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Amber posted a snap of a video last night that she said explained her and Thumb’s relationship perfectly. The video was a woman describing about how her and her SO are best friends and that relationships don’t always have to include sex. I’m thoroughly convinced that she has 0 attraction to Becky at this point and she is solely just using her as “the help.”

I mean, she ate Destiny’s ass. I doubt she would even stick one of them beetus fingers 1 brown knuckle deep into Thumby.

I’ll take the Islamic ratings, enjoy that visual.
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The realities of being gross and obese:

I'm sorry

Their buttholes must be almost prolapsed with bunches of hemorrhoids hanging down from all the constipated shit they push out. Plus the skin must be all nasty from sweat/fungal infections, boils and MSRA infected ingrown hairs. Even if you don't shave/wax you can still get ingrown hairs if you don't exfoliate enough.
Why does the third one look like she's had iodine spread on her?
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From that recent swimming episode
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Who do you think would win a wet t-shirt contest between Dana, Hannah, Amber and Rafe?

oh my god. i've been following the Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv story so closely that I've neglected the ALR board. Come here to find this photo and I thought it was ALR herself at first. Jesus fucking Christ Becky wtf has happened to you.

And if this is how big Becky's gotten....oh no....ALR broke 600 lb didn't she?

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I just read about 5 pages of this thread and must weigh in- I think it is right that orange chicken is poured down Amber's cavernous rectum. Then maybe shat back into a bowl, covered with white rice and eaten off Becky's fupa gunt.

Well, at least it's an honest weigh-in. We'll never get that from Amber.

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Amber is “fat” with a hard “r”


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Now that Hamber is leaving YouTube, she won't have any money and will be forced to survive on Necky's cunt juices. So a question arises: what's the nutritional value and kcal count of Becky's twat moisture? Any ideas?


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It’s a screenshot of her stepping on the scale from an old video. The original was darker so I lightened it up. @xenomorph or @hotcheetospuffs probably have links if it hasn’t been deleted.
Ah I see, my mind cant wrap itself around the reality of her amorphous blob of a body so it struggles to fill in certain details like angles.