Obscure game you have played - What have you played that you think, maybe, nobody else here has played?

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no step on fuckign yurop
wild 9 for the psx. one of those game you wish got a followup because, while you enjoyed it, it had some flaws that made it not very good
That sums up every Shiny game except, maybe, MDK.

Former Shiny people made Giant Citizen Kabuto and that was a great game. It had some crap moments though. Overall it was a great game, though I have no desire to ever play it again. Armed and Dangerous, the spiritual successor, wasn't good. It tried too hard to be wacky with crazy weapons and such.


lmao bottom text

this game came as freeware with the first computer i bought back in 2001. it was set in a weird alternate history setting where america splintered into lots of different nation states (called "pacifica", "hollywood", "empire state" etc) and for some reasons zeppelins are the dominant way of long distance transportation.
you play as an air pirate trying to get rich, the story pits you against various governments (including the british empire and the soviet union) and also against lots of rival pirate gangs and private security militias.
really fun game, with a really nice soundtrack. it also got a sequel, but it was xbox exclusive so i never played it.

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So, I'll probably toss in several games. One is a point'n'click game called Voodoo Kid. The idea is this kid fell asleep while reading this old book about a cursed ship and well suddenly ended up on it.

Second would be Martian Gothic Unification, which is funny I've heard about this game before 2BestFriends ever played it. But back when it was on PC and frankly enjoyed it more than RE1.
And finally Black Bucaneer, I doubt anyone here ever played or saw this game. So, it's pretty much likes Prince of Persia but with Pirates.


Before Volition Inc made nothing but Saints Row games they put out a couple of quality RPGs in the early 2000s called Summoner. The second game, Summoner 2, in particular is an excellent game and I swear no one played it.

I think probably because this was when Final Fantasy was at peak popularity and anything not called FF or with a Square Enix logo on it was largely overlooked.

The game has really detailed lore/world, interesting characters and pretty good combat system with some cool twists like the main character being able to transform into demons and one of your mage's spells being trapping an enemy in a fucking iron maiden. Surprisingly for the time the voice acting is mostly really good too. Compare the voice acting in this to FF X and it is night and day. I would recommend to anyone who likes RPGs. Don't need to have played the first game either as they are mostly not connected other than lore and some character appearances from the first game.

It came out on PS2 and Gamecube. Gamecube version is probably technically better but I tried it when I was getting Dolphin set up on my PC and they changed the character icons from the PS2 release and the main character looks a bit like an autistic Matt Damon. A thumbs down from me on the Gamecube version.


I bring you another game I used to play from the world of Myst ripoffs. This week's episode, "Lighthouse: The Dark Being"

I know I said Shivers was a poor man's Myst but this one is literally a poor man's Myst. Word is Sierra got so butthurt about Myst becoming the best selling PC game that one of the executives burst into the dev's office and demanded they make their own version.

I never beat this one, though my uncle did. Some of the puzzles are so ass-blastingly obtuse you are almost guaranteed to need a guide.

Funnily enough despite having played a million and a half Myst-clones I've never actually played the game itself.

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necroing because I find this game interesting and hope you will too

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion - a game that starts out as a cute parody of the jumpscare-fests that pass as horror nowadays before turning into a full-fledged horror game that's absolutely jam-packed with references and nods to the classic games of the horror genre (shit like Silent Hill). The version linked is HD Renovation, a Unity remake of the original game, which was made on the Game Maker engine.

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Time Gate.

Questionable use of the Alone in the Dark engine, this French action adventure from 1996 involves a university student (you) being attacked in your garret in Paris by a time travelling knight who warps in from the 13th century and having to break into a museum to rescue your girlfriend. Only to realise that the museum was a former Knights Templar preceptory and being transported back in time to the 13th century to rescue her.

It was one of those games that blends obscure object combining puzzles with iffy combat with a segment where you have to drive a remote controlled catapult under the alarm lasers to fire a conker at the fire alarm to auto open a locked door.
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Genesis Rising: The Eternal Crusade

A space strategy game about spaceships that eat eachother. I bought it on steam, and its only programmed to work on windows 10. It was missing textures when i got it to run, and crashed after a few minutes.

Cool concept, I have no idea how its supposed to work.

**Edit: go figure even the images don't work for this game.
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Tracer sucks
I feel like I'm the only person who has played Ecco the Dolphin Defender of the Future for ps2

That game was a fucking fever dream, and I clearly remember a point you swim up a giant Geiger-esque aliens vaginas in order to kill it from the inside out .
And of course the hanging waters level was amazing.
Damn it was a cool fucking game though as bats hit crazy as it was. So sad I lost the disk.


Mole Mania
It's a very polished and charming gameboy puzzle game that was apparently worked on by Miyamoto himself but nobody knows about it.
I like Mole Mania. It was one of the first GameBoy games I played. One of the spirits in SSBU is the main character of Mole Mania so a lot more people might look into it now.

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back at it again with another obscure spooky game

Monstrum - a game where you have to escape a sprawling, abandoned ship while being hunted by 1 of 3 ooga-booga monsters, randomly chosen at the start of each game. The ship's insides are randomly constructed from a set of preset rooms & hallways and the items required to escape or at least help you live for a bit longer are scattered at random throughout those rooms. It has permadeath, meaning if you fuck up and get ooga-booga'd to death, you gotta start all over again.
Pretty good and scary game, would recommend if you have constipation and not enough money to buy laxatives (headphones are recommended for the best experience, though).


its not racist its the 50s
Anyone else play Raw Danger? It was a survival game set in an artificial island where a levy bursts and the place is flooding. You have to manage things like body temperature, has several characters whose paths overlap. Kind of afraid to revisit it because it's in this haze of nostalgia for me.
Also more games need moments like this
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Oh wow.

I distinctly remember playing that game in a place where you could play PS2 games for an equivalent of a dollar per hour.


Smug fuck
Mole Mania
It's a very polished and charming gameboy puzzle game that was apparently worked on by Miyamoto himself but nobody knows about it.

I been playing that through the 3DS Eshop. It's a pretty fun game. Same with games like Qwirk and other cute puzzle game.

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