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We're running our own SS13 server now. It's in the EU and is a fork of /tg/.

Brand new?
Join as an assistant. When you're in the shuttle, find the unbuckle icon and get out of your chair. Exit the shuttle into the station and locate a cigarette vending machine. Buy a lighter and a pack of smokes. Put a cigarette in your mouth and light it with the lighter. Once you're smoking and see a smoke animation on your character, you now know enough about the game mechanics to do things. Locate the nearest toolbox and then figure out how to break open airlocks.

Looking for a map?
We run a custom version of Delta. See:

0. Don't be a fag. This is a video game played for entertainment. If for any reason you are a generally joyless, insufferable nuisance, you will be banned for the sake of all other, better players.
1. No sex or sexual harassment. This obviously includes ERP, but (for instance) saying something like "you're going to get raped" to someone you've handcuffed is also completely unacceptable and makes people uncomfortable.
2. Do not spam. This includes chat (living, dead, ooc) and anything with global sounds including AI VOX. If the AI saying "black space man cum inside captain" is funny once, it is not funny the 10th time.
3. Do not self-antag. Antagonists can do whatever they want. If you are not an antagonist, you should not antagonize. It is much easier for admins to deal with complaints of antag behavior if you do not escalate the violence yourself.
4. Command staff is held to higher standards. Admins may, at their own discretion, choose to ban any player from command staff roles (individually or collectively) if you are a shitter.
5. Do not metacomm. Using information obtained by other players, other clients, or as a ghost to gain an unfair advantage ruins the game. It is not possible to remove information from your brain, but I do ask you act maturely and do not unfairly abuse metagaming opportunities.
6. Stay mostly in-character.. Our server is MRP but it's more Medium Rare. All I ask is you do not break the 4th wall by talking about the game - unless it's necessary or the most expeditious way to explain something - and stay mostly IC.

Ban Appeals:, include all details and your ckey.

Divergence from /tg/

1. Stasis beds benefit from manipulator upgrades (increased operation speed, more than double at T4).
2. Step times for sawing (skull / chest) and organ manipulation is reduced dramatically.
3. Virus protection provided by masks is greatly improved, and the bio suit is absolute protection now.
4. CPR can spread viruses (even those spread only by blood, if either has an injured head). To provide CPR without risking contamination (or without a pair of working lungs), use the new "air valve bag" tool.
5. Strange Reagent will dehusk bodies and revive them regardless of their damage.

1. Mail has been added. Mail arrives on the shuttle when it departs from CentCom and generates over time. Mail can only be opened by the recipient and has goodies depending on the job.

1. Airlocks do not have different wires per department.

1. Research works differently, as described in A Modest R&D Reform. Our research uses a queue based on the efficiency and count of research servers available. The queue stays busy to provide tech even without an RD helping.

1. There are five new jobs that represent security officers for different departments instead. They have somewhat different uniforms and broad department access. This is the first step to broader security reform I have planned.

1. Renault, the Captain's fox, has been replaced by Slobbermutt. Slobbermutt will attack non-mindshielded, non-command (mind-based) carbons who possess the Nuclear Authentication Disk, as well as anyone in the Captain's room who meets that description. He is very strong, don't fuck around with him.
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When I found the source code in the Kiwi Git, I always intended to ask what you were up to with that there, Null, kind of hopeful for a project like this. SS13 is legit one of my favorite games and has been since like 2012, I'm all about that spess man life-style.

Welp, time to relearn chemistry and Cuban Pete the station a few dozen times until you learn to like it.

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Cringe nerd game, play a real game like Custers Revenge
Beta soyboy game. Play a chad's game like Bubsy 3D.

On topic, I vote yea. I've been meaning to get into SS13, but the management of other servers just put me off (it's either ran by a tranny or someone who got bullied in high school). I might give Kiwistation a try.


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Just be warned a lot of people are complaining about lag. It's entirely possible my stack and networking is just abysmal. I don't think it's any worse than lag I get when I play in the US. If I get something dedicated for this I'll probably host out of the Netherlands.
SS13, as wonderful as a game it is, runs like a gallon of piss swill drip feeding through an IV that's being pinched closed. I have no idea how the official TG servers do it, but everywhere else always has like, a 2-3 second lag per input minimum, especially if you don't have atmos physics tuned juuuust right.

I'm at work currently, but this'll be the first thing I get into when I clock out for the day.