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I found out about this woman through Facebook. She's a medium who claims to be married to Michael Jackson's ghost AND she has an Only Fans. She seems rather nice even though everything about her is so crazy.

In most recent events, she decided to invest in a sex doll for her videos.

She also spent her stimulus check on sex toys.


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This is more on the bizarre side. There's a mildly popular YouTube channel devoted to teaching Japanese called "Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly" which is hosted by an "alien doll" that looks like this:

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 00.18.01.png

Why would anyone use a doll avatar and voice modifier to teach Japanese? I got curious and did some digging a while ago. Turns out the reason is because the channel owner used to run a cult based on spanking under the name "Miss Martindale" and was convicted of assault because of it. She's now somehow a therapist, has self published multiple weird books under fake names (archive), a new cult (archive), as well as teaching Japanese (archive), a language she does not speak.

There's a whole MN thread here (archive1, archive2) detailing the cult with further details on "Miss Martindale". A deep dive into her spanking cult "Aristasia" on self made pages here (archive), here (old archive), and here (archive). She also has a page devoted to her on some spanking wiki (archive) and on regular Wikipedia (archive)

Three part documentary on the cult:
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I ended up posting this on the wrong thread, so I decided to redo my post here.

So, I was digging through people complaining about Belle Dephine supposedly being pedo bait on Twitter’s search engine and strangely came across this lolcow. Basically it’s another schizophernic christian who posts strange images tied with bible quotes. But unlike other similar pages. She seems to have her own “original character”


Of course it’s a poorly drawn blob with the fact of a dog, I mean you can’t really expect much artistic talent from schizos. But it’s fascinating nonetheless. However I don’t know if she’s truly worthy of a page considering there is so little information about her other than the strange images she posts constantly.


Common trend with her page is that she’s against pornography, but unlike other activists who bring up arguments like child abuse and such. It’s basically incoherent ramblings about how adultry will send you to hell. Pretty much just your typical everyday religious propaganda, but accompanied with nonsensical images.


SensibleErection.net had a user appear talking random crazy shit, super turbo aspergers IT chick.

She then started linking to her site, which was a handwritten geocities-tier pre-blog, soon her entries started talk about a creepy rape house that she was "owned" by. Which she left after some upturn in the dynamics, and moved into a tool shack out in the woods, with an extention cord running out to it with a clamp lamp and a laptop. From this set up she set up a passworded directory promising her coordinance and instructions to rape her, requiring some sort of rudimentary "hacking" puzzle to access. Soon after her blog would get updated with gopro stills of different "winners" claiming their "prize".

Eventually it was taken down after someone at her work found out.

Does anyone remember this lady?? Did any other communities end up tracking this person/having contact?


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Does anyone else remember Phoebe Tickner from lolcow.farm? He's like the male version of her (well, they're both super-speshul enbies, but you get it). They both take the tee-ball coach approach to progressive politics: doesn't matter who wins, as long as every imaginable grievance gets playing time.


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I found out about this woman through Facebook. She's a medium who claims to be married to Michael Jackson's ghost AND she has an Only Fans. She seems rather nice even though everything about her is so crazy.
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In most recent events, she decided to invest in a sex doll for her videos.
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She also spent her stimulus check on sex toys.
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Christ with the spike-looking rubber on those dildos I was seriously thinking that that was some Cenobite from "Hellraiser" shit.

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This is rhegrote1 also known as KING ARTHUR CHUCK FREEMAN. He has spent the past decade making music and nonsensical schizo videos. Every video has under a thousand views but he keeps pumpking them out regardless.
Here he is drinking tea made with dirty crapped briefs. :briefs:


Here's one of his songs with some hand drawn porn:
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Does anyone remember Twiztid Ash? This video of hers went viral for a minute about 10 years ago:

She also did a promo for Million Dollar Extreme:

I remembered her recently and looked her up. Her original YT channel is still up, but she identifies as a "he" now and calls herself Seth. I followed her off and on because I was surprised and impressed to see that she got out of West Virginia and actually had been living in Chicago (where I also live) for about 5-6 years. I was interested in what she was up to now, how her life was going, and at first I kind of felt for her because it seemed like nothing was ever working out for her, but the longer I followed the more apparent it became to me that she is actually an extremely manipulative person who I believe actually self-sabotages a lot of the time in order to get sympathy and maintain the 'victim status' that seems to be so closely-tied to her sense of self. It started when there were things she would say that didn't add up to me, excuses about why she couldn't do X or why whatever bad situation she was in wasn't her fault in any way, but it was usually stuff I didn't have much experience with so I thought, well, maybe I'm wrong. Then she started making BS excuses involving stuff specific to Chicago/Illinois that I do know about, and I realized that it's probably always been the case.

Like for example, over the last year or so she's been struggling with secure housing and living out of her car after an eviction due to repeated problems making rent on time, and during this time she's put out YT videos with pleas for financial help, especially over the last 4-5 months. One of the claims she made in one of those videos is that she has to park in this one specific spot near a construction site that has portable toilets, because that's the only place she can go to the bathroom, because allegedly no business will let her use their public bathrooms because she's trans. She went on to claim that they are breaking the law because Illinois banned gendered restrooms starting on January 1st 2020. Right away I was thinking, okay, either that's not true or every supermarket, mall, restaurant, hospital, movie theatre, etc. that I've gone into in 2020 is non-compliant. Obviously it's the former, and it took me less than 5 minutes to Google and verify that. She's also claimed that a doctor told her she was totally disabled due to back pain, but that the reason she can't quality for a tugboat is that in the state of Illinois you have to be totally unable to walk, speak, or care for yourself to get any benefits. It goes without saying that this is absolutely not true, and in fact her long-time friend and former roommate collects disability despite being able to do all of those things. Other claims that she makes in her pleas for donations is that she can't get help at any homeless shelters because she identifies as a man and supposedly they tell her that because she identifies as a man she has male privilege so she can just go out and get a six-figure job, and she claims that you need a master's degree minimum to even get a job as a receptionist here (not true, not even close). So, just a number of bullshit things like that she says to try to get sympathy and manipulate people into giving her money.

The other day when I was looking at tweets from local news organizations, I saw a reply from her and checked out her Twitter, of which I was previously unaware. It's like non-stop "feel sorry for me!" attention-seeking posts, specifically regarding her friend/former roommate who I guess she has a big crush on but apparently he's not into fatties, and also I guess he's in jail right now for some reason. It's like post after post whining about him and how he'll never love her and she has to starve herself to get skinny so he will finally be with her, with links to her gofundme and complaining about people having more money than her in between.


Oh and she also believes she had a past life as a young black woman in Chicago.

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