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Obscure Laughingstocks

Discussion in 'Lolcow General' started by Null, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Bob Rehahn?
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  2. 1 Month :late: but...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHZXA7kjLwk (The aforementioned tweets are in this vid between 1:05 and 2:00 as the lolcow in question has privated her tweets)

    TL;DR - Sjw goes on twitter (she has since privated her account) crying about police brutality and how they treated an ANARMED 15 YEAR OLD CHILD (yes that's the exact spelling she used). Apparantly the BIG MEAN RACIST POLICE OFFICERS let their K9 dog maul her while she begged for mercy and they secretly transferred out of the hospital and booked her in on no charges.

    But... Donut Operator on YT and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department (who made the arrest) calls her out on her bullshit. Turns out the 15 year old was driving illegally under the influence in a minivan with a broken headlight (that was invovled in a hit and run earlier) and tried to run from police. She refused to come out of hiding despite warnings she would get bork bork nom nommed so the K9 got her ass. The medics treated her immedietely of course.

    Afterwards, the Sjw was desperately trying to prevent her daughter being booked into jail and tried to get her transferred from a hospital to a children's hospital for further treatment (though she was already cleared). They accomodated her first request, but when she demanded further transfers, they told her to fuck off and then booked her dumbass daughter.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Sometimes there are lolcows I’ve been aware of for a long time who unfortunately go silent after a while. Due to her inactivity online, I see no point in making a thread on her but nonetheless I will share an abridged run down on Sally Schrock.

    So the first question you may have is “who the fuck is Sarah Preston Schrock?” Glad you asked!
    Sally Schrock is the author of Hayseed’s First Race, a children’s book about an Appaloosa horse participating in a horse race.

    Back in 2010, her book ended up being pulled from the publishing company.

    Source: http://silencingsallythewitch.blogspot.ca/2010/10/book-pulled.html?m=1

    Now the source provided is, admittedly, quite dubious given that the blog was created specifically for calling out Sally Schrock- so I took it upon myself to check out the website itself. The book has indeed been pulled since October 2010.

    So what could have possibly led to the publishing company wanting to pull the book from their listings? Well, maybe the fact that she had animals seized from her property wasn’t going to be a good image for the company:

    Link: https://www.kshb.com/news/region-kansas/olathe/14-animals-removed-from-olathe-home-deemed-unsafe

    Well shit, that doesn’t look too good now does it? At least she knew to lay low and not draw any possible attention to herself, right? If that were the case then we would not be here right now.

    So for a while Sally Schrock was in an Internet slap fight with an equine rescue who refused to adopt a horse out to her; a horse she wanted to use during book signings because it looked like the protagonist of her story.


    The source comes from this website here: https://archive.li/hpapA

    External links:

    Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/Equine-Rescue-Scams-241900889219251/

    Personal FB page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430486739&ref=content_filter

    One of her many blogs: http://voiceforhorses-exposed.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-diana-murphy-doesnt-want-you-to.html?m=1

    Venus Dat bitch

  5. Nobody made the "jaythenerdkid" thread after her run in with Wu so I don't know where else to put this but she has been absolutely exceptional on twitter the last few days.

    Let's preface this entire thing by saying that "jaythenerdkid" entire online identity up until a couple days ago was MUSLIM.


    So how the fuck is jaythenerdkid posting these tweets?


    Are you fucking kidding me? Like WTF? How Muslim is your family if THEY SENT YOU TO PRIVATE CATHOLIC SCHOOL? Catholics don't let any heathen muslim take communion you have to convert and go through the steps. You cannot fucking simultaneously be muslim and catholic, pick a fucking lane!

    This is a person that CONSTANTLY is referencing her strict muslim dad and how she had to wear headscarves and how when she decided to take it off it was a huge deal and blah blah blah and now she's telling us she spent 13 years taking communion as a Catholic? WTF?

    This is absolutely peak lolcow imo. Also, jaythenerdkid is 29 years old and is apparently a permanent student that lives at home with her mother. it's awesome that her and Wu crossed paths they are both incredible idiots.
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  6. GaryPotter

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  7. As a more recent game show fan, I was clued in to his behavior by several veteran fans on FB, and nowadays, he's tried several times to worm his way into the Discord server of Game Show Garbage. Thankfully, we can always tell when it's him and summarily boot him.
  8. So a while ago there was this Russian dude on YouTube who claimed to have made a homunculus by injecting some chicken eggs with his own cum. You might recognize the video in question:

    Anyways, this isn't about that dude, this is about someone who tried to recreate the Russian dude's "experiments." At first his attempts go about as well as you'd think, with him just injecting his own blood and cum into eggs and then cracking open rotten eggs after letting them "incubate" for days to weeks.

