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The Saltening

Pass the FUCKING salt
might join for MC GF

wait. how would my account compromise me? can you grab my email or something from a username? pls explain?

The Saltening

Pass the FUCKING salt
If your current or a past username can lead to your real identity.
ohhhhhh. yeah i might need to buy a new account. i changed all my accounts from that old name but there is still residual evidence soooooo..... can i play with a pirated copy so i dont need to spend 27 big ones again?


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>This is an Anarchy server.
>The only rules are: don't be annoying, don't cheat.

it's like you're trying to be 2b2t except you're gay. imagine 2b2t, but every time you log in, hausemaster is sucking a gigantic cock in front of you. and you have to sit there and watch it. you have to watch him lick this gigantic black dick for like an hour as you're in horrible agony and you just wish that instead you were dropped into a fucking shithole where cheaters with modded clients were fucking you up the ass with weapons that technically don't even exist for 7 hours in spawn while you can't escape the assfucking. that's how bad it is to watch hausemaster suck dick, and hence, that's how bad it is to watch an "anarchy" server with rules.

PS I suck dicks


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That was mostly due to them doing a major rewrite of the games coding. At that point, they're just fixing it up through the updates to make it run better. I've noticed some positive results from it here and there.

For those curious of what songs this pack is replacing:

Here are the ambient tracks:

And here's the disc music:
Chrysopoeia is pretty good ngl. It doesn't really fit in with Minecraft's soundtrack though.


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I'm not a "gamer" anymore, but can someone please make Amberlynn and her Kentucky shack + the iconic tree in front of it?

New Fupaland was one of the first things built.


Is dumb and lost Polyboros password

I don't expected it to be around tomorrow but I'm logging out with anything of minor worth, ready to move on anyways.