his existence for this ultra petty goal makes him automatically a lolcow even if his more theatrical antics are all just an act