    And then later on he gets some of the eggs to hatch into just regular ducks:

    He has an entire playlist of videos dedicated to the stuff here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG0K7Rt9nWwvtwsVreJB9zX8X6AhVUW43

    I just find the guy so amusing. He's trying to be scientific and all by testing a hypothesis, but all he ends up doing is hatching and raising ducks he injected his jizz into while they were still eggs. There's something so, so very wrong with the situation and that makes it all the more amusing. Thank god the ducks he hatched will never understand what was done to them before they were born.

    It's true he may not be as obscure as some of the people on here, but besides injecting his cum into duck eggs he doesn't seem all that abnormal, and there isn't enough I could find on him/ he doesn't put out enough content to warrant an entire thread imo.
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  9. My boy Charley Wolfcale would probably be a top tier lolcow if he became more popular. He’s a dumb drunk slob who just makes video after video screaming about WWE and occasionally politics he knows nothing about (he once said he wanted to kill everybody in the Middle East) in his grandmother’s house. He’s the best.

  10. edit: wrong thread
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  12. I still think about this to this day.
    What's fucked me up the most is that every video and text on that channel is written in some illegible language. I've tried translating it with any language I could use on Google Translate and literally nothing can decipher this literal moonspeak.
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  13. So I recently found this guy who goes by the handle MitchZer0 (That's zero ending in a zero instead of an O). He's nothing really interesting other than just a guy who uses the same handle everywhere. He seems to be into diapers, ponies and is an anti-SJW. I don't know what to make of him myself, just, I guess it was my first time looking up some random guy's username and seeing all this shit. I was just kinda surprised there's not even one single mention of him on KF. So, now there is.

    Discord: Mitchy#0937
    https://www.deviantart.com/mitchzer0 ( http://archive.li/tzr4C )
    https://twitter.com/mitchzer0 ( http://archive.li/yt13J )
  14. Hello everyone. Meet Nick Pettigrew:


    In his day job, Nick works for the Courts Service in Croydon, a particularly awful southern suburb of London. He is 46, married, on Citalopram and undergoing a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for depression. None of that is very interesting. But there is more to Nick. Lots more.

    Nick is also an aspiring comedy writer. He's actually pretty good at it. He writes for satirical online paper the Daily Mash (think a UK version of the Onion), which recently got a series on the BBC, which he also writes for. He used to be a standup comedian until his mental health got too bad. He is a notorious twitter warrior. Now I don't follow his Twitter, but it's OK, he posts his "greatest hits" to Facebook so we don't miss any of his genius:


    For those who don't know, Norman Tebbit was a Conservative politician whose hotel room was bombed by the IRA in the 80's. His wife was crippled and several of his friends died.

    Nick HATES fellow satirist Jonathan Pie. HATES him, supposedly because of wrongthink (Pie dares criticise the Left whilst also being on the Left) but really it's because Pie has the career in comedy that Nick is desperate for. Nick hates him so much that he personally intervened to keep Pie off the Mash's TV show.


    As you may be picking up, Nick is a bit of a Social Justice Warrior:

    nicksjw1.PNG nicksjw2.PNG nicksjw3.PNG nicksjw4.PNG

    Nick is a crusader against racism, sexism, transphobia and wrongthink in general. In particular, he is on a crusade to eliminate all wrongthink from standup comedy. His particular mode of operation is to identify "problematic" comedians, then harass people on his Facebook who are friends with them to try to bully them into severing ties. These are all in the last 3 months. There are others that he bawleeted after people pointed out that policing other people's friends lists is a fucking weird way to spend your evening:

    nickpolice1.PNG nickpolice2.PNG nickpolice3.PNG nickpolice4.PNG

    So, Nick likes everyone's comedy to be squeaky clean. Wrongthink and wrongtalk are completely unacceptable. Completely. Anyone with a career in comedy should have it destroyed for such awfulness, with Nick as prosecutor-in-chief.

    So it would be horribly hypocritical of Nick to, say, post racist, ableist, sexist, faith-based and transphobic jokes in a secret Facebook group dedicated to making fun of women, blacks and the disabled, wouldn't it? And it would be awful for him if there was a mole in this group, wouldn't it?

