Official Compulsory Goon Registry - "...the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Goon"

Answer to the Goonish Question?

  • Concentration Camps

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  • Gas Chambers

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John Furrman

Became chaos
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This is the official Goon Registry of the Kiwi Farms. Mercy will be shown to all goons are to voluntarily identify themselves as goons. Outing known goons is a service to your forum. :semperfidelis:

This post will be updated as Goons expose themselves or are shamefully exposed.

I'll go first:

"the worst" ~ Dynastia
@John Furrman

Sussed out scum:
@Ebonic Tutor

Self-identified Goons (no bully):
@Strong Tranni Role Model
@Normal F.Play 2.4
@Talcum X

Identified by Adoptive Kiwi Kulture Kultivator:
@TrapOrDie Handler: Tranhuviya
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I think the goon star needs to be a mandatory avatar so that we can keep an eyes on their posting activities, for the good of Reich, I mean Farm. A ghetto may need to be established depending on population growth.

Cuck Norris

dude weed lmao
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Not only is Furrman a goon and a furry, he stole ideas from two threads and combined them into one. MODS END THIS MEME THIEVERY THIS SHIT IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL!