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Pitere pit

Has man gone insane?
Fatties-mcfat-bodies are a unexplored territory to me. I wonder if big Al and Necky coochies smell that bad as Al's ex girlfriend told in a stream.
Also, they can't have the enough stamina to , we heared Amber struggling to breath when cooking her slop soups and that was before cancer. I'm pretty sure they were in a asexual relationship after Al ballooned up when she broke up with Destiny.
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One of the underappreciated funnies about Amberlynn is how self conscious she is about her odor. She knows she reeks. That’s why she begged Casey to reassure her she didn’t have stank puss, why she bath and body bombs the fuck out of her surroundings, why she gets so shelf hurt when she’s teased about it on Twitter. It must be pretty rank for even narclynn to realize she doesn’t smell like sunshine and daisies.

Thumb Butler

— You're fired!
Do animal dicks count? Becky is a redneck imbecile after all. I wouldn't be surprised if she did let some farm animal fill her rancid cunt with beast jizz at one point in her life.

🎉 Congratulation, you just won the nastiest nasty post award. There is no cake left however, Amber ate it all. 🎉


becky has a better personality and is funny especially with the dancing with the you tubers so definitely that makes her more tolerable then amber

Anti Pickle Serum

I have cancer, so I'm not a cunt anymore!
I wonder what sex between Amber and the rotting old woman in Room 237 of The Shining would look like. Given Amber's own hygiene and choice of girlfriend, she'd definitely go down on the woman's putrifying vadge (she's seen and smelled worse). If Amber mounted her, though, the old woman's sloughing skin would probably rupture, forming into a puddle of green pus.

Now I'm craving guacamole....

Borbie Dahl

Among Which!
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Hammy gracing us with a rètarded Pebbles Flintstone realness!
How big is that Bush right now ya think? I’m guessing, the Beckster is not skilled enough to infiltrate that jungle. She may get some licks on the outside. The perimeter, but no tongue is breaking the tree line & penetrating that sweet sweet honey hole..I bet she makes food noises.