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Terrorist Oliver D. Smith / Atlantid / TibetanFoothills / MarkofKri / NoahSumerian + Many MoreBad Liar; Obsessed with Atlantis, Tomb Raider, Wikis, Nazis, Rome Viharo, & Mikemikev

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by chimpburgers, Feb 13, 2016.

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Who's the biggest faggot?

  1. Oliver Smith

    16 vote(s)
  2. Mikemikev

    21 vote(s)
  3. Vordrak

    32 vote(s)
  4. All of them

    239 vote(s)
Article Available:
The Lolcow Wiki has an article on Oliver D. Smith
  1. UPDATE: For the past several months Oliver D. Smith has been teaming up with people in order to take his thread down. At first he was with Vordrak, but most recently he's teamed up with Donny Long, meanwhile Vordy has been distancing himself from Donny's activities publicly.

    Oliver has used his accounts on EgyptSearch and Blogspot in order to post libel about people in Null's family, as well as other KiwiFarms users like GethN7. And has repeatedly linked to Donny's website as "proof" of his false claims.

    He believes that this thread contains lies about him in order to smear his reputation, so he believes that it's fair game to do the exact same thing to other people 10x worse. He has therefore earned the "Terrorist" label.

    Every time he is mentioned in relation to the ongoing drama, he pops back online to message people about it in attempts to remove "false information" about himself. He has wrongly claimed we stated that he was behind the "CLP" website in an attempt to make all the truths we have documented about him invalid.

    TL;DR- Oliver Smith is a bad liar, a serial harasser, and he won't leave anybody alone because he has a fragile ego.

    These Wikis really have a way of attracting some of the most unhinged people out there and an expansive rabbit hole of autism to look through. Previously in my thread about Mikemikev / Michael Coombs, the infamous Neo-Nazi troll and sock-puppeteer who has been extensively covered by ED over the years, I brought up this character named Atlantid that I didn't know much about at the time, but he always seemed to be getting into Michael's shitstirring and acting just as crazy and disruptive as him. I was surely expecting Mike to search his name and look up his thread and start posting but that didn't happen. Instead, something more subtle started to take place. It was in the form of trollshielding but trying to disguise it as providing detailed information about Mike and other Wikispergs.

    That's right, Atlantid has been posting here on the Kiwi Farms since around last week. He went under the radar for a while but recent events have exposed him for who he really is.

    Before I go into all of those recent developments, this is who Atlantid is. He has the same bad habit of making multiple sock puppet accounts and just acting like a complete sperg everywhere that he goes, trying to drum up personal armies for his feud with Mike.

    Some of that was brought up in the following page and people finding all sorts of info and dirt on Oliver.



    This screenshot has even more incriminating info about Oliver and his different alts that he uses and all the kinds of trollshielding he has been doing since 2010.


    From the previous thread, some more of his sperging but this involved a flamewar that he got into with Mike back in 2013.


    I suspect this is also one of Atlantid's alt accounts. It's pretty bad that as much as Mike is a huge sperg, this guy is hardly any better.



    Now fast forward to what's been happening now. Atlantid has been posting under the @TombRaiderFan account trying to pull the same shit that he's pulled on over 20 other websites. He started out innocuous enough and I didn't suspect a thing, but this thread requesting for a personal army rang alarm bells to many, especially @Dynastia who has been countering his bullshit.

    This is the thread and opus that Atlantid made here that got locked because of how fucking spergy it was.


    The writing style and everything match what you'll usually see from an Atlantid alt.

    So this is the story of Karsten Reuß, who posts on the Anthroscape (and Forumbiodiversity) forum as Ratatoskr. About 3 years ago he created a racialist website called Human Phenotypes using discredited 19th century/early 20th century racial "typology", talking of oids or ids with stupid names like "Baskid", "Nordid", "Carpathid" etc. He would then make sketches of these "race types", and reference anthropology texts over a hundred years old that discuss them. Being a Neo-Nazi crank obsessed with old books on race (especially ones written by Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt), this guy thinks all these "racial types" are real and somehow valid to modern scientific research (if you tried to point out this stuff is pseudo-science - he just ignored or personally attacked you). Here's an example of an entry he had made for his site:


    It need also be mentioned this guy has no background or qualifications in physical anthropology, or any science for that matter. He admitted his "knowledge" is from buying old race books like Joseph Deniker's The Races of Man (1900) on ebay. Anyway, he temporary closed his website for an update, and it was back online around July 2015. However, Karsten did not realize when he created his website, he had opted to make his personal information public.

    WHOis record for Humanphenotypes.com

    In July-August 2015, his identity was uncovered and posted on Rationalwiki-


    He has since deleted his website and not returned to the Anthroscape forum. lol.

    He's also been trying to trollshield in my RationalWiki thread in Community Watch. Lol.


    I really should have caught this guy earlier but no matter, he's got a whole extensive history and everything.
    List of Things Oliver is obsessed with (since the title can't fit everything):
    -Rome Viharo
    -Wiki Editing
    -Tomb Raider
    -Internet Drama

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  2. Boy, if I ever make an internet enemy the first thing I'll do is create two years worth of exceptional drama with them and the second thing I'll do is go to Kiwi Farms and try to get everyone to go attack them.
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    Dynastia trash
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  3. Since virtually none of the information posted about me is true, I have to thank you for misleading my stalkers such as Rome Viharo.


