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Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson / AvaroeEdgelord, king of the tweens, outspoken vegan douchebag

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Zorceror44, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. You're not kidding.

    I never thought I would say this, considering his "comedy" sketches are about as funny as my last biopsy, but he'd be a lot better off if he just stuck to that. His rant videos and basically everything on "Onision Speaks" just makes him look worse than before, while continuing to alienate the very audience that he needs in order to get views/make money.

    I've seen Scientologists with more likability and common sense, and that's not saying much.

    He needs to come to terms with the fact that he was never this super charismatic, amazingly intelligent idol that led the way in innovative YouTube videos. Onion boy has it ingrained in his head that he made all this money (back then) because he was some kind of misunderstood genius that people were drawn to; When in reality he got on the platform at a good time and went viral with a stupid, seizure inducing autistic song. Whatever views he got after that were from teenage fan girls that were slightly enamored and thought they had a chance to interact with him.

    He attributes his "downfall" to everyone but himself - YouTube is rigged & biased, and if everyone just stopped making negative videos using his name, he would be the one getting the views again and all would be right with the world. He's delusional and narcissistic, but everyone except him knows that. As long as he can keep pointing the finger at other people (Jaclyn, Shane, Joy, Lana etc) it's cool because he's just a victim of circumstance.

    I don't try to play armchair psychologist because I suck at it, but there's some type of category he fits into (personality disorder maybe) and I've met others like him. They take no responsibility for anything, things "just happen to them" magically, and they continue to float from person to person for support until everyone gets sick of their shit and gives up trying to help. He takes the same approach with his recent job - he could've been a CEO you guys, but because of black people and reverse racism or some shit he's gotta be a regular employee. It's not that he has no work history, higher degree of education or experience in the field, no no - that can't be it.

    Had he smartened-up years ago, invested his YT earnings wisely (instead of using it on stupid shiny shit he didn't need to impress his young victims) while budgeting correctly and working on a career/end goal, he would've been more than fine. Now we get to watch him sperg out and rage at absolutely everything because the universe always aligns in some weird cosmic way to fuck him over. It's totes not his fault, guise.

    Sorry to be cynical but JFC, this is a grown ass man in his mid 30's that's married with two kids. Somehow he is the only person left who hasn't realized that yet.
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    speshul_sn0wflake Miss, you're causing a scene

  2. 12 videos about hair. Seriously.

    I love how he mentioned multiple times that his water bill is 29 dollars. He responded to someone's comment about wasting water with ''I'm a vegetarian''. What about those kids in Africa that are dying and no one cares about who have no clean water to drink? Those poor kids are hella dirty too.

    Greg makes some lolcows look like fucking geniuses.
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  3. Its not that he is flip floppy. Its just that he never NEVER can admit that he was wrong on anything.
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  4. She at least partially believes that she is a major contributor to the household income now, and this is not the life she signed up for. So her irritation creeps out in comments she makes every now and then about how Gurgles only cleans up after himself, how she's paying for xyz, how she wants him to stop doing certain things. Little tiny comments that, if you were so inclined, you can see increasing in frequency/irritable sounding qualities largely from cuddlegate onwards.

    Does that mean she is growing a pair and seeking to be cleansed? No. You can have your head so far up someone's arse you'll swear their farts are fresh as a spring breeze, but still have an inkling that all is not rosy when the diarrhoea just won't go away.
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  5. Grug breaks the law again, and has a fit when he's caught. You see, the FAX are, he knows he didn't mess up the water table by clearing brush, because LOGIC, no he's not a scientist, why does he have to pay for a stupid permit when it's his property, what a stupid law. In fact, the neighbors who reported him for clearing extensive brush without a permit obviously are illegal trespassers, why aren't they arrested?

    He is so, so fucking stupid. First with the taxes, then with Shiloh's manager, now this. Just because you disagree with a law, doesn't make it any less of a thing you are obligated to obey. He's now going to fight the city, telling them Special Narc Greg is above permits, and demands the arrest of anyone who reports his crimes.

    Remember, the only reason he's not a CEO is black people.
    kek.png kek (1).png kek (2).png kek (3).png kek (4).png Part1.png part2.png 2018-09-07_22-06-10.png

    Apparently this wasn't just some "weeding". In a recent video Laney put out, he rented a goddamn TRACTOR to make these changes, fucking up a bunch of foliage that he thinks are "weeds". He's about to find out what happens when you live within earshot of normal people, who will absolutely tell the city their insane neighbor is tearing down the forest with a tractor.
    tractor place.PNG

    h/t lolcow for the images
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    Erica resident shitlord

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  6. Why the actual hell would you buy a house in the woods if you don't enjoy any part of the woods.
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    Galactus talkin' softball


  7. @multiverse You just reminded me! Thank you for bringing up taxes because I almost forgot about what an idiot he can be.

    So Im sure some of you know that Onion boy over here thought he could pull one over on the IRS and use every little thing he ever bought as a deduction on his taxes. No, Im not kidding. However when you see the specifics of what this little asshole tried to deduct, you'll die of laughter. Why someone who isn't a tax attorney/licensed CPA thought they could navigate tax law aside from a standard 1040, 1040EZ or even a 1099 where they know the rules for that year, just goes to show you how intelligent he thinks he is. Im assuming that Youtubers use a 1099 misc, and that can get tricky, so smart people (key word) would hire a CPA. Not Gurg, he's too narcissistic for that.

