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Kiwi Farms now hosts a federated micro-blogging service compatible with all major protocols (GNU Social, Mastodon, ActivityPub and OStatus):

Your username must be alphanumic, no spaces or special characters. You will get a broken error message otherwise.

This is your deplatforming-resistant twitter alternative. Federation allows you to follow/interact with people across independent servers, so you're not limited to just the people on the Kiwi Farms instance.

A list of clients:
Android Recommendation: Fedilab
iOS Recommendation: ??? (let me know)


Tusky is a fine client, it has less features than Fedilab but it runs smoother on my phone. It's a trade-off. Unfortunately Tusky has been extremely proud of the fact they've hard coded in a block for the domain name. They also seem to be open to adding further domains to that list. This means if you choose to use Tusky you have to consider the primary developers a hostile threat to your access, and potentially your personal security.
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