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Trainwreck Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/AvaroeEdgy king of the tweens, vegan d-bag pedo, Destroying the Environment. Looks like emo Freddy Kreuger

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Zorceror44, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. But, given his so-called 'books', we know he has a very, very loose grasp on vocabulary. So, I'm not surprised he didn't use the word 'objectively' correctly.
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    Blonde Bomb

    Blonde Bomb when you got it, flaunt it

  2. This is somewhat off topic, but does anyone else get creepy/sociopathic vibes anytime Greg refers to himself in the third person? Does he think it makes him look more credible or professional because he just comes across as mentally unsound. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
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  3. From Greg's super sekrit paid twitter (h/t lolcow): he posts his soliloquies to Ayella, who only responds with "looking forward to it [his imaginary lawsuit]" and "do not contact me again".

    This is winning, to him.

    He also decided that the best defense for these grooming accusations is to dredge up his short brush with fame from a decade ago; it might be just sad and pathetic if he wasn't such a destructive asshole who deserves every bit of his current situation. Now it's just hilarious how he clings to a skit written and edited by his far more talented ex wife.

    Now he's sat in his basement, ignoring the kids, tweeting about how he's all rainbows and sunshine. Sure thing, Greg, tell it to the IRS and Pierce County. I'm sure they'll back off if they just knew how mega positive you are!
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    #8783 multiverse, Jan 11, 2019 at 4:36 PM
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    multiverse in every parallel reality you're a cow
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  4. "I love Nine Inch Nails" Ahaha, sure buddy. I think Greg might think he actually looks like Trent Reznor in his With Teeth era... only he looks like a burn patient with a Manic Panic dye job gone wrong. Hmm. Also when has he ever played a video game or liked nerd shit. He spends most of his time making shitty videos, then scanning youtube for videos made about himself so he can make a response video, followed up by rating girls on his forums and changing his patreon. I honestly doubt he has time for anything else with the amount he spends obsessing over what someone on the internet says about him.

    I also love how when he's in hot shit, he acts super positive and shit and tells people to have wonderful lives, but it comes off as supremely passive aggressive and childish. You're fooling no one, Onision. We all know how salty you are.
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    whitepumpkin Better than Butternut

  5. What money are you going to use to fund that lawsuit, Gurg?
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    Blonde Bomb

    Blonde Bomb when you got it, flaunt it

  6. Each passing day I see Greg as a skinny boogie who didn't have the money for NDA.
  7. > I love Super Mario RPG

    Booster is not a role model, dumbass
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    ducktales4gameboy git push -a -m "fixed #221 (goddammit unity)"

  8. Neither is Bowser.

    REGENDarySumanai Man of excellent taste

  9. Fresh newz

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  10. I'd argue Bowser is a better role model than Onision. At least he spends time with his kids and takes them karting. Onision won't talk to his until they're old enough and acts like he isn't a father at all to lure in that underage puss.

    I know Bowser kidnaps Peach, but at least she's a grown woman and he doesn't groom her first before luring her to the mcmansion.
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    whitepumpkin Better than Butternut

  11. Yknow, it’s been bugging me for the longest time because I’ve always thought Greg looked like something from a movie I watched a long time ago but I could never put my finger on it until now. He totally looks like Dren from Splice when they turn into a dude and get all rapey.

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    #8791 Count groudon, Jan 11, 2019 at 7:40 PM
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    Count groudon

    Count groudon Saltier than Njord's left testicle

  12. Come now, that's being harsh!

    Dren wasn't that hideous.
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    Witlich Semi - Clever Girl

  13. Meet RedPotato_666_ (former username "HilmASociopath"), a fake fan account on twitter that Greg made for himself in August of 2018.
    This account consists solely on Onision retweets and the occasional original tweet defending him.
    Not only are both the old and current usernames things that Greg would totally come up with (random XD + edgy vibes), the tweets themselves are also very similar to Greg's own tweets, both in terms of actual content and the way they're phrased.
    RedPotato_666 retweets.JPG RedPotato_666 retweets 2.JPG
    RedPotato_666 defending onision.JPG RedPotato_666 defending onision 2.JPG
    big lol.JPG people agree.JPG
    What I find the most bizarre about this is that Gurg seems to be using this account not only to try and make us believe that he has actual fans, but also to "let out" all of his negative thoughts. As you've probably noticed, Greggo has been uncharacteristically positive on his main twitter account lately, which is interesting, because his happy-go-lucky behaviour started right around the time that RedPotato started posting all these nihilistic tweets (which are awfully similar to Greg's old tweets, before he put on this new "sunshine and rainbows" facade).
    edgy tweet #5.JPG edgy tweet #4.JPG edgy tweet #3.JPG edgy tweet #2.JPG edgy tweet #1.JPG
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    #8793 dontstare, Jan 12, 2019 at 5:46 AM
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    dontstare Filthy Cyborg

  14. "Red potato" sure sounds like whatever the fuck skin condition gurg has going on.
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  15. Leave it to Greg to make the most random thing about himself. I can't wait for him to get over his whole positivity/zen phase.
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  16. Is the video him bitching about Logal Pauls "homophobic" remark? Because I can see Greg in his heterosexual relationship with a cisgendered woman getting major butt hurt over that.
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    Rabbit Bones

    Rabbit Bones If he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster
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  17. To be fair we've seen direct evidence that Gurgles fans try to mimic his autistic enlightened speech patterns, even in real life. It could be Greg, OR it could be one of his superfans who's been suckered to his underbelly since 2009.
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    NoFeline Mario's stomach ulcer practically explodes

  18. I'm gonna keep both pages open, and watch their activity times. Currently if you look at both twitter feeds, the last activity from RP666 is 9 hours ago. Annnndddd the last activity from Greg? 9 hours ago. It'll be kinda iffy at best, considering their personal posts are far and few between but if the only time RP666 is retweeting is when Greg is awake and tweeting...well, it's at least a little suspect.
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    #8798 alittlebifurious, Jan 12, 2019 at 10:51 AM
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    alittlebifurious colder than my dad's empty stare on my birthday

  19. at least Bowser kidnapped Peach cause he just wants his children to have a good mother figure

    Onisions in an effort to rekindle his lost fame he becomes obsessed with bananas with a side of government sperging
    A+ Gallery_24.jpg

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    DICKPICSRUS Tfw no salt mine

  20. I don't think it's a real fan. RP666's username, display name, profile picture and everything are really reminiscent of the random shit you come up with on a whim when creating an alternate account. Greg overshares his life immensely on the internet, and his fanbase is composed of people who do the same. RP666, however, seems to be a conveniently private person, and won't reveal even as much as their name, age, or pronouns, whereas Onision's actual fans basically document their entire life online.
    Besides, RP's tweets are way too similar to Greg's for them to be a fan trying to imitate how he talks. His subscribers might try to mimic it, but I've never seen one so scarily accurate as this one.
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