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Trainwreck Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/AvaroeEdgy king of the tweens, vegan d-bag pedo, Destroying the Environment. Looks like emo Freddy Kreuger

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Zorceror44, Sep 10, 2014.

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Article Available:
The Lolcow Wiki has an article on Onision

    I really could see Onion saying something that cliche. Either that or drown his eyeballs with Visine and try and make a whiny "apology video". Saying something along the lines of "Guys, I now see that I messed up. But I'm a better person now!", all while thinking that everyone would fall for it. He's already proven (repeatedly) that he thinks that we are just as dumb as his fangirls.
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  2. They will try to get their money first and foremost, and someone in jail will only cost them. However, if he chimps out hard enough and defends his home as the nasty officers try and get on to his property, we might see him locked away for a few days for obstruction or possibly a mild assault.
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    Francis Dollarhyde

    Francis Dollarhyde And the woman, clothed in the sun.

  3. What is that? It looks like it belongs on Wheel of the Worst.
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    Knyttet Who will comfort me?

  4. Don’t mean to derail, but that theory doesn’t make sense to me. Presumably, she’d also be horrified by how she looks since the issue wouldn’t be with her body or gaining weight. Things like Ensure exist to help keep calories up, and I imagine it would be much easier and desirable to seek treatment as someone like that than for an anorexic. It sounds far-fetched considering how close to death she looks. Plenty of people with anorexia don’t make a show of it in the way you’re describing, and I’m sure she’s getting her fill of attention by just doing videos if that is what she’s after.
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    PersonOfOstracize My pronouns are 'shun' and 'begone'

  6. Onion in the Boondocks

    Ps. Apologies for the stuttering. I learned that I will never use Quik again.

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  7. This entire video is tragic, it's amazing watching Lamey just sit there and take it all. It's like with every video you watch her care less and less
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    democon do a flip

  8. Eh, I had a reply here I edited. It largely doesn't matter how she came to have be starving like this, via traditional presentation of anorexia nervosa or something different. My original point was just to lay out that there may be something else going on. We don't know because Eugenia doesn't discuss it. And if we don't know, Greg, who is just as ignorant of specific facts and stupid as fuck to boot, needs to leave her the hell alone and let her family deal with her. She gets tens of thousands of negative down votes on her videos, thousands of comments of people rending their garments and wringing their hands over her appearance - Greg's personal army of insecure pre-teens cannot help her so he should just shut up about her.
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    #9508 Dog Prom 3D, Feb 9, 2019 at 11:41 PM
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019 at 11:46 PM
    Dog Prom 3D

    Dog Prom 3D I had to get away from those anuses for a while.
    True & Honest Fan

  9. All his "jokes" are funny to a 4 year old. Jokes about being a narc, grooming Lainey, transtrending, etc like they are reading this thread, post by post.
    Francis Dollarhyde

    Francis Dollarhyde And the woman, clothed in the sun.

  10. Could end up as the Ruby Ridge of the internet generation. "Gubmint can't take ma godamn McMansion.....!!"
  11. Awww isn't that sweet?

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    HIVidaBoheme Intersectional Tard Wrangler

  12. I hear kids like building snowmen. But a reminder of his spawn might scare off young poon. So fuck 'em.
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    Particle Bored

    Particle Bored I am made out of toothpicks and glue

  13. The filter makes it so I honestly can't tell if he's wearing a hat or he died his hair black and makes it look like he's got some weird bowl cut going on.
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    Ido Discord Dominatrix
    True & Honest Fan

  14. Took a look, that is definitely hair.
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    cogsworth it's Faggot O'Clock

  15. I know this thread isn't about Eugenia, but she tweeted that she's getting help.



    I hope this is true.
    Now Greg won't be able to gloat over her death.
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    dontstare Filthy Cyborg

  16. Good for her! She's getting help, hopefully, and looks a fuckton of a lot better than Gurgles in his... fucking what, is he dressed for goddamn Alaska? How cold is it in Washington?

    Anyways, he looks like someone hit his face with a hot frying pan. I did not miss it while I was sick.
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    whitepumpkin Better than Butternut

  17. Greg’s a narcissist. He’ll find a way to make this about himself one way or another. She’s either die because help isn’t working and he’ll say “if only she had listened earlier” and if help does work, he’ll say “thank god she listened to me in time!”

    Of course, Greg has literally nothing to do with this poor woman.... but a narcissist will find a way to relate everything to themself.
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    4Macie The Cow Dullahan

  18. Lainey speaks for us all when she tells AIDS to shut up and how she hates him.
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    drtoboggan Please, call me Mantis.

  19. Onion’s not one to disappoint so he has already taken credit.

    Harassing anorexics DOES work!

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  20. Just dropping some info from our neighbors.

    madison leaked convo shared 1-29-2019.png

    Yesterday Greg addressed this in a stream. Here is a clip.

    Just a reminder this was before he and Madison had their falling out so there would have been no reason for her to accuse him of being a 'pervert'. With his childcare background I think changing a diaper would have been a natural thing to do. First of all he is a parent and also he worked in a daycare, summer camp, and even volunteered to watch children during military dinners. How could he let a child be in that condition with out even calling the mother?
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    shootme plz

    shootme plz I've seen things...

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