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Trainwreck Onision, Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/AvaroeEdgelord, King of the Tweens, outspoken vegan douchebag.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Zorceror44, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. The thing that stands out to me the most is how Taylor takes blame and responsibility... for feeling insecure when her husband fucks her girlfriend, and then the husband and GF "gang up" on her to make fun of her, and tell her they're going to be with each other exclusively if she can't stop "being negative". Uh, yeah, that's distressing and would definitely make someone feel insecure. That's not something you need to "own", or a fault.

    Grug's got her good and Stockholm'd. She's culpable for aiding Greg in harming others at this point, but as @Sailor Dyke points out - he's psychologically broken women before, badly, ones who were fine prior to knowing him, and who were around Greg for far less time than Taylor's been.
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  2. "You know why I asked her to do those things? (dying hair green/shaving eyebrows) because she fucked up and needed to sacrifice something to prove she was worth a relationship"

    ...how is that not abuse? What kind of creepy serial killer motherfucker asks their fucking romantic partner to "sacrifice" pieces of their hair/body instead of just having an argument or discussion and working it out like regular-ass adults? Had to stop watching there. I second whoever was being A-loggy a few pages ago because I just want to see this guy dead as well. That or I can't wait for him to start looking so old and crusty even the dumbest, thirstiest young girls aren't interested, he'd probably kill himself at that point anyway.
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  3. The difference in Lainey is that she is fully aware that it's not right, but does the same stuff in a quieter way. She's not an ignorant waif.
    For example, Sarah is her project. Billie was too in the start. I think Billie had her eyes on Greg all along (as he had his eyes on her) and Lainey didn't care until it came to a decision and Greg chose Billie.

    The kids are an insurance policy, so she won't be left with nothing. Lainey is in it for $$$ and the kids secured her financially.

    Notice how Lainey will get up on the soapbox and complain or whine with the WOE IS ME stuff until her "fans" preen her enough. When enough people bite, she'll delete it. She lives off the cuckoo drama as much as he does. Rinse, recycle, repeat.

    Greg chooses the weak or ill people he does for two reasons.
    One, a normal minded young individual wouldn't shack up with some old Youtuber without significant monetary gain or exchange of sorts. He has bought his entire harem.
    Two, he can smear them and blame it on their issues when it falls apart later. The entire bunch is toxic in different but similar ways.
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  4. He treats his girlfriends like they're pledging for a frat except when they're finally accepted their reward is a cold, thousand yard stare and the inability to remember what dignity felt like.
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  5. This sob goes from one young girl to another.... time and time again... only for the previous girl to have some form of mental breakdown. Something is going on here behind the scenes, seriously, the track record is too obvious.
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  6. Behind the scenes? It's going on before our very eyes. Onisions sociopathy and complete lack of self awareness are making damn sure of that.
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    RobertPaulson They're gonna have to open up my pecs again.

  7. Out of all the lolcows I've read about on this place, this guy is the one who has disgusted me most so far. Most of the sociopathic creeps are fat goobers, this guy is crimeshow-frat-rapist handsome with a big audience of dumbass girls.
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  8. I am talking about serious shit. Yeah he is showing what was always known but this dude is, again and again, bringing underage girls into his home and... again and again... in contact with them. We know a few stories when there are likely thousands.
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  9. I think it's mainly because she's been trained by Greg to be a tool that he can use to lure in more jailbait for his harem. Whenever he can't lure in a girl by himself (which is becoming more and more common these days) he sets out Lainey to reel them in. Chances are she's truly not all that torn up over the ordeal, she's just spewing out the bullshit he tells her to so she can have his approval.
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    Count groudon

    Count groudon Just bein' an edgelord

  10. At some point Greg will be exempt from the AoC laws as he chugs through all the girls to please his ephebophilia. He will then have very few options left, on being trying to explain why he moved overseas to bang more little girls.

    By that point, Greg will grab fucked up so bad that the only mercy will be at the hands of Shiloh, Lainey, Billie, and others. And hell hath no fury like that of a pissed off woman with neon hair.

    I'm betting you anything this dude just dreams about kidnapping and raping teenage girls. Discharged for not shooting a rabbit, my ass.

    Now you're making me think of underage prostitution rings. It's pretty typical for the male pimp to have a female coed assisting him in his endeavors, usually its also a victim he has abused and/or groomed himself.
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  11. Very valid point. It's terrifying to think about what goes on there behind closed doors....ESPECIALLY now that Taylor is helping him rope in new victims. There are 2 small children in that house too. I don't even want to think about what's going to happen to those kids if this cycle continues. They have a fucking daughter!
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    RobertPaulson They're gonna have to open up my pecs again.

