Ok - livestream 6/1/2021 - She's tired of being called lazy and a failure and told she doesn't stick to anything, streams for about 11 minutes total

Captain Ahab

I hope she dies before she becomes so boring her forum gets taken away.
That which never lived, cannot die.

Amber’s existence is tantamount to a lifelong prison sentence. She can’t do anything. She wakes up in her sad house, eats, wastes her day on YouTube, and goes to sleep. Every day.

It’s even worse than prison. Inmates can socialize to some extent. They can work. She doesn’t even have that. She lives a life of misery.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Oh good God did she actually? Amber, the arthritis caused by 600lbs of blubber crushing your skeleton is NOT fibromyalgia

Nah, one of her shelfass kissers said they have fibromyalgia.

Her head's "not in it" today, because she needs "to rest" - whines about how haters and trolls say she rests all the time. Where's the lie, fatty?

Says she's in pain, despite previously saying she can "handle pain" and she got a scrip for meds after her yet another "using the ER as a doctor's office" visit.

Says skinny people get kidney stones, too, so don't bring up her weight. Why is your go-to bringing up other people? Just take some goddamned responsibility for yourself, for once.

Whines again about haters and trolls. If they didn't exist, Big Al, you wouldn't have all that coin you blow every month. Dipshit.

Says the important people are "the ones who understand". Here's a tip from an actual business owner, since you "can't google how to run a business": don't fucking insult your user base. Here's another tip: if you don't like criticism, get the fuck off the internet. Then you'll find that the real world, for you, is pretty much exactly the same as your online world, because you not only suck as a "business owner", you suck as a human being, too.

Some idiot in the members chat tells her about some stupid clinic that treats OCd (which she doesn't have) and EDs (which she also does not have). Forget it, girl, she'll never go to inpatient therapy. Ever.

Blah blah. In a now (of course) deleted community post, she said she was not going to go live today but would maybe go tomorrow if she felt up to it, then do Thursday as scheduled. Here in the vid, she doesn't mention tomorrow at all, just says she'll be live on Thursday.

Weirdly, says promising livestreams is "fine and dandy, but promising which days? Might have been a bad idea." That makes no fucking sense, you retard, if you want to get those asspats and superchats on a regular basis. JFC.

Another abrupt ending.