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When Entard complains about "evil" in the world, he only applies it to whatever is feeding his extreme victim-complex. It really is that simple. Enter really only cares about himself and anything that does not apply to his ever growing victim-complex, such as when someone disagrees with him. Otherwise, he disregards it completely, even if it is something worse like murder or pedophilia.

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@DirkBloodStormKing That's really not what he meant in any way, see the last entry of his top ten best videos of 2014 to better understand.
here he is, kiwis.
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also it's amusing that enter only now realizes there is a problem when it happens to him. I'm sure if he wasn't trolled he wouldnt probably give a shit about it


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Can you give me a time stamp for that? If you're right then that really shows his ego... I mean, I doubt until then he didn't know about pedoforks and murderers.

This is over analyzing but what goes around comes around, Enter!
Late to respond, but it's one of the first things he says. The overall serious tone of the beginning contributes. It's around :25 that he actually says the thing, though. Granted, I misremembered and he says it about the research he did on cyberbullying, but the fact that he didn't know this stuff until he needed a soapbox.

Guys, we need to talk. And I'm warning you right now: if you don't like my tone in the April 9th review, you're not going to like it here. I'm going to be very accusatory here. Because there's no way I can talk about this without so much vitriol and disgust.
We're doing an internet video today! An animation put to a poem called Troll. It's five minutes, but to give it a proper review I've had to do dozens of hours of research on the subject. And each story that I heard became more disgusting, but less shocking. And I mean no exaggeration here: I now know that there is evil in the world.
Top 10 Videos of 2014 video said:
"The only improvement I think I could have made is clarify what I meant when I said "this taught me there is evil in the world." You see, for the most part murdering people and stealing from them is frowned upon in most societies. However, doxxing people, sending them death threats a thousand times a day, that's apparently funny. While people started doing what I complained about to coerce me into thinking that what I said was wrong, new surfaced about another 19-year-old, Adam Smith, killed himself due to common everyday trolling. He was a brony. He had a learning disability, which are both common targets for trolling. He made a video apologizing to his trolls, which is still on YouTube. The troll comments telling him to kill himself are still there, as are some of them that say they're glad he's gone. This person I'm assuming they've never even met. If there is a line between bullying and trolling, I still don't see it. This video is my favorite video I've made because it's the one I think most needed to be said. Oh by the way, I'm not even kidding--people are trying to troll me to coerce me that I was wrong in my opinions about trolling. It's... not going to work."
Enter's "clarification" on the statement doesn't help. Murder isn't a sign of evil because people generally disagree with it (which is just a sign of Enter's ignorance of the world; between brutal executions over free speech and honor killings there are cultures of this world that don't fall so neatly in his box), but the fact that a relatively small number of people on the internet don't abhor doxxing is the sign of real evil. Human rights violations are bad and happen throughout the world, but where Enter's from they're looked down upon for the most part. Mass murders, acts of terrorism, war, abuse. These are all things that happen, but because Enter sees them generally condemned that counteracts the evil put in this world by the things that happen. Even the stories Enter saw about cyberstalking and cyberbullying are generally condemned, so I don't know why they're so special that they get the distinction of being the true evil. Bullying, not even the abuse and bullying he claims to have faced growing up, showed him the light.

What happened to Smith is horrible. But if Enter went 20some years of his life and didn't recognize evil until reading about a routine bullying case (and at this point in his life, he should have heard that story many times), he needs to step away from the computer and do some learning about his world. Not that he will. He's shown in so many ways that he's content and even prefers to stay in his own little bubble of familiarity.

It's not until Enter can connect to it that it becomes a tragedy, I suppose.
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Nostalgia, here are my two cents and literally the only reply I will ever put in this topic.

Enter has made it quite clear that he associates "trolls" and "cyberbullying" to "anyone with a dissenting opinion."

He has the mentality that anyone that disagrees with him or brings up a point contrary to what he believes is a troll and is purposely working against him, and he blocks this criticism as a result.

When @Cgame called Enter out on his incorrect views on school, Enter did some halfassed rebuttal that dodged most of his points, then proceeded to ignore the rest of the argument. I believe Enter may have also blocked him too, but I can't remember.

When another of the Kiwis here (whose name I cannot remember, sadly) said that college was a good way to understand the industry and to network with other people that were within the industry, he dismissed her claims almost immediately and went on his usual anti-educational spiel, completely disregarding everything that she tried to say.

When literally anyone tries to post a criticism of Growing Around, half-troll or completely serious, Enter blocks this person. There's a shit ton of screencaps on this subforum. You cannot deny this. Enter defines "cyberbullying" and "trolling" as anything outside of his hugbox. He's like that little kid who would rather take his ball and go home rather than have the audacity to share it with other kids. This is my main gripe with Enter. He runs away from criticism and calls them all wrong when he's surrounded by nothing but his legion of sheep. He's immature and he can't handle anyone who would argue him on his points at all, and anything that conflicts with his point of view he'd rather hide away and pretend doesn't exist. He's a true manchild in that regard. He refuses to grow up. He refuses to believe there can be points other than his that can be right in some manner. To him, he is the only one that is right. He can argue that this isn't so, he can say that he understands different opinions and that he's welcome to discussion and all of that jazz, but we know better.

We've archived his shit.

We have screencaps proving him wrong.

He's a hypocrite. He's a liar. He's a pathetic cretin who can't stand to be proven wrong. That's all I have to say about this video and my biggest gripe towards Enter.

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I'll bite.

I remember this story about the brony who killed himself. Apparently his uncle, also a brony, had been encouraging him to wear his bronydom with pride at school and in public, so it's rather obvious the bulk of his bullying would have happened IRL. It's also possible that some of his IRL bullies also stalked and mocked him online. The internet strangers who told him to "kill yourself" do not hold full responsibility. You may as well blame all the internet strangers who supported and encouraged him for not doing enough.

Learning disabilities can also be a major source of depression. Children with learning disabilities are often just as intelligent as those without, but they have difficulty focusing, absorbing and retaining information, and communicating, depending on their disorder(s). It's easy for these kids to think of themselves as idiots and failures when they actually have a lot of potential.

My point is, it's terrible to tell someone who is deeply depressed to kill themselves, but that wasn't the primary cause of this boy's suicide.