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I'm gonna start off with this metal demo tape I found. It was the one off side project of some people from Acid Bath, this sludge metal band. They wanted to create a brutal sound by having two bass players and no regular guitar player. It indeed sounds like some really bizarre blend of sludge, death, black, and industrial metal, with this psychedelic feel.

Unfortunately, the main guy from both Acid Bath and this got into a car crash and died, so it was released in a few copies on a demo tape and never rereleased. On discogs it doesn't even say anyone has sold it.



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If you're looking for experimental electronic shit, I got you. That HSXCXCXCXHS album just came out last month, it's pretty fresh, but it's definitely one my favorite albums of the year by far. Caterina Barbieri is like a modern Tangerine Dream, primarily works with modulars, also from this year. Operant is what happens when you get Death Industrial that's actually produced well.


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Got a few.
Lync - These Are Not Fall Colors (1994)
Good early 90's "emo" post-hardcore. Can get a little boring but when it shines it pumps me up like few other albums do.
Disembowelment - Transcendence into the Peripheral (1993)
Death/Doom album notable for mixing in ethereal guitar work (reminiscent of Cocteau Twins and derivatives), and being one of the few truly terrifying albums I've listened to. Essential metal listening.
Orangy - oran.gy (2013)
A unique slice of electronic pie from the late great MDE collaborator Orangy (R.I.P.). "Cinematic" would be the best word to describe this album.
A.R. Kane - 69 (1988 )
Neat mix of dub and shoegaze, before shoegaze was even a thing! A singles compilation for this band was released a few years ago, if you like this make sure to check that out too.
Robbie Basho - Twilight Peaks (1980)
{After a good 15 minutes I still couldn't write a good description for this album so I'm just going to leave the bandcamp link down below. Yes, Bandcamp, all of the youtube videos of this album are god-awful.}


I'm so glad that KF created this thread because I've got a buttload of obscure but fantastic albums I can recommend.

Lee Harvey Oswald Band - Blastronaut (The greatest 90's rock album that no one has ever heard of. And yes, that is the band's name)

Foil - Spread It All Around (Criminally overlooked late-90's rock gem)

Bis - This is Teen-C Power (Catchy cross of pop punk, riot girl and indie pop. Manda Rin's voice is an acquired taste, but I love it)

The Go! Team - Lightning, Thunder, Strike (A great album to play at parties)

Tales of Terror - Tales of Terror (Phenomenal piece of Californian punk rock - the West Coast equivalent to the Damned)

Cinderella - Still Climbing (Cinderella's successful stab at Southern rock and blues rock and an unfortunate casualty of the alt. rock revolution)

Talulah Gosh - Backwash
The Flatmates - Shimmer EP
(Impeccably beautiful twee pop)

The Bottle Rockets - The Brooklyn Side (Alternative country treasure)


Cardiacs - Sing to God (I can't believe I forgot this undisputed masterpiece. A wacky, disturbing and incredibly imaginative blend of prog rock, heavy metal, experimental pop and rock, noise rock, psychedelia and post-progressive, this two-disc odyssey is an absolute beauty that is packed full of ideas and great music. You have to have a very open mind to like this album so don't expect easily hummable songs a la the Beatles, Elton John or even Pink Floyd, but if you do, prepare yourself for arguably one of the greatest and most overlooked albums of all time)

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What would happen if a guitar shredding oddball with a psychedelic streak hooked up with a funk legend from the 70's?

I present to you the project band Praxis and the album Transmutation featuring Buckethead on guitar and Bootsy Collins on bass.

It's a mostly instrumental album that wanders all over the fuckin place from progressive guitar wankery for the 60 seconds that drops you into a weird stoner groove to some good jams with seriously deep funk grooves with little to no indexing or track changes.

If you're into this kind of thing, it's damn good. I'll drop you into the second track with this link, but the whole album is available here.

Personally I think everything buckethead is involved in is a good fit for this thread
Was Bill Laswell in Praxis cause I swear I remember them doing something together but all those bands blend together due to being ensembles.


