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I'm new to KF and am not sure what I'm doing so sorry if I make mistakes at first I'm still learning. But I've been watching this guy for a while and think he might belong here.

William Clark (NekoFluttershy) a non-binary, cross dressing, brony, neko who makes videos constantly doxing himself and revealing other information like that he is a virgin, has a bondage fetish, thinks about sex a lot, and masterbates near daily. He is a hoarder, his room is absolutely filthy with trash everywhere and 3 disgusting microwaves surprised he hasn't been hospitalized honestly.

He sleeps on only a mattress in on the middle floor (in the middle of all the trash) because he wants to "live life like a cat". On his mattress he has ponies his favorite being a greasy looking Fluttershy that has some sort of brown stuff on her snout (he says it is just glue) which he has licked. He constantly roleplays and does an impression as Fluttershy, the two even have conversations going back and forth.

He worships yet is jealous Pewdiepie and other big name youtubers and doesn't understand why he isn't as big as them. In one video he admits to having a dream about meeting Pewdiepie and Markaplier at a convention and the two giving him a shoutout, in the dream he goes to a hotel and sees that he has surpassed them in subscribers. The next day he woke up depressed and admits this is his ultimate goal.

On the darker side of things in another video has said that he went to jail for stabbing a dog which he denies doing and said he was an innocent bystander. I don't know enough about this to say one way or the other.

Youtube Backup
Patreon (lol yes at 600 subs)
Dead Youtube
Other Dead Youtube
For whatever reason I can not edit my last post? Maybe I edited it to many times (sorry about that) as I found more stuff as this guy uploads usually 2 videos that are both around 30 minutes-1 hour (I believe he was laid off his last job possibly for going to jail for stabbing the dog)

I found out that he does live with his mom (Batkisses) who actually has a YouTube channel of her own, doesn't upload as much as he does but ironically has higher quality videos than his. She also appears to be a hoarder as well (not as bad) as there are tons of shoe boxes in her room, no trash though. He appears in a few of her videos (no doubt just to shut him up) and just makes mewing noises and stupid faces. She is probably also divorced or widowed as William has said that he dad abused him as a child and I don't believe there is a Stepdad in the pictures as they played cards games a in a few videos and only an Uncle (who doesn't appear to wanna be on camera lol) was to be seen.

Also I forgot to include the video he that made for very small children telling them that Santa doesn't exist, says that if they drink Coca-Cola they are drinking Santa's cum and explaining to them what sex is:

This video isn't the only video he made for or about kids. I really hope he doesn't have any pedophilic tendencies but this isn't help his case.

There is a hell of a lot more that I could add (if you're interested) but for now I think I will just leave you with this image:

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Anyone heard of Trae Anderson and Justin Ryan? Thinking of making thread on them but not sure if its warrented. They're a couple gay retards who've put out the most disgusting content ive seen on facebook throughout the years

Big Nasty

Does anyone remember the insanity that was BIKERFOX?

He was this middle-aged balding dude with glasses that was obsessed with mountainbikes and trying to act cool in front of kids. Gave off some pervert vibes. Somewhat internet famous prior to social media. Had a fairly extensive ED page.

Whatever happened to that guy? Jail?
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I present to you, KunYKA/A Pokemon Trainer From Ukraine.

Mr. KunYKA is a Ukrainian Nationalist who is making his own Fakemon set in, you guessed it, Ukraine. When he isn't working on his fakemon, he's getting butthurt on twitter whenever people make a joke at the expense of his nationality, have mild criticisms of the Ukrainian government, or hold a view that he would deem "anti-Ukrainian", resulting in an amusing caps lock rage.





His Deviantart for the most part is fairly generic, with the only noteworthy parts being signs of heavy activity and a fetish for animals in bondage.

Chaos Theorist

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Does anyone remember the insanity that was BIKERFOX?

He was this middle-aged balding dude with glasses that was obsessed with mountainbikes and trying to act cool in front of kids. Gave off some pervert vibes. Somewhat internet famous prior to social media. Had a fairly extensive ED page.

Whatever happened to that guy? Jail?


Cantaloupe Nuts

I started following a schizo a few months ago by the name of Craig Brogoitti/StoreWTF/V for Value/WeyBoom. He keeps a very strange spreadsheet of all comments he receives on youtube, so he can keep track of who is and isn't a troll as well as ramble and complain more. His videos are a range of motivational quotes, sovereign citizen nonsense, phone calls to the police and DMV, singing, and other adventures.

Youtube 1
Youtube 2
Youtube 3
Google site


Hello Kiwi
I saw one other post about him before on here but it was back in 2018, so I guess it'd be fine to post again. Link to original post that has more info and a thread that shat out pretty fast.

TL; DR, Garrett / ILoveEerie / MonHunAddict is a 25 year old autistic guy who lives with his mom and is self-dx schizoid in a 5-year long relationship with a Korean cartoon character that he's made into a tulpa.

He moved his board to endchan [x] and apparently has a tulpa of Kuromi from Sanrio (despite hating the Japanese) and King from The Owl House now. I wouldn't say he's a total cow really because as far as I know he just keeps this shit encased in his little corner of the internet; he does have a whole Google drive full of his writings and shit in case anyone cares enough to comb through that. He's just one of those people you check up on every now and then just to see what they've been up to.

