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I don't really know where to put this (here vs. personal cows?), but this guy, Nathan Coppedge, is a schizophrenic "philosopher" who clogs up Quora with his irrelevant ramblings and believes he has invented perpetual motion. He's authored dozens of "books" (including Avoiding Masturbation and Prophetic Wisdom) and he has a sprawling web presence that it's difficult to sum up. In addition to being a genius scientist and philosopher, he likes to summon spirits in his spare time. If you like good-old-fashioned schizo cows with no politics or fandom stuff, give him a look.

Personal bio:

Nathan Coppedge, b. 1982 has written numerous books of philosophy. He is also known for Hyper-Cubism (valued at up to $1 million), for his perpetual motion machine designs & theory, and now as a famous quotable. He is a member of the International Honor Society for Philosophers, and lives near Yale.
He's also a professional quote maker:

"I feel like I'm the only person, who, if you're careful, it's fair NOT to make any exaggerated paradoxes about. It's like I've fallen in love with murdering the soul, but (nonetheless) it has love, it has souls. And it's as if my philosophy is a league beyond that. It's like I have to psych out God to get any compliments from anyone."

"Philosophy is exactly like the matter of the universe!"

"My will must find it's wall!"

"We can improve our experience of time."

"There are recursive history trees, and sometimes they dance!"

"Time is all of change."

"Matter is meaning in whatever form it takes."

"Thoughts (are the definition of) travel."

"In a sense, timelessness is the 2nd dimension of time..."

"All we need is subjective food for all particles, and the universe runs itself."

"There appears to be a conflict between natural systems and philosophical systems that is resolved when philosophical nature is found."

"My sense is philosophers are happier than average, because wisdom is something they want, and it is part of the good life. Thus, they feel justified about seeking happiness, and thus they are more likely to attain it."

"Truth may be, in itself, the obviation of the obvious."

"Many logics seem to amount to aesthetics."

"Age is an advanced idea for immortals alone."

"There are two types of paradoxes, problematic ones and un- problematic ones."

"Existence karma: if you suffer, you're allowed to be superior. If you're exceptional, the world improves!" [n.b. he actually said "exceptional" here, no word filter]

"When there is ugliness by a high standard, there is a standard of art."

"Beauty is, on second thought, an adaptation to consciousness."

"What cannot be achieved ultimately can be achieved cheaply immediately. All true ultimates are immediates. Everything else is intermediate or essential."

"Whatever seems good is good, if you can predict EVERYTHING."

"I, for one, equate emotions and intellect as being identical!"

"Paradoxical realism is the beginning of absolute realism..."

"With philosophy, philosophical meaning..."

"Good problems are keys to middle knowledge."

"It is basic intelligence to realize... the sufficiency of fascination."

"We now consume aesthetics rather than the unknown..."

"Life is tough if you can't grow your brain... And life is tough if you have cancer.""

Quora: Archive | Live
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YouTube: Archive | Live

(Someone please let me know if I did the archiving wrong.)
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Your local mermaid fucker
Dayton Hypernova.
He's a 30 year old troon who lives with his parents and accuses his older brother of beating him (despite having zero evidence of this, in fact he actually assaults his brother in one video) while demanding that his father pay him him money for doing absolutely nothing.
He sounds like he's schizophrenic


I was browsing Instagram today, and I discovered a rather interesting account

b00tpurrtyboi, or b00t, seems like your standard internet troon, if not for one minor eccentricity:

He's a siegefag
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Has subsequently gotten up to some new drama

Seducing married white nationalists in atomwaffen and national socialist leaders. And then telling all of their buddies about it.


