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Like any good war story, it needs to begin with the proper tone setting....

So there I was, no shit, drunk off my ass, bored, and then I stumbled across a fascinating bit of internet drama...

I came to the farms, like most people do, to talk about a particular crazy situation that interested them. In my case, it was the Alex Mauer drama. While not a lawyer, I have a great fascination with the law and in particular how it is applied to social issues. If anything, my time since then has taught me I did not know as much about it as I thought I did. One of the defining features of this place is dumb opinions of yourself rarely survive. But it is that same feature of autistic back and forth that sets the farms apart from other discussion forums like Reddit, and even 4chan. This led me to stick around and make several, bad, and failed, attempts at legitimate OP's to add to the index of Kiwi threads. None really stuck, and if I was being honest were not that interesting. Not even to myself. Which makes the Weeb Wars OP a bit bizarre all things considered. Even now I am a very surprised at the impact it had.

My first indication that something was happening in the weeb space came from my Youtube recommendations that helpfully offered "Animegate has begun" titles. It was all click baity and I ignored it. I have a fond experience with Anime, but I never really considered myself a fanatic of it. I've never been to a convention and I never really paid attention to who voiced what. I did prefer dubs over subs though. I cannot recall the exact moment I tuned into the drama around Vic Mignogna, but I honestly think it might have been Clownfish TV mentioning it in passing, which led me to the Rekeita Stream with yellow flash. "Now this" I thought, this was interesting. An internet slap fight with legal overtones and a new front on the culture war? Lets see what we got here!

So I began to collect info and start sketching an essay to form the core of an OP. My actual field of study is history, not law, so developing archives and going back to "the beginning" was my focus. What I found started to make me mad. When I mentioned that I had a fondness for Anime and the Anime community I do mean this literally. When I was in Iraq, a major escape for me and many of the guys in my Company were Anime fan dubs. Basically pirated stuff put on the net by Anime devotees. Iraqi Christians would burn it onto CD's and then sell them to the troops on the FOBs. During my few hours of free time between work, guard duty and sleep, I would watch dubbed anime courtesy of luminary translators like "Desupixie553". These were not professional stuff by any stretch of the imagination. They were purely fan produced translations, put out for other fans to watch, and then downloaded by Iraqis to sell to American soldiers with no internet connections. honestly? They helped keep me sane. And many other soldiers too. Now there is some deep lore about the war on terror for you all to chew on.

As I read into what was happening to the Anime fandom, my "essay" began to read more like a screed. Once I saw what people like Samantha Harte had said about Vic and why they were doing what they were doing, I really did become possessed. I wanted to make a statement as much as introduce an internet drama. Encapsulated in this one man I saw everything I hated about the encroachment of far left politics into pop culture, abuses of gender relations, and a credulous media happy to goad along the baying mob. Worse though, I saw this as an attack on a largely good hearted fan community that in my mind I owed something too. So I wrote my essay the way one would write a harsh political statement. Unlike my prior failed OP's, I was determined for this one to succeed. Over two days and about 12 hours I researched and wrote, and then posted my first draft to proving grounds. It immediately flopped. Knowledgeable kiwis such as @damian and @Jaimas pointed me towards other areas of research, like Jaime Marchi, and more importantly, showed me how to properly archive all the information. This became very important.

You see, because of a credulous media, this particular drama was harshly sequestered. Even 4chan moderators moved swiftly to delete any threads bringing it up. So when my thread was finally posted and @Null allowed it to be front paged on "happenings", it was for all intents and purposes, the only pro Vic Mignogna article of media put to words and published. And it dropped like a bomb. I don't say this to toot my own horn either. People started taking screen shots of it and posting it to twitter. Entire twitter threads were devoted to posting the original weeb wars OP in its entirety. Within a week the thread started moving ridiculously fast and after a month an entire subforum of the Farms was created. The damn thing has even been cited in legal documents in the ongoing court case.

As of this moment, it has 9 million views. Without that intense quality control at the start I doubt it would have stood the test of time the way it did. There has since been a ton of screeching about the Weeb Wars OP, but no effort to actually refute its contents.

