Disaster One dead as Sri Lankan town gripped by another bout of anti-Muslim violence - This is exactly how the LTTE got support from non-radicals


Drown in the cesspool of darkness
The person killed had nothing to do with the attack, you might as well apply the same logic to mass shootings and kill all the straight white people.
I never said they did. However, optics still matter. Often times truth or reality is ignored on the basis of optics. Is it just? As I said before, no. Is it likely to continue regardless? Most certainly.


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The good Allah will defeat the evil Buddha. But Muslims must still perform Jihad as their holy scriptures mandate to correct this affront to Allah.


More seriously, Islamic "reformation" can only occur when Muslims seriously tackle the concept of Jihad, and when they are able to look at depictions of Muhammad (or his companions, or even Allah) without become screeching autists if not violent savages. Anything else is just intellectual window dressing.
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