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>Confirmed the attack

Your source is literally "Dude, trust me"
Sorry here you go :story: :gunt::popcorn:


Start at 12
A belligerent Democrat plowed through a crowd of Trump supporters rallying in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on Saturday — injuring at least one person.
Proud Boys administered first aid to the injured until EMTs arrived.

A witness at the scene who first contacted Gateway Pundit about the incident wrote that “I was at the Wauwatosa protest today and a man was purposely hit by a car while standing next to me. Proud Boys promptly administered first aid until an ambulance arrived.” He added that the “Proud Boys did an excellent job of keeping the peace.”

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TRENDING: AWFUL. Tucker Carlson Doubles Down, Hits Sidney Powell and Says No Evidence of Switching Votes -- HERE ARE 11 TIMES THEY GOT CAUGHT SWITCHING VOTES (Video)

Gateway Pundit reached out to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, who confirmed that there was an incident with a driver at the rally.

The President of the Wauwatosa Proud Boys told the Gateway Pundit that “somebody was hit by a car on purpose. He tried to hit more people than just the one he did.”

Another witness said that “he was basically telling us to ‘go f-ck ourselves’ and trashing Trump. We initially saw him on the other side of the street, he was talking to people over there — probably saying the same things. He was impeding traffic over there, so he pulled up, did a U-turn so he was going East on North Avenue, and turned South on to the road where we were.”

“He was in the turn lane saying all the same stuff, and finally a bunch of people came up to his car. He took off into the crowd, he overturned into the crowd, and sped down Mayfair Road.”

The witness said there was an older gentleman that he helped off the ground. He and one other person that the witness saw refused medical attention because they felt okay. There was another man who was reportedly more severely injured.

The Proud Boys are working on uploading GoPro footage and will be sending it to Gateway Pundit. We will update this article when it is made available.

An anti-Trump protester was also caught on camera assaulting a member of the Proud Boys. They were promptly arrested.

It is currently unclear if the driver of the vehicle that plowed through the rally has been apprehended.

“ProudBoys are far from perfect but one thing you can always expect from us is that we will always do what we feel is right. Extremely Proud of our Wisconsin chapter. They are the reason America is great,” Tarrio told TGP.

UPDATE: Drone footage captured the moment the car rammed into the crowd

Gorillad Cheese

The likelihood of the Trump campaign delaying the certification of the vote in even a single state is extremely low, so low as to not be worth considering. The Trump campaign's lawsuits are not filed with the intention to win on the merits in any event (or even to survive a motion to dismiss, for that matter). The strategy mainly seems to throw everything at the wall and jam as much shit as possible into the filings to confuse and overwhelm the public. Courts don't give a shit about an unsworn affidavit by a guy in Texas who claims that Dominion raped and murdered his wife, but if you slap it in your filings and show it off to your base, people who don't know any better might think you're on to something. Rudy and Powell get up and have their press conference talking about things they never alleged in court or in their pleadings to drum up media attention and fleece more money out Trump's base. Everyone walks away with a nice little Christmas bonus.

The only case I can think of that has a chance to meaningful impact the vote total (although not the outcome of the election) is Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar, which isn't a Trump campaign case and existed before the election began.
Apparently the GOP observers in Wisconsin are challenging every single ballot, slowing the recount process to a crawl. I do wonder if they could delay the certification in Wisconsin by doing this.


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You open with the presumption that there is no evidence presented that will suggest fraud. So I take your argument as a complete non-starter. Even random analysts from the public have made suggestions that things might not be above board. Electoral Trends, Bellwether States and Counties, the bizarre freeze at 4am. You open that there is literally no evidence, Biden was simply more popular than Hillary and Obama, despite barely campaigning and calling a lid, often before 12pm. Despite Trumps record crowds during his rallies. It was all fake, Trump must've paid them all, it was all a well crafted conspiracy?

Trump just paid thousands to come out so the mainstream media could minimize and often not even bother highlighting his rallies, yeah that's it. It's simply too complicated, couldn't he have better spent that money bribing people if that was the case? Bribing election officials? Instead of rallies the MSM won't cover?
As someone who has tried, you're wasting your time. He has terminal TDS, and would never admit fraud happened if it was done in front of him.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

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As someone who has tried, you're wasting your time. He has terminal TDS, and would never admit fraud happened if it was done in front of him.
I am still waiting for this fraud. Trump's own lawyers, when under oath, said there's no evidence of fraud. So if you got this evidence, I am sure that Rudy would like to see it by now. You Trumpers seem to not understand how the government works, though. It's not going to happen. Unless you'd like to make a wager?

Certification has not happened. There is no result yet.

They just demand full audits and the audits reveal enough bs to flip things.
It's happened in a lot of states and the others will certify on Monday. It's not going to happen. Unless you'd like to make a wager?

Voting tests were a thing in the 1960's. These were mostly given to black voters. Here's an example of one from Louisiana.
View attachment 1742165
View attachment 1742170
Have fun passing this.
It took me 10 seconds, at most, to complete each question.
You'd fail at the first question and the last two. It's blatantly impossible for a few of them.
Are you retarded or something? "Draw a line around the number or letter of this sentence" means "draw a line around the number, 1, directly preceding the word draw." The penultimate question can be solved by drawing a cross (looks like a "t") above the first s in cross, drawing a line under the space between "place" and "a" and then drawing a circle around the word "the" that appears before the word "second" (the second "the" in that line.) The final one would look this like;


If the courts overturn the results (that is, Trump is declared the winner), I will make a post of your choosing. If Biden is the winner still, then you make a post of my choosing.

None of that dumb ban or doxing stuff. Just something fun

You still have to larp as 80s Hogan for trump's 100 days and I have to larp as a doomer under the gimmick "Copium Flavored Haribo" for biden's 100 days.

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