  12. When the daughter starts to bring home friends.
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  13. Well consider this. That girl Billie is abused and dropped and.... a few days later... a new 16 year old is now living in their house that he is claiming is "friends with my wife" and now she is in videos.

    How many times have we seen this song and dance, seriously? This is, what, the fifth different time this exact same thing happened? So I reiterate that we likely know a couple out of a decades worth. It took them a day to bring this new 16 year old into their house... into their fucking house.... their house.... HOUSE... to "live"... just like they did with that Billie chick.

    Also, how many times have girls had mental breakdowns with this fag? This makes what now? Something bad is going on here..... no normal grown man tells a girl he wants to chain them to a wall after he "breaks up" with them after writing them a contract for behavior. This shit is straight up fucking pedo creepy shit weird and well beyond the scope of humorous in my view. Dude needs some serious oversight.
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  14. Wow this thread blew up...
    I honestly always forget Lainey is a part of the equation......
    One maybe pointless thought here tho... clearly Lainey has been uncomfortable with Billie and gregs relationship with the start, she's the reason they almost got divorced. She expressed to Greg she didn't want them to do anything while she left the house (due to being upset) and he massaged her naked. She knows she can't trust him around her. And yet, through this entire Billie saga, it's always been about this "3way" where Greg made it very clear all the time that he was to be involved. His wife - still uncomfortable with this asked Billie to not have sex with Greg just the two of them....which they ended up doing -that was the "cheating" and after that, Billie and Gregs and Lainey's relationship continued on...... now, after Billie hurt Greg soooo much by not asking permission to smoke/"lying" etc, NOW she is not allowed back, now she really fucked up and now the relationship is truly over....

    Funny how, Greg always uses Lainey as this tool "you lied to Lainey, you need to apologize to Lainey, blah blah Lainey" yet whenever Lainey herself was actually hurt....it never seemed to change things, it's only when Greg himself was hurt, that's when it's actually over.

    Just an interesting thought.
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    day_man a-woooaahh

  15. Exactly correct. He makes videos claiming that Billie girl hurt his wife and makes it appear like he is some loving and protective husband but the fact is that the entire thing began due to him wanting a three way because he wasn't satisfied with his groomed wife. He can manipulate the kids all he wants but that shit won't fly with adults who dwarf his ridiculously puny/pathetic life and lack of any education.

    Lainey goes from liking guys to turning into a pixie hair cut weird looking anime doll thing who mysteriously begins to like women at the same time this fag starts asking about three ways and other women. In my view and opinion he uses her to bring in fresh young girls who are unsure of their sexuality and if it goes to shit (as we have seen several times now) he pretends he did all he did to protect Lainey.

    This dudes track record is one repetitive list. The same people claiming the same abuse and the same underage girls (just new ones) spouting up. I mean, consider this for a moment... what grown man would EVER agree to bringing a 16 year old unknown into his home? Well... this guy has that exact thing happen... repeatedly.
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  16. Welcome to the mind of a god. The power to bend others at your leisure, punish the heretics, and enact judgment in accordance to how you will it be. If anyone has his old cult shot, I'd love to read it over. He probably calls himself the almighty.

    The fatal flaw to any narcissist is that when they can't control or manipulate, they crack. The only flaw to this, however, is it has to be someone from the inside, close to or had been close to the narc; meaning if any of Greg's women decided to band together, he would be drilled in his Shane Dawson wannabe ass so hard, not even his youtube bucks could help.

    Any and all sexual abuse/harassment cases have to abide by the statutes of limitations. That's the catch. Luckily while he baleeted all the thong and underwear threads on his two forums, there are still articles and screencaps featuring the drama, and video timestamps to back it up.

    (This post sounds way too optimistic, I know.)

    Notice the trend too. Adolescent alternative misfit girls who are self conscious and are neglected by parents/think their parents don't care about them.

    That in itself is prime material for any predator. You befriend them, pep them up, infatuate them, and that's when the dirty talk starts. Next thing you know your photos are in some pervert's hard drive, your you're being piledrived jacked on ecstasy and heroin.

    Who would have thought 12yo me thinking "something's up with him" would come back to become this fucking mystery.
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  17. So, Onision is sending Sarah back to her 'abusive' parents because there's 'too much drama'

    And while Sarah was doing a YouNow stream to explain her side of things, Onision crashed and demanded that she block Billie because it was 'upsetting Lainey' who was watching the stream from a different house(?)

    That's the clip, the whole stream is about 2 and a half hours long. The way he sits behind her while relaying things that "Lainey" has said is super creepy.
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  18. You ever wonder if he is gonna go full Jim Jones and start his own cult?
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  19. It's not a matter of "if," it's a matter of when.
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    The Queen of Trash

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  20. He's already made one back in the 2000s. Just a matter of reviving it.
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