After a year, and all the legal activity, I am confident to stand by it as a true and accurate, if slightly biased, record of what happened in January of 2019. I have since stepped back quite a bit from following the ins and outs of weeb wars as I found myself becoming too invested. Probably the one good thing to come out of the Chupp rulings was he put the brakes on things. Even so, being confident in the veracity of the OP means I am also confident that Vic will be vindicated in the end. The movie "Schindler's List" has a very good misquoting of the Talmud. "He who saves the life of one man, saves the world". While this is inaccurate of the original text, I like the sentiment conveyed. Its origins in judaism are also apt as well. The Moral Panic that was weaponized by Vics envious rivals to destroy him is no different from the same moral panic that was weaponized against Trump's Chosen communities in Europe. People wanted what they had, and they used the patina of virtue to take it. So I hope that I did my part, in some way, to save the life of a man I believe is innocent. And by doing so, I hope this in some small way, makes those who caused this situation to reflect on their sins. Barring that, I hope they be punished for those sins as an example to those who will come after, and seeing their fate, not travel down the same path.
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Ww is probably my most visited segment of the site and is for sure the most commented section even though it was not my introduction to KF. The best part about the farms is that it has all the "free speech" features the chans claim to have but formated to not look like weapon grade autism. Without the WW section following this shit show would be an over whelming shit show. Hell even with it its a shit show, there is so much content I am half a year behind on some of the periphrial stuff such as the whale wars. Im glad Akiva Cohen has given us this website to express our sexist desire to ground wahmen into dust.

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This wasn't the weebs rising up, per se, but it formed another community within a community, you could say.

The Weeb Wars thread honestly has been very helpful in keeping (sane) people saner in knowing that the crazies aren't as widespread as one would think, and it drew in people across the globe and across fandoms. It's good to question things and keep an open mind, which is why the "Listen and Believe" screed failed so easily here after years of bullshit and crying wolf finally coming to a head. So it didn't matter if it had turned out Vic was actually a predator all along, it was turning people's attention to what was going on behind the scenes for decades. It was a dam bursting, Pandora's box opening, skeletons waltzing out of an overflowing closet, the curtain being pulled back on the man struggling to keep the illusion going. It was eye-opening.

The sub vs dub debate is still fucking stupid, though, but the dubbing world and Western fanbase were in need of a good cleansing, and we're starting to get it. But it hurts because of how deeply-rooted Funimation is in the dubbing world, and just how much they were involved in a lot of people's first steps into anime. This is going to leave behind a scar, and a nasty one at that.

I'm honestly glad I discovered the Farms when I did, and that Null fought to keep the forums afloat despite the numerous attacks to take it down. I don't think anyone foresaw this event coming, but it's a good thing this place exists especially since Twitter was trying to sweep this under the rug. Vic might actually be dead if it wasn't for the extensive archiving and debunking that happened to aid the law firm's research team, and we also wouldn't have found a whole hive of new lolcows to laugh at.

Live long and prosper.


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I got to see great memes and the unfettered madness of VAs with egos (and BMI) larger than our solar system. I got to see crazy ass fujo rumors get unraveled and accusations of dream rape. I got to see two extremely exceptional soylords get very memey fanart mocking the shit out of them. I also got to see a Dragonball Youtuber and an insane costhot reenact the battle between Kurama and Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho, right down to the ending. And best of all, Vic was never any of the absurd rumors these fat cows kept spewing, and he's still alive to boot.

I wish I could write a fancy and long wall of text about how I feel about Weeb Wars, but I'm just glad I have front row seats to experience the utter madness of egomaniacs, and watch their insidious plans fail more and more.

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I discovered the Vic drama through Quarterpounder myself. Say what you will about all of the YouTubers that rush to controversy and rehash each other's content but those guys do well in filling a roll in drawing attention to bullshit that takes place on the internet. Through Hambly, I discovered Nick and by extension, Null and, subsequently, the Farms.

Lurking on Kiwi Farms and seeing through the eyes of the resident shitposters gave me a much greater appreciation for the god granted gifts of observation that we have. We clearly see the things in front of us every day but how often do we question them? Poke them? Turn them over and view them from a different angle? How often do we just accept the things before us without seeing the connections between them?

So many in the online collective hivemind shout to "listen and believe" while they themselves are too busy flapping their gums to hear anything. Well, I'll see your "listen and believe" and raise you a "watch and observe." Here's to the Weeb Wars! May this event continue to inspire an insatiable curiosity within internet lurkers and may Vic receive his justice.

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So many in the online collective hivemind shout to "listen and believe" while they themselves are too busy flapping their gums to hear anything. Well, I'll see your "listen and believe" and raise you a "watch and observe." Here's to the Weeb Wars! May this event continue to inspire an insatiable curiosity within internet lurkers and may Vic receive his justice.
It takes work to do research. At best people simply don't have time or don't care enough over what simply amounts to weeb shit. But if you don't care, you wouldn't get into slapfights on Twitter.
At worst people are either malicious or willfully lazy, wishing to blind themselves and cover their ears. If only they could gag their mouths and stop spreading poorly researched hot takes.

Whether you believe this is due to massive misunderstanding or a massive gayop, one thing is clear: the Weeb Wars are just another event bringing out the worst in humanity.

I first heard about Vic getting fired on a RWBY discord. I figured that "well, that's the end unless something further happens." Vic would supposedly go through a process like Louis C.K. or Charlie Rose.

