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In the Air of the Night

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Dec 28, 2017

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Ryan "Ohmwrecker" Lord, is a YouTube Let's Player and "former" member of the VanossGaming/H2O Delirious' Youtube Friend Group. Famous for their Grand Theft Auto Online and Garry's Mod content not much was known about him except for mediocre LP's and acting like a prissy drama queen behind the camera. So why have an interest in a YouTube Doof that cheats, burns bridges with friends, and riling up his fans for PA attempts? Most aren't litigious enough to try and sue internet forums and their own employer for hurt feelings.

Back when it was the Wild West of Internet 1.0, Ryan Lord went by the handle "TheMystic". He was attempting respectability and had his own website Invisble Dream which covered video game and hardware reviews and "up to the minute" video game news. He was an infamous contributor at VooDoo Extreme, but he was most known for his feud with Something Awful. SA Members found a sex tape that he had made with a girlfriend. Instead of laughing it off, or even ignoring it, Ryan did the intelligent thing: He threatened to sue Lowtax to stop people from making fun of him. You may find this hard to believe, but the result wasn't what he had intended. After being denied, Ryan waged a brief war against the Tax Man and his forums, starting both a livejournal and using his own site to badly attempt to dox those mocking him.



Ryan's love of gaming wasn't relegated to just journalism, he also spent time as a game developer in 2006 at High Voltage Software. While there, he helped develop such memorable titles as The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. This was a short lived employment as Ryan claimed he was sexually harassed at work by his coworkers and a literal chad. This claim was denied by the judge as the harassment stems from teasing about a crush and poking him in the buttcheek, but in Ryan's world this was another high crime of mockery that would not stand. This wasn't his only experience in the courts. Documents showcase that Ryan has been fined for speeding and for driving uninsured vehicles.

Even after "TheMystic" was retired, "Ohmwrecker" continued to trip head first into drama. One memorable incident of Ryan chimping out over nothing was when a fellow member of H2O Delirious' Friend Group, known as Bryce McQuaid, posted how happy he was about his alpha abs to Youtube. Instead of being happy for his friend and coworker, Ryan went on a tirade about HAES and how being fit is just vanity and fat shaming:



Bryce was understandably confused by this tirade, but couldn't ask for clarification because someone he was supposed to work with had preemptively blocked him on twitter.




Truly the best debate in the universe...

In a strange and completely unexpected turn of events, it seems that this yelling was about a crush he had on his YouTube community moderator. Shortly after his screed, she resigned and began both moderating for and dating Bryce, proving that Abs are always better than flabs.

Pictured Left is Ria, Ohm's former stream mod (who 'coincidentally' quit soon after the incident). She's Bryce's current girlfriend wife and his stream mod too.

Later on a fan of the two @-ed Ohm and Bryce telling them that because the two guys are not playing togther anymore, it's giving them crippling depression. Ohm, being the "nice guy" he is, didn't respond to this. However, Bryce did:


He's also not shackled by monagomy, as he attempted to cheat on his girlfriend with streamer named Malika.

Malika's first twitter mention of Ohmwrecker

MalikaPlays is a Twitch Streamer who once that did collabs with Ohmwrecker on games like the Friday the 13th: The Game and S.O.S. It turns out they were secretely having a relationship that Ohm despite his relationship status. Both Ohm and Malika had stop playing with each other for months with no explanation (but we know what happened, don't we?). Later on, they were both seen in the same game on a stream hosted by none other than Snoop Doggy Dog. Now, you would think playing with the D-O-double G would convince them to finally bury the hatchet or something. That's where you're wrong, kiddo:


It turns out this isn't an isolated incedent: Ohm regularly stalks his former friends and lovers throughout games as he has nothing better to do with his time but seeth and hate.

He'll be wearing their skin soon enough

What makes his stalking behavior even worse is that it directs his fans towards the targets of his ire. When Malika came out with this revelation after they broke it off, his fans shouted her down with until she either deleted her criticisms of him or shuts up for an extended amount of time. As an example, here are his fans going after others for the crime of offending their streaming idol.


By the way, if you doubt or didn't even know Ohm even had a girlfriend, take it from the man himself.

Why is this thread important? Well, Ryan "Ohmwrecker" Lord has one of the most cancerous fanbases in all of let's play. Not only stooping as low as to throw fits like an internet feminist, they also hold up their faourite let's player to a Messiah level of hero worship. Check out this selected batch of cringe:






Ohm spends his time getting into any drama he can find, with smaller incidents including: treating his artist so badly she jumps ship, white knighting his twitch mods who were banning innocent users and, in a twist of irony, sperging on Facepunch for being "wrongly" banned for sending out shitty hacker reports. Ryan Lord, Ohmwrecker, TheMystic, is hilarious in how much he's burnt away his reputation and his friendships over his own crazy ego. He's lied about being sexually harassed, being homeless, being doxxed, being given rape/death threats, and has all the while done his best to keep these spergouts a secret from his fans.

And yes, that useless item in League of Legends is named after him.

NOTE: Ohmwrecker is well aware of his Kiwifarms thread and will immediately block anyone who mentions it or links to it in any of his tweets. You have been warned.

Update 1:
Shortly after this thread went public, Ryan got into some drama again by spreging on his friend's sarcastic joke.
Update 2:
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Special Thanks to @2odastream for the rewrites of this thread and @zedkissed60 for the additional info!
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Apr 23, 2014
Instead of complaining about a FRIEND of yours having a six pack, maybe you should lose weight and gain a six pack yourself?

Now why would an e famous let’s player take an hour out of his day to exercise when you can just sit on your arse all day and collect sheckles instead?

Optimus Prime

Resident KF Transformers Expert
Jun 15, 2014
And I though DSP was the worst gaming guy, atleast Phil isn't stalking his ex who went to dating his ex friend.

Nah, Phil is just a horrible human being who treated his live-in girlfriend like shit even when she was having serious health issues.

Ryan will never get that far because even gold diggers won't touch him.

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Sep 28, 2017
Nah give it 3 days. This thread's being featured on the front page without anyone having to be signed in. Trust me, tons of his fans are going to sign up and sperg on this thread.
If they aren't too busy milking his dick on Twitter and Tumlr
That having been said, man oh man I can't wait for a bunch of little sperglets to show up and get dunked on

Smith Banquod

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Nov 19, 2017
This guy couldn't be more of a lolcow even if he somehow turned into an actual cow, having zero ability to shut up and being an awkward creep in general.
Kinda curious how he managed to get those 1.7M subs on YouTube but would rather not get infected by some nasty brain-eating tard virus voodoo bullshit by looking that up, myself.


Russian Birthday Bot
Oct 27, 2017
I think he was in some of Mr. Sark's gmod vids. Didn't know he was such a basket case.

Krokodil Overdose

May 19, 2018
Disclosure (or :powerlevel:, or whatever): I was in the audience when the Bryce/Ohm split happened. His official version of events was that he was mad at Bryce for posting the video on how to kill Jason before he did (this was w/r/t Friday the 13th: The Game) even though he acknowledged in the same video that Delirious had done the same thing. In hindsight, that should have been a red flag. Too bad- I know this is probably haram of me, but I liked the Bryce/Ohm/Delirious/Cartoonz videos, they made excellent prole chow and background noise.

EDIT: I also remember the incident where Malika lived and Ohm died and threw a shit-fit in FtT:TG. Funny thing was, it was actually Malika getting payback for the last game, where Ohm (as Jason) had killed her despite knowing that she was stuck in a glitch.
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