Obivious trolls that people thought were lolcows. - People who were once thought of as lolcows when looking back they weren't serious.

Rick Pratt

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some "deviantart" youtubers, who were active around 2016/2017? who made videos about "DeviantArt drama"

a lot of them have either moved on or have focused more on their art nowadays

maybe Spechie? she appears to have learned from her mistakes
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The Coppercab tranny saga was top-tier trolling.
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Syaoran Li

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The most prominent examples I can think of would be Jace Connors, Titania McGrath, the author of My Immortal, Ghost from True Capitalist Radio, and the guys behind Landover Baptist Church.

SammyClassicSonicFan is a debatable example, since it's not really clear if he was a lolcow in the making who grew up and simply matured out of it or if it was all just an act to begin with.

The fact that Sammy was a minor at the time has a lot to do with this blurred line, and even if he said it was just a joke from the start, it could be possible he's a bit embarrassed over acting like a dumb kid and having the misfortune of getting noticed because of it.

On the opposite end, you've got a lot of formerly respected trolls who became massive lolcows as time went on because they didn't know when to quit.

Prime examples would include RationalWiki, and that God account on Twitter that was created to mock Westboro Baptist Church.

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the author of My Immortal
I know little of the original work, mostly from that article about it that linked to the Farms, but it always boggled my mind that people could ever think it was sincere, rather than a parody. Even among idiotic obsessive fans.

But I suppose when you're completely enveloped in something like bad fan fiction, Poes become that much more confusing. Like with Titania McGrath, who in some tweets is an obvious parody, but in others is so realistic that I can understand why people think she's genuine.
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