So I've been aware of a truly ancient lolcow for over a decade. I never thought to share him here, because... he mostly just writes a bunch of text. He thinks he's a prophet of YHWH, and can summon UFOs with a magical vein in his nose. The UFOs you see, are angels.
He's been posting pictures of his nose for about 15 years now. Along with random videos of hobos masturbating and ISIS beheadings

Magic Nose
In the year 2006, having become convinced that only the Living Resurrection would be the just and generous solution to the problems of the human condition I was then encouraged to become a small sign of the power of the Resurrection, by manifesting it in my own body. What had happened is that my nose had become destroyed and swollen and ugly looking with age (I could here people whispering about it, saying, 'did you see his nose'). Over the course of a couple of months I watched in the mirror as a transformation began to take place on my nose. People who knew me were shocked and speechless by what they saw, and they would stutter and stammer when they tried to talk to me, because no one had ever seen anything like that before.

However even though I was ready to be found, no one came. Instead what happened is that I found myself making futile appeals to a really stubborn and rebellious religious people who were just determined to go their own evil way.
It all began in the 1970s
When I was fifteen I was in the mountains of Banff National Park, walking beside a stream after sunset, when suddenly I felt the 'sense of presence' and this time it seemed to be coming from directly above, and so I looked up into the starry sky. A wave of panic came over me because the sense of presence was so powerful and seemed to be very close, and so I ran back to my campsite. In the sky there was an extremely bright luminous object sitting stationary, and then suddenly it moved and darted into a small cloud which then dissolved and there was nothing there. (What I saw resembled a magic trick, and it was an unmistakable sign of intelligent will). The object then reappeared much closer and much brighter and was surrounded by a circular rainbow halo effect.


What I saw that evening in Banff National Park was an allusion to the 10th Chapter of the Book of Revelations in the Bible where it states that 'I saw a mighty angel coming down from heaven and he was wrapped in a cloud and the rainbow was on his head...the angel said, "You must speak prophecy."'

That this was in fact an allusion to Revelations was confirmed when about five months prior to the events at Banff I received my trainers drivers license. Although I did not notice it at the time, I had been given the 'mark of the Beast' when I was given my driver's license which could not have been just a strange coincidence when viewed in context.

At the end of the year, 1996, the presence returned and the voice said 'Your time has come' and I was sent out on a mission to see to it that these people removed all their blood soaked religious documents out of God's sight, for it was now fast approaching the time of the Second Coming of Christ.
That time he performed a global miracle recorded by NASA

In April of 2001, about four and a half months before 911, I was granted my first opportunity to work a great sign and a wonder. I was to align myself with the protestors at the Summit of the Americas, and I was to do so by unfurling my own banner at the event. Now in most cases people paint signs and then unfurl their painted banner, but this is the Second Coming of Christ, so we must be much more grandiose. For this reason my banner was to be made of clouds, thousands of miles long, which would then unfurl as a giant wing shaped cloud over the Sahara Desert on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2001. In preparation for this event my task became to get out there on Friday evening, April 20th, and begin a massive spamming campaign all over the internet so as to announce the unfurling of this cloud shaped wing on Sunday, April 22nd. This wing was to symbolize the resurrection of the Sahara desert and its transformation into a Garden of Eden, with the Sahara being symbolic of the desolation of the earth during the long ages of the exile (for in the world without God the earth had become like that desert, destroyed, dead, and a total desolation in the sight in of God).

The internet is an ephemeral media, and even though I hardly slept that weekend and spammed constantly non-stop all night and all day, there now remain only a few traces of my notorious spam email announcing this cloud wing. This is truly one of the worst press releases ever created. Furthermore, I was in such a mad rush to start spamming that I used a 'stork wing' instead of using an 'eagle's wing'.
He is the meekest human on Earth.
And God is about to murder 7 billion people. He is one of the very few who will be spared.
You have heard it said that 'the meek shall inherit the earth' and therefore 'how blessed are the meek'. I am one of the meek putz types. This would then explain how it was that out the 7 billion people on this planet somehow it was me, yes me, who was blessed. If I was not one of the meek I would not have been so blessed.