Current YouTube channel
Old DeviantART [archive]
8chan board archive

Semiprofessional Sperg

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I already posed about this guy on a thread (.onion link, sorry) in the prospering grounds, about misc on bodybuilding.com, but since he is getting outside the scope of the thread there I figured I would post about him here since he is fresh off of the presses (joined their forum yesterday) and obscure.
The fellow in question goes by the username ISPXA, and is a self identified "Skullcel," who is pissed about his "narrow frame," and is shitting up misc in a fit of tard rage. At first I thought he was a gayop, but the amount of posts he has made has dissuaded me from the notion, however it still remains a distinct possibility. In all honesty he is a pretty average incel, but his posts are still fun to read.
What we know about him:
Arab, lives in US, redditor, has a small skull, probably has a small dick.
His posts on the forum (unsure if this link works):
Some posts from him:
How cope with teeny tiny head?
Stretched out verganas
Coping and Roping
Here are some of the best shit he has said in screenshot form
Angry at white people (and indians?):


Women respector:


Let me play a sad song for you on the world's smallest violin:

My favorite

This is probably all I am going to post about the guy since he only seems to frequent bodybulding.com forums and I can't find him anywhere else. He is pretty much an average Elliot Rodger larper, but he is my first find, and he is also still posting his shit currently, so he might be fun to watch.

Alot of this is crossposted from the Bodybuilding.com thread on prospering grounds, I just wanted to preserve this guys shit and share it with some of you while he is still active, and just in case the thread there goes super dormant or dies. If its improper to crosspost like that please tell me, since I am still getting the hang of actual content. I hope you get at least a little enjoyment out of this dude :drink:


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Govt. Shitposting Machine

thes cheetos aint shit sksksk
He is Russian, studing at
OCA Osaka Design & IT School Super-Game Design
as game designer. He started in april 2019
He has been working on that game since 2017.

Learned Japanese at

His name is Mikhail Vetcak. VK page https://vk.com/id373910569
And here he is: https://2ch.hk/gd/src/496780/16131417031560.jpg
Man I'm subscribed to his channel and I just noticed the new videos he just dumped the other day, checked his socials and was wondering why in the fuck he was typing in Russian all of a sudden.
He really is the happiest schizo I've ever seen. Bless his yay! heart.


Evil cislesbian rabbits, suck my she-wolf dick!
Elson Wong/Darkspeeds is a furry artist and a wannabe voice actor and while some of his art isn't bad, he's notorious for being unable to take criticism. Though he hasn't done anything lulzy recently except for his horrendous voice acting, he was involved with trying to have sexual relationships with under aged teenage girls twice when he was 17 via the telephone and was caught by their paents.

His voicework is awful and is a self-hating Chinese Australian weeb as well.

Pee Cola

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I don't know much about him now, I have seen him down at TAFE doing what I assume must be completing his year 12 SACE, most likely he failed high school because tism. I recognised him as he is an absolute unit and was loudly discussing Dragon Ball Broly, but he didn't recognize me
Looks like old mate is still at it, even though his release schedule over the past couple of years seems a bit sporadic.


His latest video is gold.



There is this guy who caught my attention last year who I've been keeping an eye on.







"Numerous times he has tried to pass off that his alt accounts are his "friends" to anyone foolish enough to believe him. It predates 2010 and started on MySpace where Michael made an account of every single robot master from the first season of the Ruby-Spears Megaman cartoon which included an account for Napalm Man who's only appearance was 2 seconds in the opening intro. Michael would use these accounts to talk to himself and pretend he had friends to anyone that added him on any of these accounts.

This carried on to Facebook in 2011 and still continues today on DeviantArt. Around 2011-2012, Michael believed he was so good at role playing and so cunning that no one would ever figure out he was operating multiple accounts, however due to his limited mental capabilities, he was never able to remember which account he was signed in on whenever he was on more than one which would result in him talking to himself and answering with the wrong account. When people pointed this out to him, he would delete the comment and answer with the correct account and tell everyone "I don't know what your talking about." as if no one saw what he just did. Had it been a one time occasion, he might have gotten away with it, but it turned out to be something happening on a daily basis. His inability to accept that his friends knew his multiple accounts led to his friends desire to be around him more and more as well as everyone beginning to screenshot everything he did as evidence which would haunt him tears down the road as he still continued to do so to the present day."



Some of his tweets yelling at people




This retard is one of his minions

The faggot in his suspended alt account sperging at this person




A thread someone made about him

From a wiki made about him.

Want to bring up this freak too who is friends with him. vegan dragon is also know as GA-Maleven who was mentioned here before







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Ayahuasca Vision

This meme has been floating around 4chan since 2017 and I didn't know there were online posts explaining the context and Jesus Fucking Christ LOL :story:

Meet Erin Rose Gerity Corwin:
And Tysjai Trevon Richardson:

I haven't followed these lolcows through the years, but I hope her husband eventually divorced her for that shit. It becoming a meme must have been even more humiliating for him.

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