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What would happen if a guitar shredding oddball with a psychedelic streak hooked up with a funk legend from the 70's?

I present to you the project band Praxis and the album Transmutation featuring Buckethead on guitar and Bootsy Collins on bass.

It's a mostly instrumental album that wanders all over the fuckin place from progressive guitar wankery for the 60 seconds that drops you into a weird stoner groove to some good jams with seriously deep funk grooves with little to no indexing or track changes.

If you're into this kind of thing, it's damn good. I'll drop you into the second track with this link, but the whole album is available here.



Doom metal, death metal female vocalist, funeral Doom, drone, dark ambient, Ambient, 90s soft rock; Based on mood.

As of now I'm can listen to Retro wave, synthwave, or even fashwave although there is not enough of it to be my main.

As to video games, ambient, or whatever blood-borne is. I also like atmospheric or mood based ambient.

What about other kiwis?

Syaoran Li

Oh what a night! Late December back in '63...
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Dungeon Synth is pretty good, not gonna lie.

I also like black metal and Italo Disco.
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