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There's far too many great underrated artists and bands out there that don't get nearly the love and attention they deserve. It's time to disgrace keeping obscure artists in the shadows so only you and the small crowd of others can enjoy them and no one else. Besides, how else would you be able to see them go on tour so you can go to their concerts if they aren't popular? Even if they do get popular, just remember, you still liked it before it was cool.

Jokes aside, I have a pool of artists I adore, most of their videos on YouTube have an abysmally low view count and a heartbreaking subscriber count. I implore you to check them out, and I'll most certainly want to see and check out the music you guys post too. All genres of music welcome, yes, even country and rap if you're into that. We all aren't, but there's going to be someone out there who is.

I'll start with the smallest I know, Klischée, with just barely over 100 subscribers at the time of this post. This is a German-based band that does tours in Europe with a focus around electro-swing covers and original songs. They've done a few remixes of other songs by artists and is composed of roughly 7 members. There's not a ton of information out there about them, but they do sell merch, and from the images I can find their live shows are fantastic!

Next up is my favorite band hands down, Lyre Le Temps, a group of Frenchmen making American-based jazzy hits in both classic jazz, swing, big band, and electro-swing (there will be a growing trend). They release albums quite regularly and not only make incredible covers of classic songs, such as Boogie Wonderland and Power of Love and have breathtaking original songs and albums. If you think the band sounds familiar, it could be possible you've heard their songs Brokopoly or Lookin' Like This. Check out their old songs, their newest release, but good luck trying to find the full archive of their music outside of YouTube.

Another artist, who while a good number of his songs are quite well known and he has toured a bit, doesn't get the recognition he deserves for the improvements he's made to his music over the years and the new sounds he experimented with. Puppet is an EDM artist who used to produce music through Monstercat but has since quit the record label to take things in his direction. His songs are upbeat and uplifting while carrying some cynical undertones at times, but I can describe the feeling of listening to his music similar to flying.

To stray away from EDM for a moment, one of the small bands I hold a special place in my heart for their charming yet dark music is Amarante. They're an independent alternative-folk indie band based out of Los Angeles mainly comprised of a couple that produces their serine and eerie music. At first listening to their music sounds like a pleasant walk through the woods, with a smooth melody and a sweet composure. However, if you listen to the lyrics, you'll find that some of the songs are about loss, self-doubt, suicide, ritual sacrifice, and slowly being drowned in the turmoil of life. That's not to say they don't of course have happy songs as well!

Back to EDM, and last but sure as hell not least, something I was not expecting to find when I was searching YouTube late one night. They aren't the most obscure out of the list so far, but I still believe that they need more recognition out of everything they've produced. The SIDH is an Irish Celtic EDM band that uses traditional Celtic instruments alongside electronic flair. Bagpipes, tin flutes, and bodhran to accompany the bassline. Only a couple of their songs have over a few million views, and the rest go nearly untouched.

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Beru Revue has rocked the Mid-Atlantic region for decades. I picked a song that I think a bunch of people here may find like.

Tism the Return


Alabama-based instrumental surf rock band and a favorite of mine, Daikaiju takes their style after kaiju flicks and their whole theme revolves around monsters and old B-movie shit. They never speak and keep the masks on the entire time but their live shows are wild, they do shit like buying cheap instruments and setting them on fire or playing on the audience.

People also thought they were Man or Astro-man fucking around and for the longest time Daikaiju didn't confirm or deny the rumors just to mess with the audience, but they're different guys.

Their first album was pretty alright, not great but interesting ideas here and there like reggae surf rock in the final track. Second album comes and they change almost the entire line-up with only one of the guitarists staying after some sort of fight on whether they should sound more punk or more melodic. The second album has way better compositions with a bit of a prog rock angle so you can guess who took the mantle of Daikaiju. Song in the video is one of their post second album singles.
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Dark instrumental music. Good to have in the background.

This video is fucking cringe but it's the best I could find. Interesting French EDM band. Lots of female operatic vocals and electronic beats. Most of their songs are about BDSM. They also have interesting album covers.


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I like The Tax Evaders. Pretty good band you probably never heard of them.