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They climbed aboard their silver ghost
This is how Canada can survive into the future as a strong state

Managing Nations
Canada will always be threatened by economic problems, the country will come apart over petty conflict and something needs to be done. First of all, normal democracy cannot be applied to a country made up of nations. In Canada there are five distinct nations each with their own interests, that being the Maritimes, Quebec-Ontario, the North, the prairies and the west coast. Each of these nations needs to have their economic interests represented in a fair way. Canada needs some sort of economic council where appointed officials from all nations discuss, legislate and compromise on their issues with legal, and if necessary, military force. Parliament has already proven to be useless so this thing is necessary.

Trade Reform
Canadian trade needs to flow from west to east into Europe avoiding all interactions with the US. B.C. is more connected with Asia so it would be ideal to make it an entreport for Asian trade. The reason trade must be avoided with The Terrible Democracy is simple; the homogenizing ideology of liberalism has its heart in D.C., and people in that cesspool will try all they can to destroy everything that isn't liberal and isn't democratic. Their biggest tool in subverting countries is trade, so trade must be stopped.

Protectionism and Population
Immigration must be stopped, but for the protectionist road ahead Canada needs a bigger population so some form of international work must come to Canada. Temporary workers aren't bad if you're a protectionist country. Imperial Germany took in about 2 million temporary workers so their farms could keep producing food, and that was over 100 years ago. Western citizens have been screwed over by temporary workers because we live under free trade. Canada can take in lots of foreign workers and send them back to their countries like used tissues in order to maintain a protectionist society free of liberal subversion.

Defence Of The Nation
Canada needs to move its population north for both defensive and economic purposes. Incentives for people to move usually don't work, and I struggle to find an example of it working, so the north must be settled by force whether it be through deportations to small towns or stalinist gulags. This should make Canada entirely defensible like America and keep Canada out of foreign affairs if America collapses and we're left with our own devices. Guns should be made available to all citizens to really dissuade any potential conqueror, and with a protectionist policy we should also be immune to foreign economic pressure.

Making Canada Smaller
Interprovincial transportation MUST be improved. It should be possible to travel from Gaspé to Victoria without paying a dollar. This should come in the form of a highspeed rail network, more and better airports with more daily and cheap flights, and more canals. Canals are particularly important for the prairies, though I doubt it would be possible to build them so far in-land.

Language Issues
A third language should be implemented not only to maintain peace with Quebec but also to distance ourselves from America. The language should be uncontroversial, something like Luxembourgish or even a dead language. Alternatively, it's possible to make everyone speak French by influencing children from an early age with more French entertainment and even forcing videogames to be in French. Through this system it should be possible for all Canada to speak French and do away with English entirely.

Control Our Waters
Finally, Canada needs a bigger navy. The military shouldn't be too important (unless Canada becomes an empire and preys on America while they are weakened, but that is so far in fantasy land that I will never talk about it) because under this plan all citizens should have guns already; our partisans will be formidable. The navy is not for protecting against invasion, but for maintaining our sovereignty in the northwest passage. The eyes of the world are already focused on that route because it immensely lowers shipping costs, bypassing the Panama canal or the long route across the Indian ocean. Once global warming melts the sea ice for good it is imperative to maintain control over that passage. Alternatively it's possible to have state-sponsored privateers raiding ships that go near that place, but that would make every nation condemn us to diplomatic hell. Another good use for the navy is to control our sea resources.

Why does Canada need to survive? Humanity can just pool all their resources together and create luxury-space-gay-communism. The reason it is morally wrong to let Canada be annexed by America is that it brings the world one step closer to a global tyranny. If you want the world to be run by the pedophile elite then let Canada be annexed, next it will be Greenland, then Mexico, then the Pacific islands then the world. However it is not morally wrong to let Canada be annexed by an empire. I won't express my reasoning for that because this post is already long enough, but I have dropped my belief that America is an "empire," it is something more sinister and poses an existential threat to humanity.

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