    Wouldn't it??

    Nick1.PNG nick2.PNG nick3.PNG nick4.PNG nick5.PNG nick6.PNG nick7.PNG nick8.PNG nick10.PNG

    Oh Nick. Ohhh, Nick. You really are a reprehensible sack of shit, aren't you?

    EDIT: Nick knows his secret posting habits could get him in a spot of bother:
    EDIT: Oh God there is SO MUCH MORE
    nick21.PNG nick22.PNG nick23.PNG nick24.PNG nick25.PNG nick26.PNG nick27.PNG nick28.PNG
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  15. Foreward: I'm putting this one up because this is not a full-blown pair of Lolcows yet; more a pair of lolcalves that given time can and will develop into full cows. All evidence is that they got bitch-slapped hard by DE over this, to the point where FriendzoningMisandrist had to change usernames to -Misan-, and they've had to pull back a bit on their script use, but make no mistake: They will be back. They recently went on a DFE binge in regards to them being covered by Warframe's community, and in particular the Waframe subreddit calling for their removal from their post, so keep your eyes on this one.

    OAG Article: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/...n-censorship-spawns-community-backlash/59239/

    Telluric's Tumblr: http://equius.tumblr.com
    FriendzoningMisandrist's Tumblr: http://friendzoningmisandrist.tumblr.com

    It's getting harder and harder to avoid identity politics in your hobbies these days.


    While many things can be blamed for this creeping idiocy, most notably the extremist left's tendency towards entryism, a far-less-discussed reason for it is the fact that, as a whole, many Social Justice Warriors have no responsibilities and infinite free time, which gives them free reign to be offended all the time and causes to attach themselves to. What makes this worse is when one of these schmucks gets some level of official power, because with even a shred, they will immediately abuse it, and nothing quite shows this power dynamic quite like a pair of Tumblrinas who got placed into the position of Chat Moderators for the video game Warframe, and are now well on their way to becoming living memes.

    Telluric, also known as equius on Tumblr, and -Misan-, also known as FriendzoningMisandrist on Tumblr, are a pair of nutjobs who have appointed themselves the arbiters of Warframe's in-game chat program after initially being appointed chat moderators. The problem is, like any Tumblr users, the pair are hypersensative assholes who will motte and bailey until the lolcows come home to defend their right to blanket censor and control the speech of the chat channels in-game. Worse, DE has been extremely slow to do anything about the complaints about them because of how disconnected the in-game chat is from the rest of the game.

    Unfortunately, this is a situation where incompetence and automation came along for the ride and as of this moment there are hundreds of players who've been unintentionally banned from the in-game chat program because of how they chose to execute this little plan of theirs, which involved bringing a full-blown script to monitor the chat and immediately drop the hammer on anyone who uses "slurs" and "harmful speech," which as anyone remotely familiar with the Tumblr subforum on the Farms will tell you, functionally boils down to anything that could remotely be construed as offensive.

    You see, Kiwis, they set this script up to, initially, autoban (for one week) anyone using the word "trap," and the word "gay" from in-game chat. This is issue for several reason, not the least of which being that Warframe has numerous actual traps in-game, ranging from usable traps the player can use (Kinetic Syphon Trap) to ones set by enemies (Voltage Traps). It's equally an issue because one of the most popular (and hilarious) Warframe Youtubers is AGayGuyPlays. They're especially pissed off by the "Nezha is a Trap" meme, popularized because the warframe Nezha is petite and effete, and is easily mistaken for a female Warframe, with equius in particular pitching into long-winded rants about how the meme is the most offensive thing ever.

    The humorous thing about this, aside from it resulting in the meme becoming further entrenched, is that despite bitching about Nezha trap art and genderbent art constantly, FrienzoningMisandrist in particular posts it and related content approximately all the fucking time. Below is an image -Misan- unironically posted on their tumblr, followed immediately by a barrage of images on that same fucking Tumblr:


    > Complains about Rule63 Art
    > Unironically posts it

    Rule63 Oberon

    > Complains about Nezha is a Trap Meme
    > Posts image joking about Nezha surrounded by Bara Rhinos

    > Complains about Nezha Trap Art
    > Unironically posts Nezha Trap Art


    They gradually have tightened the coding a bit, so that "trap" on its own doesn't cause bans anymore, but "Nezha" and "Trap" in the same sentences does, which resulted in (you guessed it) more unintentional bans for things like "This Nezha player in my last match kept running into laser traps on the last Corpus Spy mission and ruined our stealth bonus," or trade-deals on the market channel that happened to involve Nezha and various in-game mod cards. Oops. I'm not sure if the "gay" filter is still up but they added "rape" to the filter recently and are continuing to go full steam ahead with adding verboten additional content to the chat bot. Throw in that the in-game chat already wordfilters words like "ass" and you have the in-game chat continuing its long stride towards being fucking useless for everyone except for trading.