You see, this is God's universe, and at the end of it all you will have the meek inheriting the earth and all those other people who are not being meek themselves just won't be here anymore. Either you are a meek putz, and you inherit the earth, or your dead. Now as we all know God has already killed untold billions of people and is preparing to kill off another 7 billion right now as we speak, so please do not exhaust my patience by carrying on about how gosh darn nice God is all the time.

The Holy War of 2015

At the end of April, 2015 I was told to do something new. My instructions were to declare Holy War against the United States of America.

God is going to carpet bomb your nation by rolling enormous hurricanes up the Mississippi one after another like bowling balls. This part of your country will be pounded with hail stones and destroyed by floods. It will become a giant swamp. People in urban areas will be trapped on roof tops and it will be impossible to save them before that next hurricane rolls through and completely destroys them. God is going to kill millions of people. I do have praise for God in selecting this southern redneck part of your country for destruction, because in the sight of God those are the most worthless people in your country, and because of Martin Luther King, whom God remembers, those people will be the first to go.

I have waited for forty years, and there were times when I was wondering what I was waiting for. At the same time I always knew that waiting for God was always the right thing to do. And that Islamic State was well worth waiting for. I tried for twenty years to get rid of those evil books, and had no luck at all.

I will create an apocrypha. Call it 'the Satanic verses'. Into that apocrypha I will move the following worthless books. Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Proverbs, Hebrews, and Jude. Genesis and Exodus are more complex documents, and so the tweezer will have to be used on those books.
The Holy War expands against the Black Church
Has anyone ever taken a a look at those monstrous oppressors, those hypocritical black churches. I have over the years, and never before have ever seen such a hate crime as those black churches spew out their merciless toxic venom at gay people or transgenders.

As far as I am concerned they can all be drowned right along with their southern red necked neighbors. Not only are they virulent proponents of hate crimes, they are also hypocrites who don't listen to Ezekiel, even though they claim to be fundamentalist bible thumping literalists
Do Not Hug Me
Apparently I am soon to become infamous (this being a level of notoriety above the level of 'famous'). So this being the case I think it appropriate to say a few words to those people who might meet me and then get a shock and find themselves thinking 'what the hell was that'.

There are two thoughts that come to mind. First I am a Holy Warrior. I am soldier surrounded by the din of battle, running through trenches, pouring over maps. It would be very inappropriate to hug me.

I have never been free to be myself. If I was myself that would be the kind of person you people would lock up. You might agree to release on the condition that I continue to take my pills.

Mission Accomplished!
According to one of those angels in the flying crafts who has been assisting me, I have been successful and I have cleared a path through the desert for YAHWEH, and so the angel said now I can relax.

The Promised Land, The Sahara Desert , The True State of Israel; Circa June 24, 2015
My email address is feedback followed by @awitness.org.
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dove deep into the twitter rabbit hole and found this schizo named Isaac Daniel Shoff

Isaac spends his days creating hundreds of twitter accounts on a daily under names such as @KillBlackSkin, @MacintoshStores, @SexyFemales2019, @TopMovieTickets, and of course @BET_Niggers.

I'm guessing @WINDOWS_ROCK is his main account since he posts there the most. It's also where you can see his social skills on display.

He also has a youtube channel where he hasn't uploaded in five months, but he could be using a different channel now too. Most of his latest videos seem to be of him showing off his diamond collection, RPing as the president, or his schizoid ramblings.
A lot of his accounts mention killing police officers. Maybe this is why he's not a fan of the po po.


There's this dude that's been a bit of a joke among my small circle - Alex "Popacycleuropolis" (sp, I've only ever heard him say it out loud) a.k.a. Cranky Construct.
Wasn't this guy friends with some of the Sw1tcher/Best Friends guys? I remember seeing some of his stuff forever ago only to be nauseated by how overbearingly "uwu am I cute yet" it is


Wasn't this guy friends with some of the Sw1tcher/Best Friends guys? I remember seeing some of his stuff forever ago only to be nauseated by how overbearingly "uwu am I cute yet" it is
Sure is. For a while he was getting paid monthly by Matt and I think that ended around when work on his game, The Takeover, finished. Now he's applied for some government job.