    Rome, if you're reading this - i'm a British-Israelite/Neo-Nazi/Racialist/Race-denialist/Anti-Fascist/Chav/Goth/BNP member.

    The only thing i'll agree with is that I made a mistake joining this site, but I already new something was wrong with this place when I saw pornographic avatars. Goodbye.
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    Oliver D Smith

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  4. The only thing wrong was how much of a sperg you were acting trying to fool people into doing your dirty work for you. I'm glad that this thread made you that butthurt. You're here forever, as the meme goes.
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  5. Is this guy Krom/Kroms?



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  6. Honestly it seems contributing to wikis make you more autistic and insane than Sonic or MLP considering this web of shit that is unfurling before my eyes.
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  7. *knew
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  8. Go fuck yourself, you absolute idiot. You've made threads on Rome Viharo and Ratatoskr right here on a fucking cyberstalker forum, and now you have the gall to cry "wah wah you're bringing my attention to my stalkers". Do you think we're utterly exceptional? Fair go, we're pretty exceptional but we're not that exceptional. I wouldn't even know who these people are if you didn't come in here trying to canvass for a PA against them and now you're gonna cry that they are stalking you holy shit no, we are not moral-outrage police, we are not going to spaz out mindlessly and attack these people just because you called them the n-word with nothing to back it up. If anything, you are stalking them, you're the one standing here today telling us how terrible they are. I don't see ratatosk or rome coming in here making threads about you. You fucking idiot.

    Even if you're telling the truth and all of that information was provided by your "stalkers", that just makes you some antifa spastic who's been in a 3-year internet slapfight with these chumps and are trying to manipulate us into joining it. That's just as exceptional as being a nazi as far as I'm concerned. It's also pretty suspicious that you're concerned about your 'stalkers' being misled when you claim they're the ones disseminating this false information about you in the first place. You full of shit, boy.

    Yeah, you did.
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    Dynastia trash
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  9. I've noticed the more people make sockpuppets and the longer they fight pointless shit, the more genuinely exceptional they are. Not joking, look at Len Shaner to get an idea on what making a sock army does. This Oliver Smith guy needs to live life as an Amish man considering this is his life.
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  10. Him and this Mikemikev faggot have been going at it for years. They both go into different communities and try to rally the user base against their hated foe.

    Here's a pretty funny argument they have where Oliver accuses Mikemikev of being a child abuser. Not that he has any proof or anything, just because he said so. Oliver goes by Axeman, a name that seems to appear in comment sections on articles about racism.

    Here's a thread where Mikemikev tries to rally people against Oliver before getting himself banned. These dumbasses have been doing this for years, they're both potential cows.

    I'm on my phone right now but I'll try to find more info and reformat this when I get on a computer.
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  11. Oliver Smith / Atlantid photo is on the Nordisk thread. It's just that its a fake facebook account Mikemikev set up to "frame" Atlantid as ANTIFA, but the photo, date of birth (1991) and other info is accurate. Mikemikev also was spamming Encyclopaedia Dramatica about Atlantid being a "Marxist" etc.



    Oliver Smith, (Atlantid aka Krom) schizophreniac "antifascist" who needs a hair cut" - Mikemikev

    These two have been at it for years. Mike also got Faintsmile1992 involved:


    What will Wikipedia and Rational Wiki editor Goblin Face/Atlantid do next?


    Goblin Face and email harassment, anyone know more about these people?

    I believe Oliver might not be his real name, but David. Check the skeptiko forum link above.
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  12. This nigga needs him a lobotomy
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    Bungleboy ask me about my creamed corn fetish

  13. He's like /pol/'s strawman gaining a heart and coming to life.
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    Tranhuviya Go home and be a family man!

  14. @7Phoenician7 is another Atlantid alt. He's now trying to be clever by using names of other users to get around being caught. What a faggot.


    Same UK IP according to Null.
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  15. An "anti-facist BNP member".

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  16. Latest chimpout here:


    There's a formula to Atlantid sock accounts. He always uses the alts to go straight to the Mikemikev thread and then add information and then make personal army threads on whoever he's had an issue with in the past. That's what @yomyom was trying to warn people about. They are designed as bait threads to get people to do his dirty work for him.
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  17. I especially like how he admits to spending time on forums like this because he's holding a exceptional personal grudge against someone on the Internet who made him assmad years ago and wants other people to make that guy pay, and yet somehow thinks that makes him less pathetic than people who come here for shits 'n giggles.
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  18. Why would I want to change my IP? Unlike you (who's probably some sicko) there is nothing bad on my IP. I use a single address unless it automatically changes. The only people who change their IP's are people doing something bad.

    And look at whose pages I created: either paedophiles like Faintsmile1992, hardcore neo-nazis, sex pests etc like Michael Coombs, EgalitarianJay who spams porn onto forums (what would he parents have to say?). These people are evil and depraved and need to be taken off the internet. I am doing a good job by warning people about them. This website shows up on a google search.
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    Oliver D Smith

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  19. I like how the guy dumb enough to get caught after only one post tries to pretend he's clever enough to take us all on a ruse cruise.

    Oliver, I served with Jace Connors (Press 1 Gamers), I watched Jace Connors. Jace Connors was a hero of mine. You are no Jace Connors.
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