    Note that they only have the ability to ban your account from in-game chat (including the trade channel, in-game private messages, and in-game user chat). They do not have any ability to control your in-game voice-chat (with effects current squad only), the in-game mail service, or third party chat programs that most players use like discord, teamspeak, Steam Chat, etc, and they do not have the ability to ban or sanction your account (yet). Most of the time the bans are for one week and do not prevent you from playing or using third-party programs (or voice) to talk; it just prevents you from using the in-game chat program.

    Back on topic: With Telluric and -Misan- causing numerous week-long chat bans from Warframe with their little script, the pair decide to, apropos of nothing, fuck doing the logical thing and say, stop using the script until they get a context filter of some sort working; they're going to keep handing out week-long chatbans with no warning for behavior that only they actually take offense to. And then they're going to pull the Vade maneuver and claim that only haters and trolls are taking offense to the filter's incompetent setup.


    Unfortunately, it's not only the Trolls and Haters, it's pretty much the entire community, and while DE was able to lock things down hard on the official forums, less can be said of the Warframe subreddit, which despite all attempts by the powers that be to curtail it, continues to rebel and call the chat mods out for their shit. This is unfortunately just one part of a very big problem with DE's chat moderators in that they're almost to a man fucking morons and hose out bans for non-offenses constantly and routinely chatban newbs for asking basic game questions. So Warframe's in-game chat sucking ass isn't a new thing, the identity politics are just a new twist.

    ....But there is going to be a metric fuckton of salt reaped in response. Recently, DE put out a trailer for a new Nezha skin, a pretty beefy one, and the responses in the comments have been the community responding with the good taste and maturity many Warframe players have come to love:


    Keep your eyes on this one, Kiwis. They've gone to ground for now but I seriously doubt that their initial slap by DE is going to keep them out of trouble, and it's just going to continue to harden the playerbase against hypersensitive faggots like them. As @KidKitty once masterfully put it, if it comes between a decision between the paying customers and a pair of ideological dipshits, the customers will win every time.
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  16. You had me curious at the title, and fascinated throughout the OP. Good job, imo
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  17. Yeah, this pair of faggots has pretty much made region chat useless; you'll just get randomly banned from the entire chat service if you try and use it. They shouldn't just be disciplined, they should just have their hotpockets confiscated permanently.
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    ConcernedAnon Concerned and hopefully anonymous

  18. "Equius" and "FriendzoningMisandrist" - I am wagering they're both Homestuck fans, then. I am shocked to my very core with this revelation.

    Word filters in multiplayer video games is so baffling. I always figured with a lot of dumb trends in video games that it was always going to get a little bit worse, but word filters are just something so goddamned stupid that I never expected them. Just boom, right the fuck out of nowhere, words without context are now harmful. And people still keep paying these companies that keep doing this shit, stop the fucking car.
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  19. I've always stood by the notion that the Region Chat for Warframe has somehow reached a tier of brain-melting cancer on par with Warcraft's Trade Chat and so why ever would a sane person make use of it.

    That being said, this filter of their's spilled over into Squad, Private, and Clan chat well before it was hastily patched in some three month's past time. ANY violation -period- would get you tempbanned from all forms of communication, and ANY attempts to communicate the issue on the site forums would inevitably get the thread locked down after legions of white knights would rush to defend m'DE and m'traps.

    The Steam forums for the game manages to be a little beacon of light, but you'll still find people being compelled to act like pissbaby children over a stupid meme and HOW DARE we have fun in a serious game about ninjas. Even the normies are warning the company 'get woke, go broke'.

    P.S. Of course they're both trannies. Only troons get mad at traps because they pass better.
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  20. Outright banning the word "gay" to protect it is one of the better examples of the far-left becoming the exact monsters they were fighting. Saying gay is wrong, being gay is wrong, it's all to protect the gays.
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