    Link that includes moderator deleted comments (use this, you'll want to read them)
    Original Reddit Thread
    Archive.Is Link (shows you multiple archives from oldest to newest)

    One of the big things that screwed him is that Gurg claims he had no clue that he couldn't deduct entire property values. For someone who claims they have a Genius IQ, he was oblivious as to what the 1/29 rule is and didn't bother to look it up until it was mentioned by a Redditor. For those of you who don't know or don't live in the US, the IRS will let you deduct 1/29th of a business property acquired that year. So lets say the McMansion was around 650k USD, he'd be allowed to deduct (roughly) around 22500 and not a penny more. Onision liked to act like he made these tiny little mistakes throughout the last few years, when in reality they were gigantic oversights because he thought he could get away with it and "stick it" to the IRS. Well, we see how well that worked out for him.

    What makes this even better, not only was this his second audit by the IRS (still didn't bother to get a lawyer and a CPA) but he doubles down like a child. Instead of taking the advice he asked for, he deletes a bunch of shit in an Onion-flavored rage after he realizes that "I didn't know bruh" isn't a valid excuse for stupidity. In true narc fashion, he waits a few days and then goes to another subreddit, this time to ask if he can fucking SUE Turbotax because it "lied" to him. Don't worry, plenty of people come to Intuit's defense, ya know - because software can't exactly lie, and Onision failed to admit that he didn't read the TOS and other specifics that would've helped him.

    Since the mods removed the original post, it doesn't show on the archived version that Im about to link (so you can see the deleted comments as well), this is what Onision originally wrote:

    Title: "Turbotax screwed me over [WA]" (WA is for Washington, Legal Advice asks you to include location)

    OP that's since been removed: It lied. According to certain tax laws I didn't know about and Turbotax didn't inform me of, you cannot deduct more than 1/29 of a business property acquisition each year. Turbotax never had a pop-up dialogue that said "Hey you can't claim more that 1/29 that property." Never happened. It makes buiness sense to me to be able to claim my house. I owe the IRS $150k. I think I can pay it off (maybe with a kickstarter or help from my paterons) but I think turbotax is at least partly responsible since it told me I was fine as I got audited. The software showed me a little green bar saying it was unlikely that I'd be audited. Can I sue them?

    Link showing comments removed by mods
    Archive.is Link (this includes some comments that were deleted before the above link could grab them)
    Original Reddit Link

    His username is "screwedbyyoutube" in both of these posts.

    When a Redditor tells Greg to hire a tax professional, Greg claims that "He's been doing his own taxes for years, and he's only been audited once", which really isn't true. This was his second audit, he was audited the year prior as well. Guess he didn't learn. He goes on to say this, which by far was my favorite:
    "I tried to claim my divorce as a business expense since she was trying to take my business from me, common sense."
    Someone tells him how utterly ridiculous that is, and that he should've learned after his first auditing disaster. His response?
    "Yes but it made the promise to me that I wouldn't be audited. Duh, that's basic logic don't make statements that aren't true."

    Turbotax is software, and it only knows what you tell it. Last I checked it can't make promises, and for someone who uses the words "common sense" and "basic logic" as much as him, he sure doesn't appear to have either.

    In the end, he decided to say "fuck it" to all the advice posted, not hire a CPA or a lawyer because he's smarter than both combined. Being the genius that Onion is, he decided to give the IRS all the FAX by doing a video walk-thru of the home, and while filming he unknowingly admitted to tax fraud.

    As you can guess, the second audit didn't go well and doubled what he owed to the IRS. I believe he ended up owing somewhere around 300k, so he's done over a million in deductions that weren't allowed.
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  8. My god, this manchild is going to drive himself into ruin and take his family with him. I'm sure Taylor is appreciating all this extra stress, what with a third baby on the way.
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  9. Definitely want to see Grug try and fight the law, it will be an enjoyable trainwreck.:story:

    Also, some people just don't know when to let go... midlife crisis striking hard Grug?:smug:

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    HIVidaBoheme Condensating bitch

  10. It should be fun, I hope someone at the City Council sees that Patreon only video. Knowing Greg, he'll probably go ahead and submit that as evidence of him doing nothing wrong, just clearing "weeds" as he calls them and end up getting charged a fine for each tree, bush, and plant he removed. If he didn't hire an attorney for the IRS, he won't hire one to help him navigate this either. It's not as serious but it could certainly help him when it comes to the fines and jail time.

    You'd think he'd have learned by now that if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Everyone makes mistakes, the difference is they usually learn from them. Not only does he not learn, he continues to stick his fingers in his ears and blame everyone else, and in turn shit like this happens.

    This may be a dumb question - but has Lainey confirmed this yet? It looked like she was, but I wonder if she's addressed it yet. She's just as fucking dumb as he is. She tries to use her kids to fix a marriage that was doomed from the start. That never works, and she should know that a child isn't a band-aid for a relationship.

