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Sorry, no tracking numbers.
Found the server's first emerald
Yes, I am this autistic
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Joe Swanson

Hey Peter
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the fuck is the minecraft ID and how does mojang reveal personal information from it? people
if my account was made after 2016-17 am I safe?
it's not that the ID dox you, rather your past usernames might if your past minecraft username had some reference to a personal account that could be tied back to your person

Mister Loser

Contains chemicals known to cause cancer.
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Is there anyway to reset a position after getting stuck? I lagged and got stuck in somewhere unloaded I think.


null with da mask????
For the resident Minecraft autists here, the server is stuck in "encrypting" for me. Tried rebooting my machine and the internet router, nothing worked. Any tips?

Dread First

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I haven't touched Minecraft since Mineshafter got abandoned. Where was this back in 2013/2014?