Old and obsolete tech you know how to use - (and that for some reason insist on using)


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A forge. My family line is a long chain of engineers. I'm the odd one out but I still know my crafts. It's a matter of "wheres an actual safe place to use a forge when everything is flammable" kind of reason why I dont do so more often.
Not so much "obsolete" as is a firey and awesome skill to have. :o

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I can write in cursive, and still maintain beautiful penmanship if that counts. It astounds me how many people I run across who can't write or even read script.

As for actual tech, I grew up with DOS and the Commodore 64, and operating them is still second nature to me.
I never learned DOS all that well because the computer I learned on had Norton Commander on top of it. I had to use pure DOS occasionally because Norton couldn't do everything but despite using DOS I've never been that familiar with it because I always accessed it a different way.