Official Election 2020 Doomsday Thread -

Who wins on November 3rd? (Zeitgeist, not who you're voting for)

  • Expecting a Trump win.

    Votes: 978 45.7%
  • Expecting a Biden win.

    Votes: 277 12.9%
  • Expecting no clear winner on November 3rd.

    Votes: 885 41.4%

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Gonna copy and paste something I posted in the deep thoughts thread because it's relevant: Trump seems to have a far more ideologically broader appeal. Minus libertarian voters that fell for an obvious siren song, he polls very strongly in culturally (actual culture) diverse areas, compared to Biden who has caused many hard leftists to not vote, and a minority to even vote Trump out of spite. And the rest of Biden voters fall into the vague urbanite soup that's only distinguished by physical skin color. They can't give you any more detailed answer than "muh oppression", whereas one Trump supporter to another in different areas will vary wildly on any question you ask them. So I see a win even if he doesn't get the popular vote


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Hoping Trump wins, mainly because if Biden wins I think that would spell future Dem victories in the House and Senate. With Biden campaigning on being the most anti-gun president so far, I believe with a Dem House and Senate we could see really bad gun control get pushed. I really want to get out of this lockdown and Corona fear mongering shit and thats all Biden knows how to do.

Also, I really do not want a President who, as of right now, is "allegedly" connected to Chinese business and the Chinese government through his cracked out waste of life son.

However, no matter who wins, the US of A is going to have some rough unpredictable years to look forward too.
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I expect a similar situation to 2016. Every media poll screams "Biden," but Trump isn't courting the media, and never does well in their polls.

Instead he has a team of experts, pulled from their individual fields where they ran successful businesses. These people are stratigests, and are working to bring in the vote from demographics that don't normally vote for the Right. This includes union workers, and many minorities that hold right-leaning beliefs, but vote Blue just because they're expected to.

Trump's supporters are celebratory, and are enthusiastically voting for him. Biden's support comes not from people who actually like him, but from people who believe the media or have Trump Derrangement Syndrome. The Dems are also heavily relying on demographics that don't traditionally vote in force, like blacks and youth.

So Trump will likely win a strategic victory. But, in the last 4 years the Dems have managed to ruin several of their own states, causing mass exoduses of people from blue to red states. These people continue to vote Democrat for some reason. Only time will tell if Trump's strategic effort will be enough to overcome the sheer bludgeoning force of the numbers the Democrats are able to summon from high population blue states.

TLDR: Trump is a surgeon with a scalpel, Democrats are a retard with a club. Intelligent strategy usually wins, but sometimes the club makes contact.
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