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If ALRs fingers finally rot off from the beetus, do you think Becky will replace the feeling of having ice cold fingers penetrating her by using ice cubes instead?
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What does Amber smell like?
Right now: sweat, scented candles, perfumes (plural) and blood.
Festering hotdog water
Rotten potatoes. Which smell like feces.
The faraway smell, Bath and Body Works, not any scent in particular, just the whole damn store. From a foot or two away, sourdough bread with a twinge of feet, sour tard cum, and swamp ass, and when Becky leans in for a kiss she catches a whiff of poo, infected belly button, and tonsil stones.
Quite unpleasant.

She most likely smells like a mix of troll snot, ogre tears, deathbloom lillies, pixie dust, necromanyic ichor, stale grease, and enough perfume to drown am elf.

There are most likely thin dead corpses that smell better than Amber.

Francis Dollarhyde

And the woman, clothed in the sun.
What does Amber smell like?
Lymph fluid, blood, perhaps pus, sweat, greasy hair, unwashed feet and hair, fungal infection inbetween the folds, deodorant of varying kinds, a few perfumes, scented candles, pizza, Chinese food, farts obviously, unwiped shit, piss and urine burns are in there somewhere I'd say, etc.

In short, like a fresh corpse in the morgue.

Honestly when you go over the Hamber history, even her greatest claims of sex with a pet sped amount to 'clit stuff' right?

She's never really had sex, she has no sexuality. <She's only a lesbian because she can't even catfish a slow in the minds guy>. I think that's really all it is. If she had a sugar daddy feeder, she'd be straight>. She is really stuck in like early teens giggling about guys and just discovering masturbation mentally.

Coupled with the fact she's probably incapable of arousal except chemical stimulation from food...and then it's not really arousal, just a dopamine rush. I don't even think Chantal, despite all her discussions of sex etc, is remotely active because her body is fucked up and not making the hormones.
Lezbereal, it's a known fact that obesity lowers the sex drive. Couple that with her obvious hormonal issues (not having period, but maybe once a year) and that screams no sex drive. She is physically incapable of showering or even wiping herself properly and I refuse to believe otherwise. Being that physically limited the prospect of sex, particularly lesbian sex is just not a logical possibility unless the butler just does some clit stuff when she's cleaning the folds. Even in the Dusty era she had Dusty tend to her toenails. That was almost 200 elbees ago. We know they had sex *sigh* , but I can't see she and the Beckster having any kind of physical relationship. Even their body language says they aren't close in that way. Most couples, even those that shy away from PDA will lean into each other or share a look, like deep eye contact or something the tells you they're together, that they're a couple. These "ladies" have no chemistry and look perpetually uncomfortable.


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Any hole is a goal. (While playing mini golf Amber asked Rickie if that's a lesbian thing, he told her it was and she believed him, so she'd be down.)
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