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beanbag in a hurry

good lord!
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If anyone would like to see how that works just check out Hungry Fat Chicks porn hub. Amber really is dainty compared to that shit.


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I thought I saw the worst when you got me with the absolutely haram pornhub video of the fat chick who ate herself into two sets of boobs. Yes, this one also has the warning, but I thought "how bad could it be"... OMG it's like Botticelli got high af and couldn't decide whether he wanted to paint cherubs, elephants or porn, and decided: fuck it, I'll paint it all.

Becky's Missing Neck
I've been wondering this since Amber revealed she's been bleeding heavily for like two years...

... what did she do when it came to scooters in stores? She obviously couldn't lay a towel down on the seat as she cruised around touching everything. So I'm going to assume she's moistened more than one scooter in her day.


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Her lymphaedemic/lipedemic laygggs are proof enough that her lymph nodes have been fucked up since she was born. Plus her constant UTIs, she's probably sporting one constantly and infections swell up lymph nodes. IDK if she specified which area of lymph nodes are affected as I can't watch her mug, but if they're in her crotch it's probably her layg leaking issue or UTI related.

Cross posting this here. I read this and got the most horrifying mental image. This 500 pound woman with crotch cancer, who’s vagina is belching out globs of menstrunal gore...with constant UTI’s due to being uncleanly...not washing her hair for two months, sitting and sweating in the hot Kentucky heat....with just those THIN leggings between the outside world and her nether regions. Someone give me brain bleach.:'(

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If Ambur is getting her innards hacked, I wonder if she could make a request to save her hymen pickled in a jar? I know it's not Amber's style but it would make a great gift for Becky, she could do some fun arts and crafts with it. A bedazzled hymen would look cool next to the shrine of the dead.
pickled??? why not in formaldehyde?

Billie Ross

I cannot understand why she freebleeds. Is it because she can't reach down there to change a pad, or pad changing is just too taxing as giving the scary amount of uterine lining/huge clots expelled, she'd be changing pads every hour, minimum? Even so, how is sitting around in soaked leggings any better? She must throw a pair away twice a day looking at that mess.
She does not own underwear.... as we all could see in the picture of her leggings down in the hospital's floor, there was no undies in sight.
Fats her size use dogs pads in the top of bed to hold excrements, bitch is so stupid that she use towels, we always knew Hambo is a commando gorl....
She free bleeds.... free discharges... free leaks pee... and free skid marks everywhere as she does NOT wipe (if dogs don't need it why would she?).
Her dainty arsehole is self cleaning....

finding her clit would involve holding up her massive fat apron by yourself and then parting the red sea. i think you'd get knighted by the king after that.

all of this to say: still fat. still would not do clit stuff with her.
Maybe the fags (they're so BFFs) hold Hambo's FUPA while the thumb search for the lost clit, not sure how is possible to spread the massive trunks apart tho.
I'm still intrigued and amused by how the doctors managed to find her period hole entrance.... (illustrations are welcome).

Huh. I guess this wasn't true after all.
Fatties are build in strange ways, Hambo's butt and laygs are more chunkier than FHC, I wish to believe in the broom story because is too awesome, imagine your poor mom in that situation... does arouse her? does she helps directing the willy as well (like they do with animals)? does she holds to not slip out?
So many questions...
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