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I was discussing this with a couple of other kiwis and I thought now would be the time to have a thread similar to DeviantArt Horrors but for websites. If this isn't for Community Watch, as it doesn't really apply to one particular group or site, it can be moved. But generally there is little to work with some of these sites that they don't deserve a full thread.

At the start, I was thinking of only crazy web 1.0 sites like timecube but then I realised there are a fuck ton of other WYSIWYG web builders that can make anyone a web developer.

Places to look for free and whacky sites:
  • Webs (or Freewebs as it was known)
  • Geocities Archives
  • Wix sites
  • eu.pm and me.pn
To find some of the best obscure websites you will need to use a lot of magic google searches, rather than just searching something like "Billy Currington" you should try "site:wix.com Billy Currington fan site" or something similar, filtering by dates also help.

Please use archives for websites, you never know how long the website might be up for:

A few live examples:
Found this when I was searching for some emulator help. It's about a person who thinks having empathy is a power.

Billy Currington Forums

More Billy Currington, but now it's just for a particular image.

This is the website of independent Senate candidate for Victoria who compares psychiatry to the Nazi regime.

This one is only available through an archive, just scroll.
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