• ”Does the trans community know you run around on kiwi farms doxing and harassing trans women?”
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Trainwreck Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/AvaroeEdgy king of the tweens, vegan d-bag pedo, Destroying the Environment. Looks like emo Freddy Kreuger

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Zorceror44, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. I'm expecting him to say "see, I told you she was sick!" as if that was the issue in the first place and not his tactics. And also act like HE finally got through to her and it was HIS fans' concern that finally convinced her to get help with their own harassment lead and encouraged by him. And he'll ignore the facts of this scenario plus the fact that Eugenia has emailed him in the past about not harassing him anymore (it wasn't public therefore it didn't count guyzzz)
    Never mind that she was likely already getting treatment since she moved in with her mom a while back and that this update was pretty much just since everyone, and not just lesions of hate comments, was taking about her. Including those who didn't know her before. And her simply "taking a break" wasn't good enough for everyone so she had to explicitly state it involved her doctor (notice the language, this isn't some new doctor or treatment).
    I'd bet that almost every social media break wasn't just to get away from hate, but for focusing on her mental health in general. It's nice to get confirmation that she's getting help, but it clearly isn't a new development, at most she's getting more intense treatment or it might have been a call to take it a bit more seriously as she's been getting worse. I hope the rest of get recovery remains private though, it's been that way so far and it's nice to see an anorexic just live beyond showing off how skeletal they are and she's always told people not to try and be like her. Also this will stop Greg from being able to talk/comment about her recovery beyond baseless speculation related to skewed Google results
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  2. I have to question why this chick left her baby with Greg in the first place, especially if she had already accused him of being a pervert.
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  3. You pretty much have to be a piece of shit yourself to associate with this disgusting creep.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  4. It's been cold enough for winter gear but the raccoon eyeliner is always over the top for any season.
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    simulated goat

    simulated goat Not a GTO

  5. I was kinda hoping that Eugenia would speak out against Greg some day. THEN he wouldn't be able to say shit.

    Only a pedophile would think like this. A person not attracted to children wouldn't have second thoughts about changing a baby's diaper if they were asked to babysit, because a normal person doesn't see changing a diaper as sexual.
    Greg has also said that he finds it weird when men say they prefer smaller breasts over bigger ones, because he thinks that somehow has a connection with pedophilia.
    He's so obsessed with trying not to look like a creep, that he instantaneously just looks like a creep.
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    #9525 dontstare, Feb 11, 2019
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    dontstare Filthy Cyborg

  6. Building a snowman with "someone that I love" is a verbose way to say "myself"
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  7. I agree but also he was probably just making up an excuse for not wanting to change the kid at all, cuz he’s a lazy tit and unless that kid was conceived by him, why SHOULD he bother with it?
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    AbraCadaver Member of the SUIT YOURSELF Army

  8. Because he agreed to and whether he liked it or not, assumed that legal responsibility and could have been arrested for child neglect or child abuse for that bullshit.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  9. No no, I mean IN HIS MIND, why should he do it. Obviously he should, any normal person would agree, but he’s a self-obsessed prick.
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    AbraCadaver Member of the SUIT YOURSELF Army

  10. Says Mr. "I like women with underdeveloped breasts". He really doesn't understand that the reason we found that creepy and pedophilic wasn't because he claimed a preference towards smaller chests, but his language
    Implying he actually takes part in any child rearing duties and doesn't just leave it all to Lainey
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  11. Troy: “Hey, dad. Can we go sledding together?”

    Greg: “ Not now, son. I’m making content to prove the haters how relevant I’m still am. I’m also taking your sister’s Jeep out for a drive butt naked.”

    I’ll just suffer so you guys won’t become scarred like me.

    0:00-1:05 - Autism Awareness Day

    1:06 - 1:25 - Greg breaks his tripod.

    1:25- 2:07 -
    (Also the neighbors calling the cops on Greg for mooning.)

    2:08 - 2:20 - Onision showing how sexually frustrated he is since he hadn’t banged Llamabot for 2 years now.

    2:21 - 3:00 - Screaming at the camera while reading his comments.

    3:00 - 4:00 - More Autism!

    4:01 - 4:10 - Show off how the pasta sauce is making his junk hard. *vomits*

    4:11 - 5:50 - Doing dumb shit like riding his daughter’s Jeep and dumping his butthole into ice cold water. (While his neighbors watch in horror and try to board up their windows)

    5:51 - End - Singing and shows off his small grapes swinging around while he walks.


    This gif was so horrifying that Kiwi Farms couldn’t even upload it.

    This is the most scarring Onision video I’ve ever watched. I don’t recommend watching it unless you want to develop temporary PTSD after watching this.

    I pity his neighbors... so much.
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  12. I've only been following this thread for a few months. Is he going insane, or is this a normal level of fuckery for him?
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    Um Oh Ah Yeah

    Um Oh Ah Yeah Don't hate me just because I'm an abomination
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  13. Normal is a relative term in the fucked up world of Onision. That said, he has been noticeably more unhinged recently. I think watching his underage wife grow up while being financially ravaged by the IRS and Washington's Fish and Wildlife has taken its toll on his already-damaged psyche. It's been downhill ever since he moved out of the McMansion.
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  14. I'm glad Onion enjoys being a dick to his neighbor while his neighbor is mourning the loss of his sister. I check up on his neighbor to see if he ever complains about Greg on Facebook.
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    swampprince swamp daddy af

  15. By even thinking of checking in on his neighbor you're already taking him into consideration for anything way more than Gurg will ever do
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    Stray Bullet

    Stray Bullet From the heavens above

  16. What is with him and throwing food all over himself? I've been wondering this for years...

    Could... could that be a very specific fetish?
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    Whale Lake

    Whale Lake Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet

  17. Wait a day or two... he's gonna be pissed that this "brilliant piece of avant garde comedy" isn't pulling the numbers like the banana one.
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    bigshot Some call me ween. I call me BIGSHOT!

  18. I assume so. When he starts to show himself pouring that pasta sauce all over him, you are forced watch his ..... ahem...

    ... dick throbbing in the process.

    I want to unsee this so bad (:_(
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    #9538 Pina Colda 88, Feb 11, 2019
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  19. Armchair psychology time! In which the ramblings of an exceptional individual are graced with more meaning than ever actually intended:

    1.) 0:59 - 1:03 - Onion probably tried to fit in the trashcan and realized his 30 year old ass wasn't hopping out of the trashcan like he was a teenager. One in an increasing number of moments where he actually has to consider his mortality

    2.) 3:00 - 3:05 - A rare moment of honesty, in which Onion reenacts his disingenuous attempt at positivity in the face of comments from others

    3.) 3:29 - 3:44 - I... I don't know if repressed parental resentment has ever been so clearly on display here. Except in like, Eraserhead

    4.)5:11 - 5:18 - Maybe it's just the blood and the affected accent while he's talking about wealth, but I'm getting Patrick Bateman vibes. But less terrifying, and more impotent

    But holy shit this video is manic, and probably step one on a short journey to Ruby Ridge II: Electric Boogaloo
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    PersonOfOstracize My pronouns are 'shun' and 'begone'

  20. He looks like Rose West with those glasses on.
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    Kelly Bundy

    Kelly Bundy I can be anything I want to be. It's the '90s.

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