Official Kiwi Farms Riot/Matrix Server - pt 8: lol nm


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Synapse is bad software. I've struggled with the fact that running it is unsustainable. The code does not scale in performance. The database will bloat infinitely and the pruning tools available are insufficient. I could rant endlessly about all the various problems with both Synapse and Riot. Simply put the people at New Vector are legitimately bad developers and it's shocking how much money they've been able to grift despite this. I'm not saying this lightly, I'm not being hyperbolic. It's bad, it's all bad.

The DB must be nuked. There's a problem with this. The devs at New Vector never expected anyone to ever want to reset their server, or lose a DB. This may cause actual federation issues with the domain, who knows, the developers don't (seriously). I don't know when this is going to be happening, because I've been putting it off for months already. It will happen though.

If you're worried about getting your username poached, make sure you're identifiable on either the forums or the fediverse so I can resolve any disputes if they happen.


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Why the fuck were we de-federated? We didn't even do anything. I want to go apefuck.

@CrunkLord420 You might be glad to read this. Whilst Dendrite was always supposed to replace Synapse and be horizontally scalable, it seems the devs have bent to the pressure in the meantime, allowing Synapse to be divided into workers.

The issue with DB resetting still remains though. I was disappointed, as my database was corrupted in the early days of my Synapse homeserver, and I lost three months of messages (including DMs). I received little to no help from the devs, but thankfully managed to avoid a reset (for fear of fed issues like you said), after hours of tinkering with the DB.

Yeah, understandable. What the hell is "Element" even supposed to represent? It's literally worse than any of the nu silicon valley companies adopting simple logos.
What about "Element" or it's icon tells me it's an IM client? If anyone can make draw your companies logo in MS Paint, with <3 colours, that's bad