    What kind of person thinks "Hey what a great time to have a kid!" when they're heavily in debt, their "careers" and subsequent pay are on a steady decline, and their relationship is hanging on by a thread? All it ever accomplishes is adding strain, heartbreak and resentment into an already disastrous situation. If she had half a brain left and gave a shit about her and her children's future she would get her shit together, pack the kids up and go stay with family until she gets on her feet.

    But we all know that won't happen. Instead Lainey will continue to make excuses for him while thinking up new pronouns for herself and ignoring her kids so she can focus on putting out more shitty videos.

    This whole thing is a dumpster fire.
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  11. Grug will absolutely show his own video of him cutting down and entire swath of forrest, as proof of LOGIC. He never learns, even after he completely fucked up thinking he could get away with his IRS video (doubly incriminating as nothing was reserved for business use only, and didn't keep the IRS from coming in for a required inspection.)

    It appears that the swamp / retention pond behind the house, and likely the surrounding foliage, belong to the state of Washington, and as such, owning the adjacent property (even the land underneath) means you need special permission to make any changes. The state needs you to buy a permit, pay for any environmental studies required, and best of all, requires state crews to make the changes - or any restoration shouldn't decide to go ahead and fuck it up without asking.

    So not only does Greg need to buy the permit, he's also going to have to pay for the state to restore everything single tree, local plant, and any re-grading that needs to happen (to fix erosion). Since the state crew is doing the work, he's also going to have to pay the DNR to approve all this.

    All because he decided to be a narc who believes in the Cartman Defense ("whateva! I do what I want!")
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    multiverse in every parallel reality you're a cow
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  12. If Gurg was smart (and we know he's not, outside of his own mind), he'd just shut the fuck up, pay the damn fees, and do some fucking research next time. But since Onion is gonna Onion, he'll just continue to whine like a baby and keep crying about how everyone else is wrong but him.
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    Water-T Let's go crunch some numbers!

  13. If reddit's tree law taught me anything, it's that Greg could be in the hold for tens of thousands depending on what he cut down.
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  14. He pulled a Shawn Parker, without the wedding or the cash to pay off the state for re-planting. It's not just the permit anymore; Gruggles owes another fortune to the gubmint.

    edit: looool holy shit, he caused a fucking flood to the neighborhood in Gig Harbor. His old neighbor who works in state conservation could see a rented BOBCAT BACKHOE from his yard - no trespassing, Grug - and Greg has seriously fucked he ecosystem. The government rolls slowly, but they always get theirs. He's made himself a pariah within months of move in.
    violations.png Screenshot_20180908-224715.png Screenshot_20180908-225033.png Screenshot_20180908-225324.png Screenshot_20180908-225501.png

    h/t lolcow

    He actually caused a flood within a week or so of making a massive clearing.
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    multiverse in every parallel reality you're a cow
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  15. @multiverse I read the documents provided, he's so fucked it's not even funny. I was thinking last night that he was going to have to replace any vegetation he took down or pay the fines for the city to replace it. Greg's probably thinking that he can just go to Home Depot and buy some fucking plants and pay a fine and that this will be over. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he finds out that mature tree's can very easily be in the realm of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he's going to have to reimburse the state for an arborist that will come out and make assessment. Not to mention any other specialists that have to come out to the property.

    I also love the sperging out about "Why would they include Lainey in this?" like the government is just out to get him and his wife. His pre-teen viewers may not get this, but the reason they included Lainey in the complaint was because her name is attached to the property/deed, along with Gregory, and legally they have to address both of them. He's an adult, he should know how the law works to some degree.

    I'd say this couldn't get worse for Onion boy, but we all know his penchant to make situations that much worse in an effort to show everyone the FAX. He'll probably be the one to provide half the evidence used to dig his own grave.

    ETA - He's really fucked this time. I checked out some info pertaining to the property, and his property is listed as a ''RURAL SENSITIVE RESOURCE'' with site constraints pertaining to the following; ''Flood Zone, County Wetland, National Wetland, Hydrology, Hydric Soils''. Good job Greg, you fucked with a national and county wetland.
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  16. Any rational ( not gurg) person would probably have looked over the regulations regarding ecological changes when purchasing a property. Even saying they were dumb, and didn't, upon being notified they were in violation, would have stopped, said, you know what? I fucked up. Let me pay the fines to repair the damage to sensitive wetlands caused by my ignorance. Maybe I can learn more and get help to have both a yard I love and a yard that contributes to the well being of the greater good of the world I live in.
    But no. This is Greg. He takes a pic of his no tresspassing sign, demands to know how the neighbors knew he was "pulling weeds" without tresspassing, when in fact he was using a fucking backhoe.
    The more he runs his mouth, the more this will cost him. I love it.
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    Toasty Insane Sick Tart!

  17. When he bought the house, they had to have notified him about the limitations to the land use. It looks like he just decided that he needed a clear view of the swamp and started hacking through hundred year old trees without thinking about it. This is why we can't have nice things, I guess.
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    bigshot Some call me ween. I call me BIGSHOT!

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