OneyPlays - have a boy... with friends


Oh, I guess they weren’t done.
Part 7 seemed like an ending for some reason so I'm glad there's still more. This has easily been the best series of OneyStays. It's a little magical how much of Oney's funnier side is brought out through disinterest in the game being played. Really reminds me of Kingdom Hearts with how he's constantly taking the conversation all over the place.

It's hard to believe after the episode drought and all the Otto compliations we would be blessed with such gloriousness. I like DD&J episodes but that wasn't what got me into the channel. I was always a Zach or Cory or no thank you kinda dude but I have to admit/argue that DD&J's absence has made them much better.
Also, since the Stamper sperg out, I went through of all Chris' and sleepy cabin video collaborations... and man, it sure was a different time.


Ross talks about a new thing he's doing that's Doodle Doods adjacent I guess? Not the same but a drawing thing with guests he says. I'm not very optimistic, but him mentioning it by name gives me the tiniest shred of hope that maybe Chris could be on.
Would be neat. Was ever on Slightly Artistic?
That is the only thing I wonder about. The kinds of people that bitch and moan about this are generally the kinds of people we make fun of.

So, like... what goes on here?
I dunno just seems like sonny's just kind of an ass. From what I understand he takes his "totes epic ironic trolling" schtick quite a bit farther than chris and the others do, at least publicly


Look grateful ⋮)
I had a dream this morning where I worked with Zach at a Sears and we were trying to rip off some Blu-ray's but we were caught by the manager and I took off and Zach was found working at a recyling center while still trying to get Smiling Friends made into a full series.
Too much wop slop, Bruno, it's melting your brain. Soon you'll end up like one of Zach's little goblin creatures.
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