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Trainwreck Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/AvaroeEdgy king of the tweens, vegan d-bag pedo, Destroying the Environment. Looks like emo Freddy Kreuger

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Zorceror44, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. Had Grug chosen her, she would be not anywhere near an alcoholic mother that is abusive and money hungry to the point she screams for cash in her streams, the lazy violent brother and she may have been better off. Not by much, but she may not have been dying at least. A toss up in every other aspect though.

    Then again, Shregs antics may have pushed her toward anorexia. Who really knows.
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    Francis Dollarhyde

    Francis Dollarhyde And the woman, clothed in the sun.

  2. Greg talking to himself like the narcissistic fuck he is...
    C279087E-FAC5-489A-90A8-234F2C5DAA16.jpeg 7911E767-90E9-4340-910D-391EF087E7DE.jpeg 89024579-0FAC-411F-B0E8-6AB3AFC50285.jpeg

    And finally this golden question.
    I’m getting bad vibes that this is either for Sarah or his “trans” wife. He never even mentioned his grandmother before so it’s obviously a question he wants answered for himself.
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  3. He's a grown adult. A 30 year old man and he doesn't know that it doesn't matter if your clothes are on or off, if sperm gets in the pussy, you're at risk of pregnancy.

    What the fuck.
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    cogsworth it's Faggot O'Clock

  4. Bear with me because what follows is all from memory and it's late.

    Regarding Eugenia:

    Before Eugenia's refusal to eat got this bad, back when she was just very thin, people were terribly worried about her but they let it go because Eugenia isn't promoting her eating habits as a lifestyle. But later, after she became a bone queen, Tumblr's outrage brigade were apoplectic that she would show herself online in any capacity and trigger all the precious 250 pound snowflakes who once skipped a meal and might totally see her on YouTube and, like, become anorexic again and die. Eugenia has been down this road before and it's unlikely that Greg and his cabal of anxious teen girls seeking his favor will upset her too much. She seldom seems affected by criticism.

    But one of the main reasons the first wave of gossipers left her alone is because Eugenia lives with her parents, who are definitely aware that she is skeletal and are affluent enough to get her help and are doing all they can legally to help her.

    However, traditional help doesn't change much for Eugenia because Eugenia does not recognize or admit she is anorexic. Some think her refusal to eat comes from being on the autism spectrum (and maybe this was the OCD spectrum). The theory goes that she dislikes eating because the physical reality of food and its consumption fucks with her sensory issues. The smell and texture of so many foods upset her, as well as hearing herself chew and the sounds of plates and cutlery scraping against each other. She takes a lot of photos that can be seen as body checks but mostly if she was 40 pounds heavier she'd be just another basic bitch who takes too many selfies in front of mirrors.

    And while anorexia nervosa causes a wide variety of behaviors, Eugenia doesn't seem to exhibit any of the behaviors seen in other online bone queens. She never speaks of her weight, she never engages with people about weight loss or anorexia, she doesn't do the whole, "I'm so fat and disgusting because I ate an apple" shtick seen in so many online anorexics. She seldom seems depressed or unhappy. She doesn't seem to recognize that she appears frightening to other people so she doesn't enjoy the malignant attention that someone like Ashley gets when she rolls around Target without her wig on. She doesn't talk about food for hours on end. She behaves in a manner wholly unlike most of the girls with anorexia nervosa. She certainly suffers from anorexia in that she is not eating very much, but she very well may not suffer from anorexia nervosa.

    But even if the autism angle isn't correct, it is undeniable that Eugenia has parents who love her and get her care. She lives with them and they have a far better idea of what is happening with Eugenia than Greg does. If her parents have been unable to persuade her to eat, chances are a bunch of online eating disordered baby Onions will not be able to get her to go inpatient and eat a sandwich. If Greg is so worried about someone's eating habits killing her, perhaps he should look into getting Amberlynn or Chantal help.
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    Dog Prom 3D

    Dog Prom 3D I had to get away from those anuses for a while.
    True & Honest Fan

  5. No, it's just him with his 2007 "lolz so random cookie spork penguin" humor, trying to get all the teenz to think he is a god of humor.
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  6. Can we please stop talking about Eugenia Cooney? It's bumming me out.

    Also, wasn't Greg supposed to have a plan for restoring the wetlands by now? Anyone know how things are going on that front?
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    Knyttet Who will comfort me?

  7. Is this bitch seriously trying to assert that he doesn't love himself more than literally anything or anyone on this Earth? He's a father of 2 who never talks about his children, never references them unless it's to garner pity or attention for himself, doesn't care for his family as a parent should in the way of financial stability and education, has a wife/fuckboi/space prinx who he also has nothing, but contempt for unless it's to draw attention to himself.

