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Destiny is bae, don’t tell Becky
True & Honest Fan
Al should have a three way with Dusty and Becky. Becky would be the cuckhold though. Just imagine all the sweaty fupas and the smell coming from everyone. Maybe Becky and Dusty will take turns giving Al rim jobs and using a butt wiper as a dildo. The sex will finish once everyone eats Cheesecake Factory food off of each other.

Peetz's Bank Account

"i just want to eat and talk about farts"
Her shoulders are enough to have someone sit on her face but fat fuck dont want the snatch.
She's not really a lesbian. Women are just easier to manipulate into Butler status. That's why every female she's ever dated had hidden benefits and looks like an exceptional 13 year old boy. It's also why she loves to talk about how guys hit on her all the time. If she were truly dainty like she thinks she is she would be gobbling dick like no tomorrow.


Andy Ngo's #1 fan
I think Hamber might be a true and honest lesbian, but she's so emotionally immature that sex doesn't even register to her as an interest. Kinda like ADF or Chris-chan, they pretend to be into sex when they can be bothered because they know it's something adults like but really they only really care about Lego or mall weapons. (or orange chickun, in Hamber's case)

Piggy Pot Pie

ham hoof hotdish
She probably is hoping Dana will wear a hand-me-down Torrid dress during sex so Destiny can smell her on the dress and maybe reminisce wistfully. If there was a long, partially bleached dark hair stuck to the back of the dress that would be even better, it adds to the fantasy. Wonder if she doused that wrinkled dress heap with BBW body spray before strategically re-homing her fashuns. Giving Dana those dresses was an absolute creeper power move and I salute her.

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