Old Bay Seasoning - Why do you Amerifags love this shit?


a fhakin rat

I think maybe the celery salt makes it a bit much? I dunno.

it has some variety versions but i have never seen these in person. I also dont pay fucking attention so who knows.

I think Old Bay has its place but i wouldn't say its applicable to alot of dishes especially if you're trying to make it taste more fresh/light. It can be a bit heady/overly salty. I use it lightly , I prefer relying on just salt with my own mixes to whatever I think has a better fit with whatever im making over Old bay alone.

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It's definitely good with fish fried or not, but also crab and chicken. It's great with corn on the cob and I have a burger recipie that uses a fuckton of sauteed onions and if you throw in some Old Bay it's amazing. Also:

Basically the best chips in the universe. If whatever company doesn't have the liscence to use "Old Bay", it'll typically be some variant of "Chesapeake Bay seasoning"