    Goddammit, Gurgles, you are the most selfish, self-involved, self-loving person I can think of right off hand. I don't think your problems stem from a lack of self-love, but more from an over abundance of it.
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  8. Anorexia is born out of many factors, and most of the people who have EDs begin having the first signs when they are children. It doesn't happen to everybody, one can develop an ED when they are 40 just like when they are 13. Eugenia was already very, very thin when she was a model, and it has only been worse since then. She probably had an ED even then, but she simply didn't show the signs yet.

    We all know that Greg is obsessed with skinny, child-looking people (and with his own body, that looks like that of a problematic granpa), and that he did shit like "skinny pacts" or whatever with at least one of his partners. Taylor may look of a normal weight because she wears oversized shirts, but you can see from her arms and neck that she is not of the correct weight: she's too skinny, and from the way she talks about her body, it's easy to understand that she hates it not simply because she has boobs and a vagina. She hates her body and sees herself fat, and what she eats - oily highly processed foods - probably makes her feel dirty too; it's an eating disorder ready to spiral down and make her become a second Eugenia.

    Greg got a victim of sexual and emotional abuse and abused her into having the most deadly mental disorder known to the story of psychology.

    Really, if he had gotten his hands on Eugenia back in the day, by now she would've been even worse.
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    Whale Lake

    Whale Lake Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet

  9. As far as I understand only one of his applications has been accepted. Either way there have been no recent updates which makes me quite curious
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  10. From the recent before & after pictures, he hasn’t done shit. He says he planted 10 trees and 10 blackberry bushes but I don’t see any in his aftermath pictures. The rotting trees are still in the lake, the moss is getting all deformed and there’s many dirt patches. From @multiverse said, he has till 18th or 19th for check up. He’s probably going to jail.
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  11. C'mon Gurg - flex harder to convince those bushes to grow back! Scream louder at the trees to do what you say! Post videos about how the stupid ecology won't bow to you!
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    Water-T Let's go crunch some numbers!

  12. I really hope they don't just lock him up right away. We're gonna miss out on all of the glorious twitter and vlog salt if that happens.
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  13. But with Grugs safely secured behind bars, Lainey might find the ladyballs to pick up the slack on social media presence and give us a different flavor of Avaroe crazy. It's a win-win.
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    Amadeus Wish you weren't so fuckin' awkward, bud.

  14. Well we're in the passive aggressively positive Gurgles phase so you can expect a chimp out any day regardless. Personally, I'd rather have chimping out Gurgles than this ridiculous life coach, inspirational Gurgles. If we have any luck we'll get that nice spazz out before they lock him up and we can miss the next simpering motivational phase while he's in the clink.
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  15. They won't be throwing him in jail. The government will arrange to do the corrections themselves and start attaching his property to pay for it. We'll get a glorious chimp out when they present him with a paper saying they have the right to come on his property and make changes, and we'll get another chimp out when the bill for it arrives. He'll refuse to pay the bill claiming it is "outrageous" and an example of "government oppression", so they will start attaching real property, starting with the deed to his house, and ferreting out his bank accounts to claim money from them without his permission. Then we'll get the mother of all chimp outs.
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    bigshot Some call me ween. I call me BIGSHOT!

  16. That's a shame. People who fuck up the environment that bad should get prison time in my opinion.
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    Amadeus Wish you weren't so fuckin' awkward, bud.

  17. REALLY gotta disagree with you on this one. One thing that can cause anorexia is the feeling of being overly controlled by others. The anorexic might hold on to the idea that "At least I can control what I eat and how much of it I eat." Of course, the disorder eventually takes over, but they don't recognize that.

    Another possible cause is sexual abuse. I don't know that much about Eugenia, so I don't know if she has been through that, but some anorexics that have been abused are horrified with how their bodies change during puberty. They could see things like boobs as "bait", so to them, starving themselves KNOWING how unappealing they'll look is a twisted form of self defense.

    Now, think about how abusive and controlling Onion is. Not only would he have possibly made it worse, I'm willing to bet she'd likely be dead already.
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  18. Probably will eventually end up repoing his expensive possessions like his cars and camera equipment and such.

    The government doesn’t want to jail him since he did eventually stop, but they do want their land fixed and their money. It will take time, but Uncle Sam will find a way to take what’s his.

    Or maybe he will eventually try to declare bankruptcy. That would be fun.
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    Erica resident shitlord

  19. Just a disappointing reminder of geographical location...currently under snow and ice; businesses, and even more screwy, governments are closed for the weather. I think we will soon get lulz from Gerg, but suspect this week is a wash because 'Snowmageddon" , ie, a typical winter week for most temperate parts, is gonna clog shit up until well into next week.
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    simulated goat

    simulated goat Not a GTO

  20. prisontapes.PNG
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    PersonOfOstracize My pronouns are 'shun' and 'begone'

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