To reward your interest, check out this commission flyer he posted today:

We tried to test that first bullet point by asking him if he'd be willing to draw Mutilator from B.I.O.F.R.E.A.K.S. (canonically female) and he said he'd give it a shot. Totally ruined our fun, lmao.


Rex cries after he ejaculates
This bitch.


A whole back when I still had a Tumblr she followed me. I poked around her blog for a minute and was laughing my ass off. She's obsessed (not a strong enough word) with Weird Al. She also loves Doctor Who and Bill Hicks but her love for Weird Al surpasses both. And it's just fucking strange. She writes fanfics and draws pictures about him when she's not busy sperging out in walls of text about how much she loves him.





She doesn't seem to be as active anymore but it's got lots of funny shit, in my opinion.


We Have A Winner!
This one person from early Youtube, Thaddeus Peuterschmidt, aka Lolitsthad. His old videos are gone, lost to the winds.
They were all him talking over some FPS game, I think Black Ops 2 but I’m not sure at all, about how much he fucked. And according to him, he fucked a lot. He would occasionally have quests on to explain how they fucked as well.
Here’s an example from his Minecraft days.
If anyone knows an archive of his stuff, please link it to me. I have been searching for a while.
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Senor Cardgage Mortgage

Censoring your French cartoons since 2011.
True & Honest Fan
I found this dude on a comment for the musical score of Samurai Jack Season 5.

Jaime Nieves

He's like if Timbox fucked Richard Agosto

He's obsessed with Samurai Jack Season 5 and it getting a proper conclusion and that Ashi be a proper princess like a Disney Princess.

He keeps spamming comments like this:
Do you guy's want to see Ashi to dress up as Tiana from Walt Disney's princess and the frog on Samurai Jack season 6 because Ashi is a princess?And Ashi would love to dress up as Tiana because Ashi is a princess.Do you guy's agree with me that Ashi is a princess and Ashi should dress up as Tiana?

UY 690

The weirdest person I found online when looking up John K's bullshit.

You might be thinking why did I archive this twitter thread. It's pretty okay.

Well, this Jesse Coffey person retweeted this fanart piece of a Nicktoons show.

download - 2019-06-24T012444.924.png


Keep this in mind this is the same man who tweeted this after he was done talking about John K's Cans Without Labels review.


Damn this guy to hell............


Weird thing on his timeline is that BET tagged his username in a tweet of theirs and yes it's not a fake Twitter account as they have a blue checkmark.

He also has a YouTube account weirdly enough and it is what you would expect from a YouTube channel like this.


Yup. Weirdo indeed.......


"nanoposts with 90° spatial rotational symmetries"
"Alex Medvednikov"

This guy tried to make his own programming language.

And text editor

"And 300 KB desktop client", what that is I'm not sure.

The issues on the language speak for themselves.

Some stuff in Russian:

Edit: he also has a second GitHub account
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Full-time Violence Man
This one person from early Youtube, Thaddeus Peuterschmidt, aka Lolitsthad. His old videos are gone, lost to the winds.
They were all him talking over some FPS game, I think Black Ops 2 but I’m not sure at all, about how much he fucked. And according to him, he fucked a lot. He would occasionally have quests on to explain how they fucked as well.
Here’s an example from his Minecraft days.
If anyone knows an archive of his stuff, please link it to me. I have been searching for a while.
Holy shit, I remember this weirdo. I think the last thing I ever saw from him was a video where he was bitching about some pornstar not giving him attention over the Minecraft texture pack he made with pictures of her. This was like mid 2014. Shit was hilarious.

A lot to unpack here.

View attachment 812827

"haHA I'm such a quirky basket case ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° "