One year of weeb wars -

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People shouldn't be acting like that's impossible either. The standard of review may be very favorable as appeals go, but it's still an appeal. The majority of appeals are denied.
I hope so for Ty's sake. While I already consider Ty to be to Vic's case what Sargon was to UKIP, he'll officially have a worse score than Kevin Landau if the court of appeals agrees with all of Chupp's decisions.


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How quickly time passes. Weeb Wars started out pretty funny and it even introduced me to Cody Baier's Anime Outsiders podcast. While I still feel genuinely bad for Vic, it was a gift to see Funimation's voice acting lolcows lose their shit. Monica Rial tarding out on Twitter was pure kino. While the appeals are, at the moment of me writing this, still pending, the Weeb Wars lost most of its appeal to me when it became another Gaymergate.
Same here, at this point I am calling WW "anime gate" because that is exactly what's become. I am holding for Vic getting justice but I also know that anime gate will continue to degenerate and spreg out against its opponents.

Gaming, Comics and now Anime/Manga. The very same fuckers that are fighting to defend it in the west are the same fuckers that are also destroying it along side the SJWs.

In the end of the day they are both fucking jokes and I'd rather point and laugh at them.

I got bad news for you. 2.5 years minimum. This year will be to hash out the appeals portion and remand this back to lower court. Which if all goes well will be done by the end of this summer. At which point the cat fight about discovery will recommence and should be resolved/done by spring next year. At which point the parties will begin motions for dismissal/summary judgement and that should be resolved by fall next year. Fights over evidentiary motions will commence about what to add or remove from the record and if everything goes well a Jury will be enpaneled and trial commences in the summer of 2022. The Gofundme will need another 100k too by then for sure. This of course assumes no further Chuppery that will require another round of appeals as well.
From the sound of things the TCPA was the lynchpin of the defendants plan. Without that then it becomes a debate on whether the defendants have the resources to pour into this.

Personally I don't think they do but we will see.

People shouldn't be acting like that's impossible either. The standard of review may be very favorable as appeals go, but it's still an appeal. The majority of appeals are denied.
People have been throwing around terms like "text book definition of defamation" during this case. ISWV is hoping that the appeals court will see "common sense". (I know courts don't run on common sense but follow me here.)

It seems that worst case scenario, the Texas legislative branch would have to clarify the TCPA even more because judges still aren't getting it right. And how long will it take to get that done?

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I wasn't too big of a Vic fan until this cluster fuck of mess. Thing is I used to idolize many of the fuckers that are KV especially Neil Kaplan because my first few tweets ever on Twitter was to the man, but when this shitshow began it was brutal.
I know him best as Hawkmon, so that's why it still hurt a bit to see. But a lot of people involved in beating down Vic still were among some of my favorites, and that's why it started to feel a bit personal not just to me but other people who grew up with them. "Never meet your heroes" remains a true statement.

Chupp throwing everything out was a wake-up call to remind us and the lurkers to not get so invested that it becomes a part of our life--but it was also good because it gave us more lolcows from ISWV. So even though it still fucking sucks a lot of these VAs are so egotistical and have garbage morals (or lack thereof), it's made for some good entertainment and helped make 2019 a tolerable year. Think it's also the same year where a lot of the SJW shit has been getting challenged, so the lawsuit fits right in.