Then Vic filed the lawsuit. My interest was piqued because "are the companies involved honest?" I thought a lawsuit would be the point "everyone would lay their cards on the table."

I started looking for forums that had news. And no where else wanted to discuss the case. Just scream "Vic man bad!"

Which lead me to the Kiwi Farms. I originally intended to lurk because it is the infamous Kiwi Farms. But I decided to join because I can't keep my mouth shut. ( I called a woman a "thot" a few weeks ago so you guys have influenced me in some terrible ways.)

Anyway, this place isn't as bad as everyone claims. Except the zoosadist sections. I'm haunted by that place.

I actually got interested in the farms through Internet Bloodsports. That's how I discovered Null and thus Kiwifarms, reading internet famous religiously. I lurked for close to a year and was already watching Rackets videos. So when he sent out that cry for help in Vic's name, I began furiously investigating.

I couldn't believe what I saw. Honestly, I got mad at the internet. Thank God for Kiwifarms archiving and analyzing so I could put the pieces together faster than ever.

I've met Vic in person twice. Although I don't watch dubs, during my college years I attended a few conventions. Vic is either the best actor I've ever seen, or one of the most wholesome people I've ever seen. I'm betting on the latter. This shit pissed me off. So I shitpost here to cope with the insanity of this injustice. It releases some of the steam that builds up in my boiling head. Thank God for Weeb Wars. If I didn't spend so much time laughing, I'd be mad 24/7.


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I got involved when the blooming ensued I following the exceptionals during the time of the UK Broly Primere going to the O2 arena to see with a member of TFS that I know personally. mostly I was like what the hell was going on as I not that long also October 2018 to be exact at London Comic Con met Vic and met Monica 3 times from February 2017 to 2018 (February 2017 with Ron also). the person to pull the trigger of my suspicions was unfortunately Marzgurl (was friends with her on PSN I have unfriended and blocked her before I changed the username to cover my tracks) I joined here during the perfection saga as I did not trust Mad black with his information and I want to laugh at the opposition while giving my cut dry logic comments and any info I can find that is necessary as a Convention staffer, underground VA and a True cosplayer.

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It's certainly been fascinating seeing the American/western weeb community draw battle lines and take shots at each other. The pomp and circumstance pre-hearing was a lot of fun, I liked how everyone involved was basically a cartoon character, from Ty Beard's blending of an older fashion of nerd with southern gentleman-ism to Monica Rial's clearly fake respect and cordiality during depos. Also finding out a guy that sounds as gay as Toye does is not only heterosexual but has a son and has beaten multiple wives was a great reveal.

I kind of wish stuff pops off more dramatically after appeals, seeing people completely lose their shit over this has been great (looking at you, Joseph).

Here's hoping :drink:.


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How quickly time passes. Weeb Wars started out pretty funny and it even introduced me to Cody Baier's Anime Outsiders podcast. While I still feel genuinely bad for Vic, it was a gift to see Funimation's voice acting lolcows lose their shit. Monica Rial tarding out on Twitter was pure kino. While the appeals are, at the moment of me writing this, still pending, the Weeb Wars lost most of its appeal to me when it became another Gaymergate.


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@mindlessobserver It's a shame that the OP of the WW General Thread has reached the character limits as there are a few things that should be added. Other than that, it's a great OP. It's not perfect, but it is good.

That said, I became aware of Weeb Wars after watching Dragon Ball Super: Broly in theaters. I went on to Twitter to hear what people were saying, only to find #KickVic. Then the ANN article came out. The forums I used to post on did not even critically evaluate the content of the article (they took it wholesale) and didn't even question if the allegations were true (in some cases, they banned people who "were arguing in bad faith"). It was at that point I looked around for a place that was discussing this trashfire critically. That's when I stumbled onto The Farms and lurked until I made my account.


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When Vic case is over and this part of the Weeb Wars is over with,what will the idiots like marzgurl,TUG,ren the blue whale,Manjaw,Bt and lawtwitter do. Those idiots will have to find a whole new thing to latch onto like a leech to a bloody wound to have a reason to live. The farms will live on but the leeches may die off .

Manjaw will be the one to watch burndown if Vic wins and funi &Mornica take a major hit.She will have to find a whole new thing to get into to get victim points.THAT will be really fun watching her crack .

I did discover WW when Nanette news stand did a story on Vic and having myself been accused of the same thing Vic has,it hit too close to home for me and watched,learned then joined up here.
I knew of FMA and had watched it on toonami but wouldnt have known who Vic was if I was next to him in line at starbucks. BUT I can say now I fully apperciate all his work and Vic is one of the good guys (Even if he has Gay pants).
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